Marc by Marc Jacobs Closes: Marc BYE Marc Jacobs!

Say it with us: “Marc BYE Marc Jacobs.” Photo: Lucas Flores Piran for Redken, backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs FW15

Marc by Marc Jacobs closes? Yep. Oh, MBMJ… hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave… especially since it means a better, all-encompassing Marc Jacobs main line. Just because the contemporary line is shuttering doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to contemporary prices, too. Since big Marc Jacobs is taking little into the main line fold, that means a wider range of pricing — starting in the low triple digits.

Big question: what will happen to Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, creative directors behind Marc by Marc Jacobs? According to, word is that Hillier is safe, with a role being planned for her at Marc Jacobs. Bartley, on the other hand… we just don’t know yet.

LVMH is upping their daily involvement as Robert Duffy backs his own involvement down. LVMH now owns 80% of the Marc Jacobs brand, while Marc himself and Duffy retain the remaining 20%

LVMH is doing what’s best for the company’s growth — the whole reason why Jacobs stepped away from Louis Vuitton was to focus on the growth of his own house — and for it to be good for LVMH, it’s going to have to be good for the customer. Let’s watch and see what they offer…

Channeling Che Guevara for Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photos: @carinezibet and @malinajoseph on Instagram

Punk-y, aggressive, steel-ball adorned boots, Che Guevara-style berets, a revolution and anti-law themed soundtrack… It seems that Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley had revolution in mind when creating the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2015 collection.

There’s plenty of political and socioeconomic strife running through America’s veins right now. The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown are still all too fresh in our minds, and make no mistake, they deserve remembering, and they deserve action. But what are we talking about when we’re talking about the MBMJ counter culture? Are we encouraging a Marxist uprising, or are we just hopping on a cultural appropriation bandwagon because the embellished berets look cool?

Che was a hero to some, and is clearly a hero in the MBMJ fall show. It’s certainly time for some social change. I just wonder if this is a responsible way to say it. Che’s image has been made cool before — how many people did you know in college who wore the t-shirts? It makes me wonder how many will champion the political messaging here without even realizing what they are standing for. But perhaps it’ll cue up interest, and get previously unaware parties asking the right questions.

Are You Cool Enough for Marc by Marc Jacobs Raver Girl Hair?

Tied for first in coolest hair of New York Fashion Week? The raver girl buns that Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley had the MBMJ models wearing on the spring runway. This look ain’t exactly for the shy… but we’re not complaining. Let hairstylist Jason Murillo break the look down for you.

Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
Three hair ties
Spray bottle filled with water
Bobby pins
Shine drops, like L’Oreal Smooth & Shine


The Steps

1. Start with slightly damp hair using the spray bottle.

2. Using the comb, section the hair into three parts equal at the front, middle, and back of the head, securing each in a ponytail.

3. Twist each section and wrap the hair around the base of each ponytail, securing with a bobby pin or two. Hide the loose ends with pins.

4. Pour 3-4 drops of shine serum into the palm of the hand, rubbing together to coat both palms, then lightly smooth over hair and buns to help maintain a wet look throughout the day.


Photographer: Jaesung Lee
Style Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair Stylist: Jason Murillo

Makeup Artist: Dana Rae
Models: Chloe Wheatcroft and Sandra Rieder (Muse)

Chloe wears choker by Gabriela Artigas and Expose long line bra by Kiki di Montparnasse. Sandra wears Helene cross-back silk bralette by Prae.

Want more how-to action? Get the Proenza Schouler surfer gal swoop here.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Handbags Exclusively for Bloomingdale’s In Time for School

Photos via Bloomingdale’s 

For fall this season, Bloomingdale’s are giving New Yorkers a bit of a treat. Well, a lot of a treat, actually. They have a bunch of exclusive Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags in store.

The collection features an assortment of boxy, fluoro bags with crossbody straps that are aptly named, ‘Top Schooly’. With the acid popping colors and compact size, they are designed to keep a notebook and pen handy and of course, matching handbag lippy.

Below + above are my top five favourites.

Available at Bloomingdale’s online and in-store.

3 4 5 6














Marc Jacobs Hits Gold At Coachella

Mamie Gummer and Andrew Bevan via Getty Images

A good desert party always includes a pool, a point Marc by Marc Jacobs remembered when throwing Desert Gold, MBMJ’s Coachella fun at the Ace Hotel. Marc by provided the sunglasses in a presentation of the spring/summer collection. Once properly apparel-ed, Mamie Gummer, Arcade Fire’s Richard Parry and Jeremy Gara, Scout Willis, and MBMJ designer Katie Hillier crammed themselves into the photo booths. All guests needed to remember was the swimsuit.

Francesca Eastwood

Sophia Penske

Mamie Gummer

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

Sophia Richie and friends

Adorable Affordable Handbags

It’s holiday crunch time, ladies. If you’re still putting your wish list together, now is the time to add on a handbag—or two. At these prices he’ll be glad to buy you two or maybe three depending on how good you’ve been this year. We all know a good handbag is an investment piece. I’ve never drooled over an accessory more than a beautiful bag. They’re even more enjoyable when received as a gift. I especially love the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. They’re quality and affordable, even at retail price—like this Marc by Marc Jacobs navy textured bowling bag for $360. So I’ve scoured the interwebz for some of the best deals. You can save yourself some time and just slip the note under his pillow tonight. Hurry, we only have 24 hours left!

Sara Berman Cand Leather Messenger Bag, $275 image

Elie Tahari Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag, $349 image

Christian Louboutin Miss Alpha Leather Handbag, $626 image

Clutch Player

‘Tis the season to put away the over-sized bag. It’s party season, and that means dresses, dancing, and flowing champagne. The last thing you need to be dragging around is a large handbag. Especially when you hit the dance floor after a couple of spiced rum apple ciders! Clutch purses are your best friend, next to diamonds, of course. Now that we’ve covered all your favorite dresses and jewelry, it’s time to talk clutches. They’re pretty much the only way to go for party/evening looks. So if you’ve been lugging around an actual handbag, you may want to invest in the much more manageable, party-friendly clutch purse, like this Anya Hindmarch navy glitter clutch. I promise you won’t miss the hobo on your arm—and I’m not talking about your unemployed ex-boyfriend. Give these clutches a go!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Party Foret Chain Clutch, $288 image

Annabel Ingall Pleated Ribbon Clutch, $210 image

Whiting and Davis Mesh Knot Clutch, $172 image

Christmas Day Chic

We’ve been talking New Year’s Eve dresses A LOT. And who isn’t looking forward to doing it up Studio 54-disco-fabulous style? New Year’s Eve is the party of the holiday season, but let’s not forget about Christmas Day and visiting the in-laws. We all know not to go sexy sequins-n-sparkle on Christmas Day, right? Right? If you answered no to that question, this guide is especially for you! So how do you stay chic on Christmas and avoid the sitting-on-the-couch-in-pajamas-looking-a-hot-mess photos that will haunt you for years to come? (Yes, we all have those.) Obviously, if you’re going to your significant other’s parents’ house for dinner, dress up. You’ll probably want to avoid the Uggs or Juicy Couture sweatsuits. Go for something classic, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs Celie sweater dress ($358) with tights and booties. It’s better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed. After all, there’s no harm in always looking great.

Spiegel Belted Houndstooth Jacket, $119 image

Love Quotes Eyelash Scarf in Merlot, $86 image

Rosegold Sara Booties, $151.22 image