Will Sasha & Malia Betray Michelle Obama’s Local Fashion Sense?

Are Sasha and Malia Obama bound to become feverish Topshop fans? They are if UK Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown has her way. It seems on her first visit to the newly Obama-occupied White House, Michelle’s across-the-pond counterpart came bearing one of her country’s most in-demand exports (at least as far as twentysomething, fashion-savvy Americans are concerned): Topshop. According to the Telegraph, the garb in question were brought as a gift for the First Daughters.

What’s especially interesting about the clothing in question is not Mrs. Brown’s embracing of high street fashion (after all, Mrs. Obama wore H&M on the campaign trail), but the fact that Michelle Obama has so openly embraced predominantly American designers. Just like Mrs. Brown, the First Lady has consistently showed her support of her country by sporting local work. But whether or not Sasha and Malia will follow suit remains to be seen. Regardless, given the fact that Topshop’s much-anticipated SoHo store doesn’t open for another month, rest assured the First daughters are, for the time being, the envy of many Manhattanites.

Michelle Obama Rescues Sasha & Malia from Doll Hell

imageIn her first noble act as First Lady, Michelle Obama has put a stop to the senseless exploitation of her daughters, but not before doll-breeders Ty, Inc. have had one final go with the whole, “ZOMG so our latest line of dolls are black girls and there are two of them and they’re hitting the market just as our new President who, as chance would have it, is the father to two such upstanding young girls. So what! Big whoop!” shtick. But we all know that the First Lady’s fiery leer is enough to burn a hole through the heart of the most malignant business tycoon. And so the beloved First Daughters of America are safe from corporate shillery just a little while longer — at least their names are.

Contrastingly, very few peeps have heard about the proliferation of the Sarah Palin line of Cabbage Patch Kids or this pricey incarnation of Katy Perry. And it seems that even Barbie herself has fallen on hard times, as Mattel Inc. saw their earnings plummet last year. But if you’re still feeling dispirited about the continued proliferation of these avatars of anti-feminism, chuck one of these special edition Barbies at your television the next time iCarly’s forehead takes up the entire expanse of your plasma screen. Ultimately, it makes little difference. All dolls get waylaid in nasty pop purgatory anyway.

Sasha & Malia Obama Win Critical Susan Sarandon Vote

imageFinishing school headmistresses be damned! The Obama girls have won the heart of someone mightier than the lot of you combined. That’s right: They’re currently the red delicious of noted FOX News rival Susan Sarandon’s bionic eye. Sarandon says, “They were just lovely, and really smart.” And on their handling of instantaneous fame, she adds, “I don’t think that they seemed particularly fazed [by the attention]. I think that they are going to handle fame fine. It’s not like they have been thrust into the public life overnight. This is certainly bigger, but they seem very grounded.”

In the off-chance the girls seek out general wisdom or tips for planning the proper cross-country journey laced with scandalous run-ins with Brad Pitt, the thesp is quick to add, “I can’t even imagine giving them any advice. I am sure that they have gotten it from their parents.” And when pressed for comment about the Obamas on the whole, Sarandon beams, “The Obamas’ family structure is very tight, and responsible.” When pressed for comment about the Bush girls once upon a former President, Sarandon simply said, “I don’t even pick on the Bush girls.” Make of that what you will.

Malia & Sasha Obama’s French Toast Rule: 5 Tips for the Aspiring White House Intern

imageIf you’re like a roadie for Grateful Dead or Tori Amos when it comes to Life After the Campaign Trail, consider a career as a White House intern. Not only does this put you that much closer to the Obamas, Mr. Stalker, but it also ideally positions you to follow in Monica Lewinsky’s Manolos. Naturally, I’m referring to her line of handbags, not that other incident. Here are a few key tips to help you get through the rigorous vetting process.

● Given her love for runway fashion, be sure to read the tags carefully on First Lady Michelle Obama’s dresses when stuck on laundry detail. ● Familiarize yourself with Kenyan customs so as not to offend Obama’s grandmother when she drops by for a visit. Impress her by cooking up a marvelous mutton medley. ● And while you’re in the kitchen, bear in mind that Malia and Sasha Obama prefer French toast to Fruit Loops for breakfast. ● Show your true stalker colors gratitude for unpaid employment by buying the Commander-in-Chief and the First Lady DVD box sets of their favorite television shows. ● But keeping the Obamas happy means will also mean running the occasional errand for the Vice President. So stock up on plenty of Crest Whitestrips for Joe Biden.

Sasha & Malia Obama: Like Mother, Like Daughters

It was only a matter of time. That’s my view on the push from fashion mandarins to anoint Barack and Michelle Obama’s two beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha, as tween trendsetters. While Michelle Obama’s fashion-icon-in-the-making status has been widely discussed on this blog, I’ve intentionally stayed mum on her 10-year-old and 7-year-old offspring as I’m not comfortable contributing to the inevitable fishbowl future of their lives post-election. But, prepubescent or not, there’s no denying the sisters’ style influence. Specifically, it’s the two girls’ election outfits that are causing quite a stir, sartorially speaking (though, not in the controversy-sparking sense Michelle’s has).

“Ten-year-old Malia Obama’s election night outfit — a £70 silk dress by relatively unknown label Biscotti Inc — has sold out immediately and the label has to order more from manufacturers in Vietnam. And Gerson & Gerson Inc who made her seven-year-old sister Sasha’s £45 black babydoll dress, have experienced the ‘Obama effect’ too,” reports Grazia. The phenomenon is without a doubt noteworthy, especially considering both companies are American. No family in recent history seems to have had such an influential effect on the fashion market this quickly. And, given the fact that the US retail market has been particularly hard-hit by the economic crisis, apparently President-Elect Obama’s “yes we can” mantra might in fact apply to on the homefront too — as long as the Obama family continues solely sporting American designers.