Maria Bamford Continues Trajectory Toward World Domination With New Web Series

The wave of hype surrounding the new fourth season of Arrested Development has come and gone. People watched it, they had opinions about it, and they expressed those opinions very loudly. The new season was indeed polarizing, but one generally positive consensus about the show seems to be the inclusion of the hilarious and underrated-pretty-much-until-now Maria Bamford as DeBrie Bardeaux, Tobias’ fellow aspiring actress / love interest. Bamford’s goofy, physical comedy and committed delivery won rave reviews, and now she’s taking her talents to the Internet.

Last week, Bamford launched a new web series, "Ask My Mom!" In it, she plays herself and her mother Marilyn, a "70-year-old retired family therapist and a Netflix connoisseur." Marilyn is really an older, more composed version of Bamford, with an interest in the sexy, violent parts of The Bible. Maria films Marilyn offering advice to viewers, about important things like communication and sex. And, you know what? Even though Bamford’s character acting remains the star, the advice isn’t half-bad. If you can’t stand to listen to someone, pretending they’re a baby and responding to them like you’re listening intently isn’t actually the worst idea. Watch the first two episodes below. 

This Week’s L.A. Happenings: Free Comedy Show, Alma Opens, Greystone Sundays

SUNDAY:  Secret Comedy Show Line-Up
Power Violence, the vibrant, popular weekly alt- comedy show is hosting its three-year anniversary show this Sunday night in Hollywood. Handsome and hilarious hosts and creators will take you on a comedic journey of punk rock proportions. The show is an exciting mix of standup, sketch, and video, with an array of incredible performers. There is a veil of secrecy surrounding this week’s lineup, but past guests have included Zach Galifianakis, Marc Maron, Mo Mandel, Maria Bamford, and Kyle Kinane. Beer is on hand and the show is free, but as the boys always say: “donate or die.”
Power Violence begins at 9pm every Sunday at 6470 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. For details, check out their website.

NOW: Alma Opens, Resolutions Maintained
January is coming to a close with a slight chance some resolutions are still intact. That promise to eat better has never been easier now that Alma has opened downtown. This Californian-French spot focuses on a fresh, locally sourced, sustainable menu created and executed by chef and owner Ari Taymor (formerly of Flour + Water/ Bar Tartine). No wonder it has been named the most exciting new restaurant by nearly every food critic in the city. Best of all, it’s BYOB with no corkage fee. Aged duck boudin blanc, brussel sprouts, apple, and green mustard never felt so guilt free. So put down the rice cake and head to Alma.
Alma (952 S. Broadway, Downtown) is now open. Check the listing at BlackBook Guides for all the info.

SUNDAY: Greystone Sundays
Keep the weekend going by swinging by Greystone Manor Supperclub for their can’t-miss Greystone Sundays. Hollywood will be ablaze with celebration and Hennessy as bottle parades move throughout the club while guests dance the night away. Team Hennessy and JL Nights ensure leggy ladies and intoxicating beats provided by DJ Orator will make you forget about that 9am Monday meeting. Be sure to have plenty of water and aspirin on hand.
Greystone Sundays at Greystone Manor Supperclub (643 La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood) from 10pm to 2am every Sunday. Check out the listing in the BlackBook Guides for more info.

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