Behind the Scenes with Norman Reedus at our alexa BlackBook Cover Shoot


For our November issue of alexa BlackBook, ‘Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus gave us his holiday wish list and talked with the “antichrist” himself, Marilyn Manson. Watch a behind-the-scenes video from our insane cover shoot and read the blasphemous duo’s naughty conversation, here.



Lead Photo: “O’Connor” suit, $5,440, and shirt, $560, both at; “Greggo Flat” Oxfords, $850 at Christian Louboutin, 967

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alexa BlackBook: The Naughty List: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Gets into the Holiday Spirit with Marilyn Manson


OF course actor Norman Reedus and Marilyn Manson would go way back. The star of The Walking Dead and the musical antichrist used to run in the same LA circles during their “Superstar Girlfriend” periods in the late ’90s, when Manson was dating actress Rose McGowan and Reedus was with supermodel Helena Christensen.

A couple of decades later, Reedus has been chasing flesh-eaters for eight seasons on The Walking Dead, while Manson has branched out into TV himself, appearing on Sons of Anarchy and the supernatural Salem. Both 48, they’re now also partially bionic: Manson had steel pins put in his leg after he was injured this fall by a falling prop during his sold-out tour. Reedus’ titanium eye socket came courtesy of a motorcycle accident in 2005.

Suffice it to say the two spiritual brethren had plenty to talk about — from the timeless (Manson’s crush on Reedus’ co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to the seasonally appropriate (their mutual history of horrifying holiday gifts). — Michael Martin


“O’Connor” suit, $5,440, and shirt, $560, both at; “Greggo Flat” Oxfords, $850 at Christian Louboutin, 967 Madison Ave.


MM: So Norman. What was your worst holiday experience?

NR: I ended up in Copenhagen one Christmas. There’s this thing there — they go to the park and have tea and cake. It’s a beautiful park, but it’s full of flowers. So there’s bees everywhere, swarming your head. It’s awful. I don’t like bees and spiders and stuff.

MM: You’re gonna freak out, and I’m not making this up. I’m sitting here with the ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture. They’re sort of comparable to zombies — they take the pollen and all return to the Queen Bee.

NR: Dude, this morning here in Georgia, I saw a giant spider — I mean the size of a pickle — and five or six giant webs that go from the top of the second level all the way down to the ground. The other night, Jeffrey [Dean Morgan] and I were peeking at these huge spiders, the size of your fists. And we start tweeting, “Anyone know what this spider is?” I think it’s called an Orb spider.

MM: I think I read about those. I once had this spider web that went all the way across my driveway, and I almost ran into a spider the size of a golf ball. It was terrifying. I looked it up on the interwebs: It was a Hobo Spider. I shot it with a pellet gun, and spider guts came out of it. But I felt the need to — it was threatening my life.

NR: When I was really little, I woke up in bed and there was a little spider next to my head on the wall in the corner. I took clear scotch tape and just taped it there and left it. And I woke up the next two mornings and there were millions of little baby spiders on the wall next to my bed. I don’t know if this has to do with my fear of creepy crawly things, but I’m not cool with creepy crawly things, or things that buzz in my ear.

MM: So I’m not putting spiders and bees in your gift basket. Have you ever wildly missed missed the mark with a holiday gift you’ve given?

NR: I gave a girlfriend of mine a little brown taxidermy bunny in a pink bag. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was a cute little bunny. And she opened up the paper bag and started crying, because she used to have a bunny that looked just like that that died a horrible death. That gift went horribly south.

MM: But sometimes the gift that makes a girl cry is nice. It’s good for the ozone, global warming. The tears of a woman can be the greatest gift of all to the Earth.

NR: This isn’t Brooklyn. Nothing grew out of the ground from tears. She just burst into tears — it was awful. What’s the craziest gift you ever got?

MM: A taser from my friend, and from my girl, a trench knife.


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NR: Are you in the hospital right now?

MM: I’m in a hospital-type bed that I created in my living room. My injury was in New York, but I went home to L.A. to get the surgery. When I get the cast off, I’ll see what happens. It sucks.

NR: Are you going back on tour after your leg heals?

MM: Absolutely. You’re in Atlanta right now, aren’t you?

NR: Yep, I’m in Georgia until Thanksgiving and then I go on to the motorcycle show. I’d love to have you there; I’ll make that work.

MM: It all ties together in a certain way. I tricked my way onto Sons of Anarchy because it was one of my father’s favorite shows, to make him happy. And my dad used to have a Honda. But it was a cool Honda.

