Joseph Gordon-Levitt Transforms into a Young Bruce Willis for ‘Looper’

Brick director Rian Johnson held a panel for his new movie Looper at Wondercon, along with the film’s star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s got a crazy time travel storyline and calls for make-up so intense, you probably won’t recognize the twee heartthrob.

Gordon-Levitt plays a hitman whose victims pop up from 30 years in the future to be killed.  The twist comes when his older self, played by Bruce Willis, is sent back to be offed. 

In order to achieve believability, Gordon-Levitt sat in make-up for three hours a day to change his lips, nose, and eye-color. He looks different for sure, but I don’t know if he would have been cast in Die Hard. “I wanted to match," he told the panel. "It’s not an ‘impersonation’ but it’s definitely based on Bruce, so we hung out and I got to know him pretty well.”"

joseph gordon-levitt Looper

Gordon-Levitt also reportedly studied audio tapes of Willis to try and sound like him, though EW thinks the “difference is so subtle that many (okay, me) didn’t even register it during the quick teaser trailer that unspooled before Gordon-Levitt joined the panel.”

The film is slated to open in September and also stars Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels and Emily Blunt.

ASAP Rocky Brawls at SXSW

SXSW came to a close with a brawl at the ASAP Rocky show at the Vice Kills Texas party last night.  According to Spinner, someone in the crowd threw a beer can on stage, hitting one of his crew.  When the Harlem-based rapper tried to calm everyone down, a beer can was thrown at him, followed by another and another until the group jumped into the crowd and the whole thing got out of control.

The police arrived and the party was shut down with just one person injured with a bloodied head. Fuse reports: "Things devolved quickly, as nearly every member of Rocky’s crew rushed the crowd, starting a brawl that would end up in the back of the warehouse in seconds." 

Last year, the band got into a scuffle at the Fader Fort, fighting with the sound guy and flipping over drums.  This from a group who recently said, "We’re like the f—in’ twisted metal hop. Honestly, we’re rebels, but the attitude isn’t hardcore to the point of where we’re untamed boys, you just can’t deal with us." 



Here’s Madonna’s Latest Song ‘I F*cked Up’

Madonna, fresh off playing second fiddle to M.I.A.’s middle finger during the Super Bowl, has released another song from her upcoming album MDNA.  Out March 26, "I Fucked Up" follows a string of releases including “I Don’t Give A,” “Superstar” with her daughter Lourdes, and “Give Me All Your Luvin.” Take a listen.  It isn’t exactly dance floor ready but you could sway a bit if you’re so inclined.

New Modeling Industry Survey Shows Anxiety, Sexual Harassment, & Drugs

The well worn modeling stereotype brings images of glamour, gorgeous clothing, evenings full of champagne, and Linda Evangelista explaining she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.  The Model Alliance, a group formed to improve conditions for models, is dissolving that glossy veneer.  Sure we’ve all heard horror stories of rampant anorexia, but the group’s new survey found a slew of other problems.

Only 85 models took part so the sample is small, but gives some deep insight. From the study published on Fashionista:

-Roughly 1/3 of models have had eating disorders.

-Anxiety and depression is the number one health concern and roughly 68% of those surveyed said they’d suffered from both.

-77% say they have been exposed to drugs or alcohol while at work.  Some 50% have been exposed to cocaine on the job.

-Nearly 30% have been touched inappropriately on shoots and 28% say they’ve been pressured to have sex with someone at work. 

It’s 100% awful, especially in a field where most girls are super young. 

Watch the Full Length Trailer for ‘Prometheus’

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus got its full length trailer premier at WonderCon yesterday.  For those who zone out at anything high-budget sci-fi, don’t click away so fast.  The flick functions as a sort of prequel to Alien and has got some major star power with Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, and a surprisingly (disappointingly) clothed Michael Fassbender as part of a team that sets out to uncover the origins of mankind and ends up going to battle with interstellar creatures. Tagline: “In space, something can hear you scream.”

Prometheus hits theaters June 8th.

A Look at Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’ Video Stills

As the online argument over whether Lana Del Rey is authentic/talented/has lip injections has quieted down, the singer has been moving ahead working on the release her next single "Blue Jeans."  It’s a song everyone who took even the slightest interest in her has already heard, but she’s got new cover art of her neck being grabbed by a highly-tattooed hand emblazoned with a curse word and just released two stills from the upcoming video.  Take a look.

Perhaps more media savvy than anyone originally gave her credit for, Del Rey Tweeted these pics:

Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey

The guy in the photos is Bradley Soileau, who also appeared in “Born to Die.”  The writing on his face, for those wondering what future regret spells out in words, says "War Inside My Head."

Watch Dave Franco’s Half-Nude PSA Parody

Dave Franco is having a moment.  James’ younger brother is in the oddly likeable 21 Jump Street, is on the cover of GQ‘s April Style Bible, and is continuing to prove he’s a pretty funny guy.  Below, take a look at the hilarious child safety PSA parody he made for Complex.  Why not? If you are at your computer you are probably drunk right now anyway.  Consider this your pot of comedy gold at the end of the St. Patty’s day online video rainbow.

Rolling Stones Documentary in the Works

To help celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, the Rolling Stones are planning an upcoming documentary.  Brett Morgen, who directedThe Kid Stays in the Picture, has been tapped for the project, which is set to be finished by September and will feature never-before-seen footage.

"For anyone who wants to experience the band, this is the film that will defy convention and create a sonic tapestry to transport viewers into the world of the Rolling Stones,” Morgen said in a statement. "The film will deliver the original, bold, sexy and dangerous flavor of the iconic rock band."

Morgen has said that in addition to telling the bands story as a narrative, it wil include interviews and music that has never been made public. 

The band is serving as executive producers so don’t expect anything too controversial. "He told me 80 percent of the footage has never been seen before, which amazes me," Keith Richards told Rolling Stone. "I didn’t know there was that much around."

Against All Odds, Everyone is Loving ’21 Jump Street’

A remake of 21 Jump Street sounds, like all ‘80’s TV show remakes, like a bad idea. Add in foxy bro du jour, Channing Tatum, and it sounds like a problem even Jonah Hill can’t solve. But, despite all logic of the components needed to create a good, nay watchable movie, the flick is a hit with both critics and fans.

It dominated the box office yesterday, taking in $13.1 million on it’s opening and ousting pro-hippie, anti-capitalist agenda pushing (sigh) The Lorax out of number one. Younger moviegoers, who made up 50 percent of the audience, gave 21 Jump Street a glowing A CinemaScore, states the Hollywood Reporter, and critics are bafflingly, loving it.

LA Times: “In a reimagining of the fresh-faced undercover cop series, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are loser dudes who are absolutely winning.”

USA Today: “A vibrant reboot of a rather forgettable ’80s TV series sounds nearly impossible to pull off. And yet ’21 Jump Street’ accomplishes it with a fresh script, flip humor and inspired casting.”

Rolling Stone: “This bracing new take on 21 Jump Street has a playful spark all its own. It’s a blast.”

Shocking! Perhaps Slate got it right, saying: “This spoof of the late-’80s/early ’90s TV series of the same name—to call it a “remake” would imply a more serious relationship to the source material—is earning critical praise chiefly, it seems, because it’s not as abysmally bad as it sounds on paper.”