Watch Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Fight on Their Reality Show

Before Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony shocked pretty much everyone by separating last summer, they filmed a reality show called Q’Viva!: The Chosen together, in which they picked performers for a Latin-themed concert show of the same name that will debut in Las Vegas next month. After watching this clip from tonight’s finale, featuring Lopez and Anthony bickering over budget cuts before Lopez calls him a "pig" for oogling at some female cast members, those who were surprised at their ultimate split will probably understand it a bit more. Video after the jump.

Morning Links: More Kardashians Ready to Date, Scarlett Johansson Flirts With Ashley Olsen’s Ex

● When things got dicey between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Jen’s mother did what any reasonable mother would do and e-mailed Ben Affleck for advice. Mom’s love Ben Affleck. [Us] ● Ear pressed against Yankee Stadium, a New York Times music critic hears a symphony. [NYT] ● There are two new Kardashians on the market! Kendall and Kylie, 15 and 13 years-old, are ready to date. “I guess we’re allowed to date, but we have to find a good guy, I guess,” they said, sounding less than excited. [E!]

● Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for using a model that looks a little too much like her in an ad campaign. There’s only room for one curvy brunette on the television these days, and Kim got there first. [NYDN] ● Scarlett Johansson was “engrossed” by Ashley Olsen’s ex, Justin Bartha. “It looked sometimes flirty, but also they seemed to be involved in a deep discussion,” said the source. Flirty and deep, just like their love. [PageSix] ● “I’ve been hiding this secret inside me for too long,” announced Zach Braff’s website yesterday after hackers broke in and posted a fake “coming out” note. Braff denied the statement’s truth on Facebook, saying that he loves his girlfriend at least as much as he loves musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser. [TMZ]

Morning Links: J-Lo & Marc Anthony Split, Lil Wayne Bans Backstage Booze

● J-Lo and Marc Anthony, a couple who we thought might be happily high-maintenance together forever, have split. Divorce, however, can’t stop the show – they are still hoping to host their Latin talent search, Q’Viva!, together this fall. [THR] ● Harry Potter sold $476 million in tickets worldwide over the weekend, breaking all sorts of box office records and rendering the rest of the summer’s blockbusters as failures. [NYT] ● Meanwhile, Sarah Palin doc The Undefeated opened in Orange County, CA to nary a soul. Well, almost. [The Atlantic]

● Lil Wayne’s probation is all inclusive: the rapper has banned booze backstage for the entirety of his “I Am Still Music” tour. [TMZ] ● Chris Brown is set to star in a film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man. Is there even a role that won’t conjure his troubled past? [BET] ● They came first for Mila, and then for Justin, and now they want Betty White, too. This year’s is sure to be the Marine Corps’ most star-studded ball yet! [Vulture]

Links: Sex With Hugh Hefner is Subpar, Chris Brown’s Twitter Rant is Homophobic

● Hugh Hefner just laid around “like a dead fish” during sex, according to the memoir of a former Playmate, who also alleges that Hef’s old number one, Holly Madison, had the dirtiest job of all. [Daily Mail] ● David Beckham swears under oath that he did not have sex with Irma Nici, a prostitute, who claims it happened five times in total. If he’s lying, Becks is in big trouble. [TMZ] ● Marc Anthony owes $3.4 million in back taxes, meaning he needs his career back or to be really nice to Jennifer Lopez. [Radar]

● Chris Brown went on a super classy Twitter tirade against Raz-B, a former member of B2k, after Raz criticized his abuse of Rihanna, calling him a “homothug” and “Peter Pan,” and mocking the singer’s molestation. But he’s sorry and totally not homophobic. [Us Weekly] ● Camille Grammer, a Real Housewife and all around boss, is demanding a divorce settlement of $50 million from her philandering husband Frasier. [NYP] ● Ryan Phillippe “wishes nothing but the best” for Reese Witherspoon in her engagement (but he’s crossing his fingers). [NYDN]

NYC Celebs Who Pack Heat

The next time you spot somebody famous on the streets of New York, don’t make any sudden moves. The Daily News is reporting that while the overall number of handgun permits in the city is going down, the number of celebrities applying for them is going up. “They can get their own security, but with the Internet, it is much easier to find people,” said John Skylar Chambers, a lawyer who specializes in the coveted permits. “They don’t want to find someone on their lawn at 5 in the morning.” So who’s already packing?

Records show that Marc Anthony is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, as are Robert De Niro, Howard Stern, and Donald Trump. But not everybody gets to walk the streets armed and dangerous. Mets third-baseman David Wright is licensed, but only to keep a gun in his penthouse. Others have lobbied for permits and failed, such as Bernie Madoff’s son Andrew. All applicants are obliged prove that they are either subject to legitimate threats, or are routinely in possession of large sums of cash. How Marc Anthony qualifies, I’m not quite sure.