NR: Hondas are cool.

NR: I just burnt my leg on a tail pipe. I had to walk through a swamp with a giant burn on my leg. I think it got infected.

MM: Were you not wearing pants?

NR: I was actually in my underwear. I was moving bikes. I was out in the woods so I could walk around in my underwear. I think I’m from the country, but I’m not. I pretend I am.

MM: You should be a genuine hillbilly, which I am. I lived in Ohio, but my dad taught me how to shoot a gun when I was 7. Then I got my first bow and arrow. The first thing I did with it was I pulled it back and told my cousin to run. He ran into this field, and I shot it and hit him right in the ass. My father gave me a knife, and I stabbed my cousin’s leg with it automatically. I never got that knife back.

NR: You give people knives and they attack you with them. At least you didn’t have to have sex with your cousin.


“O’Connor” suit, $5,440, and shirt, $560, both at; “Greggo Flat” Oxfords, $850 at Christian Louboutin, 967 Madison Ave.


MM: What are we asking Santa Claus for for Christmas this year?

NR: I kinda want a dog. I haven’t had one since I was a kid. My cat’s an asshole, so I kinda want a dog. A little Mad Max dog. What do you want for Christmas?

MM: What do I want for Christmas? I want for Christmas, I want to have a little tussle with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

NR: Like a sleepover?

MM: Yeah, like a sleepover.

NR: Or like, you want to punch him in the face?

MM: No, no, like a sleepover. I want to smell his pomade, I want to inhale his essence.

NR: I don’t know how I’m going to make that work, but I’m going to get you that for Christmas.

MM: I want a remake of Showgirls but performed by me, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and you.

NR: I want you on a stage singing “Tiny Bubbles.” That’s what I want. And maybe a koi pond.
I’d like to wear Rocky Balboa’s shorts, gloves, and “Italian Stallion” robe for a night.

MM: In the porno film or in Rocky?

NR: I never saw the porno film.

MM: I never did either. So back to the list — I’ll get you a dog.

NR: Yeah, get me a puppy! If you come to Atlanta at all, Jeff and I live like five houses from each other. We hang out and ride motorcycles all the time.

MM: Are you trying to make me jealous?  I should’ve been a sports star. I used to be a skating champion. When that was a thing, back in the era of roller skating. I lost my ability. One of my favorite gifts for Christmas were these Blue Spruce skates. They were long and wide, sort of like skateboards but pre-skateboard. And they made my afternoons in Ohio when I was about 12, wearing iron-on t-shirts, of course.

NR: I think I remember those skates — they were black with white stripes, yeah?

MM: Yeah, that’s exactly the ones I had. I remember my mom saved up for a couple of months to get those for Christmas for me.

NR: What are your plans for the holidays this year?

MM: I don’t celebrate Christmas. Halloween is my favorite holiday. As a kid, I wanted to dress up every day. And now that’s my life. If I went to a Marilyn Manson costume contest I would lose, because they would not believe what I look like. You know what would be funny? If on Christmas we went to Hollywood Boulevard as impersonators of ourselves. Would we get away with it? That’d be hilarious.

NR: Yes! I’ll be you, you be me.

MM: Let’s go on a date — the two sexiest men in the world at once. The world woke up to it.
Except I gotta be me with a crippled leg and a wheelchair.

NR: And you’re going to tussle with Jeffrey on Halloween. It’s going to be the greatest ever.

MM: Perfect.


Norman’s Wish List

1. A dog.
2. A koi pond: “I want it to light up from the bottom, with fluorescent paint.”
3. A flamethrower.
4. A couple of robots “that clean your floor when you’re not at home.”
5. To meet and go on a motorcycle ride with Cher.


Marilyn’s Wish List

1. An outdoor pool, “above-ground white-trash-style.”
2. A flamethrower.
3. “A life-size statue of a three-headed creature that is me, Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”
4. “A remake of Showgirls with me, Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”
5. Pop Rocks.




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Photos by: Chris Buck Fashion Editor: Serena French, Styling: Cody Jones, Grooming: Kristan Serafino & Tracey Mattingly, Illustration by: John Kenzie

From Mogwai to Pharrell, What is it with Musicians and Alcohol?

