Visual Xanax: Extremely Beautiful

ajakdeng AlekWek FridaGusstavsson GabyHerbstein makeupbyKevynAucoin MarisaBerenson MichelleHarperJennyShimizu nataliavidianova photoMichaelThompsonVogueNipponMay2007 tumblr_mojh2hlvwW1qdq5dlo1_400

Images: Malgosia Bela photographed by Mario Sorrenti for Self Service No. 30; Ajak Deng; Alek Wek; Frida Gusstavsson; Gaby Herbstein; makeup by Kevyn Aucoin; Marisa Berenson; Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimizu; Natalia Vodianova; Vogue Nippon May 2007 photographed by Michael Thompson; Kate Moss

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Visual Xanax: Hot Chilly Cheeks

Cold chilling your cheeks, wind whipping at your skin? At least the benefit of it all is a consumptive if bucolic flush. You may freeze, but you’ll look good.

Image: Devin Aoki photographed by Mario Sorrenti for The Face, October 1997

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Paris Fashion Week: ‘Self Service’

imageThe new issue of Self Service is out, and I must say Raquel Zimmerman has never looked more beautiful channeling Jerry Hall in her late-70s heyday. Ezra Petronio has once again outdone himself and wooed us all with glossy pages filled with awe-inspiring images presented as art. Another highlight is Mario Sorrenti’s 98-page story featuring the ever-so lovely Malagosia Bela.

Industry Insiders: DJ Jus Ske, Master of Western Decks

Mr. West co-owner and DJ Jus Ske talks about blowing up, speeding up, and building up.

Favorite Hangs: When I’m in Tokyo, I love Feria. It’s a very high-energy, New York-style club abroad. David Guetta’s “F*** Me, I’m Famous” parties are always insane, and I love those. When I’m in NYC, you can usually find me at Mr. West, 1Oak, Beatrice Inn, or Rose Bar.

Point of Origin: I was born in Manhattan and have lived here my entire life. I think a lot of my musical influence comes from my dad. Everywhere we went, he was constantly playing music in the car — funk, 80s, jazz, classic rock, Latin — you name it, I heard it as a kid. When I was 21, I started at Life, promoting Friday nights with Mark Ronson. Mark was really the one that got me into DJing. He taught me the basics, and I took a big interest in it from the start. A few years later, I was promoting and starting to DJ at Lot 61 with Richie Akiva, and from there, everything started to snowball. Before I knew it, I started getting recognized by a lot of big-name people and was being asked to spin at clubs all around with world.

Occupations: I just opened a new club with Danny Divine in West Chelsea called Mr. West. I’m also continuing to DJ all over the place — I just DJed at Diesel’s XXX party in Brooklyn and was also in LA for DJ AM’s welcome home party. I really want to own more properties. I’m loving what Danny Divine and I are doing with Mr. West. and I’m excited to see what we can do next … maybe a hotel. I’m also thinking about possibly getting into acting and maybe releasing a DJ album soon.

Side Hustle: I have a clothing line called Danucht. Its very street couture, and I have a good handle in the design process, which is a pretty cool new world for me. I’m also a part owner of Oso energy drink, which can be found all over the city at places like Mr. West, Rose Bar, Marquee, etc.

Industry Icons: I really respect Richie Akiva as a veteran of the industry and his ability to pull together all the right elements of a party in order to make it perfect. I also admire Danny A for the way he can bring together the best crowd. Noah Tepperberg has proven time and time again that his business savvy is unmatched in the industry today. No one can run a business like Noah. All of these guys have the ability to maintain the sexy and classy integrity of a party by recognizing that it’s not always about making money.

Deck Trends: Music in NYC is definitely changing. It’s becoming a lot faster, which is great because it really increases the energy in a club. I’m starting to hear less hip-hop and more electro and dance, but I can never get enough of my hip-hop and rock and roll.

Known Associates: Shout out Pharrell, Zac Posen, Kanye, Noemie Lenoir, Mark Ronson, Mario Sorrenti, Jessica Stam and Kaws — all of these people have been huge supporters of Mr. West, and I can’t thank them enough.

What are you doing tonight? I’ll be at Mr. West.