In The Red: The New Hair Color Is Everywhere

Flipping through May’s newest glossies, I had a thought: Is red hair the new bang? I had just noticed Kate Moss in Vogue Paris looking punky in (temporary) red locks, and was flipping through Lara Stone’s editorial “Wild!!!!” in Vogue China, where the gap-toothed one is also sporting a new red ‘do. Days later, Blake Lively washed away her Cali blond in favor of rouge. Then the redhead floodgates really opened up. Have a look:

image Lara Stone as a new redhead in ‘W i l d ! ! ! ! !’ Photographed by Mikael Jansson for Vogue China May 2011.

image Kate Moss in ‘Haute Couture.’ Photographed by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris May 2011.

image The hair dye heard around the world: Blake Lively.

image Look! Drew Barrymore went back to red, too!

image As did Mandy Moore…

image Even Lily Cole went back to her trademark red after spending time as a brunette.

Mazel Tov! Ryan Adams Engaged

Aw, hell yeah: former BlackBook intern and current staff writer Ryan Adams is engaged to Mandy Moore, who’s famous for being the only former teen pop star (that isn’t Justin Timberlake, natch) to not only not turn out to be a scary tranny-hot mess, but to have a pretty successful acting/music career past teen stardom.

We’re actually a little sad to not have seen him lately — our boy’s on tour right now, so we can’t bring him into the office for a toast, but we’d like to welcome him and the soon-to-be Mrs. Adams in for a celebratory toast, on us, whenever he gets back. Our tribute to him and his new wife-to-be is below. Please enjoy.