Scottish post-rockers Mogwai recently celebrated the release of their album Rave Tapes by launching their own limited edition whisky. RockAct81W — or plain old Mogwai Whisky, once you’ve had a few — is a 9-year-old single cask malt from the Glenallachie distillery on Speyside. According to guitarist John Cummings, one of several Scotch enthusiasts in the band, “it’s got a wee bit of smoke on the nose and starts with a pretty intense dark fruit and then gets a bit spicy.”

We’ll have to take his word for it, as all 324 bottles sold out within hours.


Mogwai are far from the only rockers adding their own brand liquor to the rider though. Not to be outdone, English indie band Maximo Park have given their name to Maximo No.5, a 5% amber ale with grapefruit, orange and lychee overtones (at least, that’s what it says here), while Welsh sonic wizards Super Furry Animals present Fuzzy, a “psychedelic wild Welsh beer,” at a generous 8.5% abv.

Now that fraternal boy band Hanson have reached the legal drinking age, they like nothing better than to sink a few cans of Mmmhops India pale ale. Real men however drink Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer, Motorhead’s delightfully monikered Bastards lager or, indeed, Slayer’s Reign in Blood Cabernet, while the ladies are supposed to settle for Pharrell’s wincingly-named Qream liqueur, available in strawberry, peach and have-you-got-something-less-patronizingly-sexist flavors.


But is a beer or a whisky any better for being associated with a band we like to crank up on the Jambox? Do we want to drink Marilyn Manson’s deadly Mansinthe? And can you expect any of these tipples to survive the bands that spawned them?

In the fraught world of the music industry, when it’s ever harder to make money by simply making music, it’s inevitable that musicians would start to explore new ways to market their brands, but deals like this inevitably create new conflicts. Instead of the band versus the record label, it’s now the band versus the multinational beverage company. In January, Pharrell announced he was suing Diageo North America, makers of Qream, for $5 million for mismanaging the launch, and marketing it as a “club drink” and not the “high end, leisure class” drink for women that he intended.

Sorry Pharrell. Guess it’s back to the day job.


Lana Del Rey Channels Marilyn and Jackie O in “National Anthem” Video

Just in time for next week’s Fourth of July celebrations, Lana Del Rey, the strangest of indie pop ducks currently making dreamy and slightly insufferable music right now, has unveiled the video for her newest single, "National Anthem." I try my best to refrain from using "epic" to describe things that just end up on YouTube, but this might be Del Rey’s biggest accomplishment in the sense that it looks like she actually tried

It begins, oddly, with Del Rey in old-timey black and white footage, mimicing Marilyn Monroe’s classic rendition of "Happy Birthday" (question: how much did her record label shell out to get the rights to that for some seven-minute music video?). Do you think she modeled her Marilyn on My Week With Marilyn‘s Michelle Williams or Smash‘s Katharine McPhee? (Trick question: the answer Smash‘s Uma Thurman’s Marilyn). Then, the real music video begins, with an Instagrammy depiction of Del Rey traipsing around a Hamptons lawn with A$AP Rocky and some adorable kids. 

(Here’s a random and slightly unrelated question: has Instagram put those old-timey photoshoot storefronts out of business yet? It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a mall so that I could dress up in cowboy gear and have my picture taken by a college student who regrets not taking summer courses instead of returning to his parents’ suburban home for break.)

And, of course, there’s a recreation of the JFK assassination, because every generation gets the silly pop-music homage to an American tragedy it deserves. 

In all seriousness, though, I’m actually shocked how much I didn’t not like this video. The song is actually one of the few from Del Rey’s Born to Die that I thought was actually pretty good. But, you know, the bar’s set pretty low here. But it does work well in conjuction with my Lana Del Rey drinking game, in which I take shots every time there’s a shot of either her closed eyes or her creepy nails. (It’s a good thing this is less than eight minutes long.)

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● According to director Todd Philips, The Hangover series will return this summer with a third and final installment. “We’re going to surprise a lot of people with the final chapter we have planned," he says. "It will be a fitting conclusion to our three-part opera of mayhem, despair and bad decisions." [THR]

● Previously unpublished–rejected, actually by the Saturday Evening Post in the 1940s — Kurt Vonnegut’s novella, titled Basic Training, will be released today by Amazon as a Kindle Single. [ArtsBeat]

● Lana Del Rey returned to television last night to perform "Video Games" on American Idol, a show with many times more viewers than SNL. And how did she fair? Well, not so bad! [Prefix]

● In other very important Lana Del Rey news: here are some pictures of her hanging out with Marilyn Manson in Berlin. [HuffPost]