13 Hollywood Mistresses Worth Cheating For

Tiger Woods may be up to his putter in a mistress scandal, but what’s most disturbing about this particular case of martial infidelity is that Tiger’s wife is a ridiculously attractive Nordic supermodel. Despite this fact, the man still found it necessary to cheat with strange picked up at various bars across the country. Sure, some of the girls in question aren’t too shabby either, but was it really worth it? Now, no one here is advocating cheating on wives or significant others, but if you are a celebrity and you do decide to cheat, at least shoot for an upgrade. For example!

(‘DiggThis’)image1. Kevin Federline Cheated on Shar Jackson with Britney Spears. It’s sad to say, but when looking at the options, I don’t think any man on earth really blames K-Fed for his decision. It’s like when you own a clunker, and some executive does a suicidal plummet off of the roof of his office and the keys to his Benz just happen to land in your hand. What, you’re not going to trade up?

image2. Billy Crudup Cheated on Mary-Louise Parker with Claire Danes. Now I know there may be some heated debate on this one, but let the record show that this bout of infidelity took place prior to Parker’s sexy turn on Weeds. What makes this a particularly nasty split is that Parker was pregnant when Billy broke their bond. What goes around comes around, as Danes eventually cheated on Billy with Hugh Dancy while filming Evening. Oh well, Billy, you had a good run.

image3. Donald Trump Cheated on Ivana Trump with Marla Maples. Money may not buy happiness, but in Ivana’s case, the rumored $20 million and change from her divorce certainly must have helped. Was it any surprise that Donald cheated? Not likely. It was more of a surprise that he managed to get a woman as hot as Marla Maples. Come to think of it, maybe money really does buy happiness. Though apparently, it doesn’t buy a good toupee. However, do you really need a good toupee when you’ve got money to close the deal?

image4. Paul Hogan Cheated on Noelene Hogan with Linda Kozlowski. Paul and Noelene were the Australian equivalent of Brangelina for many years. Then Hogan met Linda Kozlowski on the set of Crocodile Dundee and saw her in that one-piece bathing suit. The rest is history, mate. Apparently it was a love at first sight scenario, because the two are still together and even have a son between them. Good job Paul. I mean, if you’re going to cheat, at least.

image5. Brad Pitt Cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie. If you didn’t know about this one, then hopefully a landslide will take down that rock you’ve been living under. While it’s hard for a man to imagine how anyone could cheat on Jennifer Aniston, it’s harder for a man to imagine not sleeping with Angelina Jolie given the opportunity. Jen is hot, but the concept of “Branifer” just isn’t as clever. Also, think of the African children saved by this union!

image6. David Letterman Cheated on Regina Lasko with Stephanie Birkitt. Well, all right, Letterman’s given himself enough grief over this one. Among others.

image7. Balthazar Getty Cheated on Rosetta Getty with Sienna Miller. While Balthazar has kids with Rosetta, he clearly made the right choice in picking Sienna Miller, according to cheater calculus. Truly, if you’re going to pick someone to break up your marriage, don’t you want to pick the girl that you know won’t last long? See also: Jude Law.

image8. Marc Anthony Cheated on Dayanara Torres with Jennifer Lopez. No one can deny that Dayanara Torres is attractive, but when presented with J-Lo on a hook, who wouldn’t take the bait? Clearly it was worth the trouble, because people actually know who Marc Anthony is now. He’s still not known for being a musician, but fame is fame. And in true player form, Anthony has even been caught cheating on J-Lo with Dayanara.

image9. Billy Bob Thornton Cheated on Laura Dern with Angelina Jolie. Laura Dern is an elegant, charming dream girl that any man would love to be with. But as Billy Bob and the rest of male America knows at this point, Angelina Jolie is the wet dream girl that any man would be crazy not to sleep with. This trade up is so easy to understand that even Laura Dern got it, and eventually traded up herself, settling down with musician Ben Harper.

image10. Nick Lachey Cheated on Jessica Simpson with Vanessa Minnillo. You may think Nick is crazy for cheating on Jessica Simpson, but that’s because you’re not Nick Lachey. It’s hard for most people to envision doing better than Jessica because she’s the spitting image of a busty girl next door. On the other hand, Vanessa Minnillo is like the exotic version of the busty girl next door.

image11. Usher Cheated on Tameka Foster with Grace Miguel. Everyone involved here is certainly attractive and accomplished and would have no need of, say, cutting a person who remarked on the situation, so let’s move on.

image12. Robert Rodriguez Cheated on Elizabeth Avellán with Rose McGowan. Director doing his star? Shocking. Strangely there’s almost a ghost of a physical resemblance there, in some intangible way. But why go where Marilyn Manson has already been?

image13. Dave Navarro Cheated on Carmen Electra with Jenna Jameson. In terms of raw beauty, it’s impossible to determine if Carmen is hotter than Jenna, or vice versa. That would be like comparing a sunset in Fiji to a sunset in Hawaii, or a jeweled dog collar to a jeweled leash. There’s no difference. But when it comes down to “professional talent,” one of them only looks like a porn star, while the other actually is a porn star.