● Resident rock grump Stephin Merritt likes Adele just fine ("She really has a lovely voice"), but he’s not so sure about you, her loyal and album buying fans. "Basically she sounds like Anita Baker," he says. "I only get suspicious when people get excited about British people who sound like American black people."[LAWeekly]

● Although she had marijuana, Xanax, Benadryl, and the muscle relaxant in her system, initial reports from the L.A. County Coroner indicate that cocaine and heart condition were more likely contributing factors in Whitney Houston’s death by accidental drowning. [RS]

Floria Sigismondi’s Life Before Directing Kristen Stewart in ‘The Runaways’

During Sundance, Kristen Stewart earned all kinds of accolades for her unexpected turn as Joan Jett in The Runaways. Even Dakota Fanning, who stars opposite Stewart as Jett’s lover, has enjoyed an uptick in publicity. And as another new trailer starts making the rounds on TV, prying eyes will probably want in on the visual history of director Floria Sigismondi, if only for clues to what they can expect next month, when The Runaways premieres in theaters. Sigismondi has long had a remarkable career as a provocative visual artist, specializing in photography and video art. But for her, “video art” even more broadly applies to what she’s done for an eclectic retinue of popular and independent musicians for over 15 years now. Some of her most notable directorial work after the break.

1994. Our Lady Peace, “The Birdman”.

1996. Marilyn Manson, “The Beautiful People”. This video also earned Manson a MTV Video Music Award nomination the following year. Sigismondi also directed Manson’s “Tourniquet.”

1998. Sarah McLachlan, “Sweet Surrender”.

2003. Sigur Rós, “Untitled #1 (Vaka)”.

2003. Christina Aguilera, “Fighter”.

2005. Fiona Apple, “O’Sailor”.

2006. Muse, “Supermassive Black Hole”.

2006. Christina Aguilera, “Hurt”.

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● Marilyn Manson proposed to 22-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood on stage in Paris. She accepted and their divorce is scheduled for early summer. [Daily Mirror] ● A cocaine vaccination led test participants to take 10 times as much of the drug in hopes of overcoming the treatment, bankrupting many along the way. Drug cartels remain hopeful about the vaccine’s future. [Popular Science] ● Diff’rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman was rushed to the hospital with seizure-like symptoms, though they are being reported as not life-threatening. Maybe it was, um, a small seizure? [TMZ]

● Miley Cyrus appears on the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar, where she accepts that her “job is to be a role model,” but it “isn’t to be a parent.” That’s what Billy Ray is for. [E! Online] ● The 2010 U.S. Census form includes the term “Negro,” because “many older African-Americans identified themselves that way, and many still do,” not because the Census is racially insensitive. No, really. [Wonkette] ● Suddenly every gossip website cares about Matt Kemp, the 25-year-old LA Dodgers centerfielder, because he was photographed grabbing Rihanna’s ass in Mexico on a boat. You’ve arrived, sir. [Just Jared

Marilyn Manson Keeps Money, Nazi Memorabilia

Unless you’re a Columbine alumnus or a 13-year-old AV geek who practices malevolent numerological rituals, chances are you’ve never heard of Stephen Bier, only marginally more well-known by his stage name, Madonna Wayne Gacy. Well, Bier was once the keyboardist for Marilyn Manson’s original backing band, The Spooky Kids. Two years ago, Bier sued the lil’ guy from The Wonder Years for $20 million, “claiming the singer kept money from him and spent it to furnish a lavish lifestyle buying Nazi memorabilia,” according to the New York Times. But it’s like, seriously guys, who hasn’t garnished the wages of close buddies to cushion your swastika fund?

Manson counter-sued and the courts ruled in Manson’s favor, calling for $380,000 to be paid to Bier’s former attorneys, about half of that sum from Manson’s insurance company, the other half from Bier’s former business managers. So where does this leave Bier? It seems the rocker-turned-photographer, who once called Manson’s alleged purchases “sick and disturbing,” will have to rely on his lifetime supply of guyliner and bloodied, amputated dolls to keep him warm at night.

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● Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood was arrested for assaulting his granddaughter, er, girlfriend, who’s 21 years young to his 62. [NYDailyNews] ● The Harvard Lampoons have selected Peaches as an honorary member and will be toasting the singer next week. [Peaches] ● In Hustler’s never-ending quest to pornify every television show of recent memory, they are now bringing us This Ain’t Beverly Hills 90210 XXX; watch their take on the classic 90210 credit sequence (safe for work). [PopCrunch]