Andreja Pejic’s 5 Most Beautiful Moments

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Andreja Pejic has been a hot topic of fashion since she was Andrej — the model’s gorgeous (and previously androgynous) looks have garnered her attention, campaigns, and runway since she was first scouted. The recent completion of Pejic’s gender confirmation surgery is happy news for the model. It’s happy news, too, for Make Up For Ever, who just confirmed Pejic as a new face of its brand. This makes Pejic one of the first transgender models to book a major beauty campaign.

In celebration of Andreja Pejic becoming a face of Make Up For Ever, we’re rounding up the model’s most beautiful moments.

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’50 Shades’ Head Makeup Artist Tells Us How to Get the Sexiest Anastasia Steele Beauty Looks

Still from 50 Shades of Grey

We know what you’re thinking when you watch those Bey-scored, drama filled, 30-second previews of the soon to be released 50 Shades of Grey film: “How do I get Ana Steele‘s beauty look?”

Okay, so maybe not. Maybe you’re busy looking at Jamie Dornan‘s pecs or wondering if the two stars hate each other as much as the rumor mill might have you believe. But here’s the thing: both kink and makeup are in fact, both, all about fantasy. As such, makeup could in fact be just the entrée you need for a Valentine’s Day date unlike any you’ve ever been on before.

So we’re going all out. 50 Shades of Make Up For Ever, Anastasia Steele style; from the young naïf to the red-room expert–it’s all here, with exclusive tips from Victoria Down, makeup department head for the movie–she’s responsible for all of Dakota Johnson’s looks throughout the film…We’ll break it down, step-by-step.


So Victoria, what are the key products to achieve the Anastasia Steele look?

Throughout the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the most important focus for Anastasia’s look were both her cheeks and lips. For the cheeks, I used pink-y, rosy MAKE UP FOR EVER blush colors because they can be easily blended throughout the cheek, and even across the forehead, chin, and jawline, for a fresh glow-from-within look.

The light pink, coral, and darker pink hues were terrific complements to Ana’s complexion and helped to showcase her transformation from an innocent college girl, uninterested in makeup, to that of a much more sophisticated beauty. Ana’s lip look was a big makeup focus throughout the movie. To give her lips a natural flush, I applied a tiny bit of gloss to the center of her lower lip to add sheen for those stained lip close-ups. To achieve Ana’s high lip vinyl shine, use the sexy threesome of MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Tease Me Lip Trio!

nude lip

How does one amp up their beauty look for a night with a Christian Grey-type date?

In my mind, smoky eyes are everything! They’re a great way to look a little more seductive for a night with a Christian Grey-type date. Apply dark shadows on your eyes, smoke them out, add liner, pack on mascara, and brighten up your lip color. Just sex it up a bit and be bold!

Can you share tips for using the blush palette in the collection?

As Ana’s character transformed, I used the trio of MAKE UP FOR EVER Desire Me kit blushes to evolve the contours of her face. Blush application and shades took her from a youthful, healthy glow to a more highlighted cheek look, culminating in more a classic cheek look. By mixing, blending and using each blush shade in certain areas of the face, Ana’s transformation truly came to life.

desire me blush

MAKE UP FOR EVER Desire Me Cheek Set

(continued) To create Ana’s healthy glow, I used a darker pink blush, which I blended out across the apples of the cheeks, on the nose, and a little on the chin and hairline. It gave the appearance of a healthy flush from under the skin and not like applied blush. Then, to create Ana’s highlighted cheek look, I used a light amount of pink and coral blushes dusted very lightly under the cheek bone as a contouring face tool.

Can you share tips for using the eye shadow palette in the collection?

To achieve Ana’s “no-makeup” makeup look, I used taupe colors like MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow #S-556 in the MAKE UP FOR EVER Give In To Me set. I used a small amount and smudged it into the upper and lower lash lines for a natural wide-eyed look. To unlock Ana’s empowered look–her makeup as she gets more involved with Christian Grey–I shaded her eyes a little deeper and stronger using darker browns like MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow #I-628.



Any other insider tips for using the products in the collaboration?

I like how versatile the MAKE UP FOR EVER Tease Me Passionate Berry Lip Trio. There are several ways to wear the gorgeous colors to complement any skin tone. For a light, stained berry lip, apply Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil #10C along the edge of the lip line and blend inward, then add Lab Shine Lip Gloss #D4.  Or, replace the gloss with the exclusive Aqua Rouge #50, a waterproof, long-lasting liquid lip stain, and finish with the clear gloss that’s included for a more intense color. Experiment, mix the products, find your own comfort level, and never be afraid of color!

berry lip

MAKE UP FOR EVER Tease Me Passionate Berry Lip Trio

Beauty Junkie: Make a Splash With Dramatic Eyes and Lips

Take an emotional splash with model Katharina Rembi as she features a bold classic look. A graphic eyeliner paired with a dramatic lip will turn heads anywhere. Check out our exclusive video of Rembi, and recreate the looks using the step-by-step instructions below. 






BlackBook Video: Watery Bliss


Use Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil- waterproof to create a full and defined brow.

Create a graphic line on the upper lash line with Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner.

Finish the eye with two coats of Sephora Le Waterproof Mascara.


Define and fill in lips with Sephora retractable waterproof lip liner in 07 Plum- Reddish Violet.

Finish with Sephora Classic Bright Red-04


Sephora 43 It Girl- Deep Red




Directed by Sarah Silver

Featuring Katharina Rembi

Creative Director Walter Obal

Director of Photography Angel Marin

Edited by Dary Chaparro

Gaffers Ryan Benyi, Wayne McElroy

Makeup Walter Obal

Hair Cecelia Romero

Styling Lauri Eisenberg

Manicurist Gina Edwards

Set Designer Jared Lawton

Music Chromatics "I Want Your Love"

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Dive Into the Abyss With the Season’s Best Waterproof Beauty Products

Take a refreshing plunge with some great waterproof and water-resistant beauty products. Be inspired by nature and allow your imagination to run wild. Get into an aquatic frame of mind with a glamorous video starring model Frances Coombe, then scroll through four different looks and see how they were created. 






All products from 


BlackBook Video: The Aquatic Life


Look #1: Hydrate the lip with a bold, classic shade. 

Walter Obal Undersea Face 2

Aqua smoky Lash Mascara in black
Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N50 Aubergine
Look #2: Turquoise eyes and a deep mouth paired together like brilliance of the seas and its dark abyss.
Walter Water Beauty 4
Use Black Aqua Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow as a base
Top with Star Powder in Turquoise 960 on the entire lid blending out toward the temples. Add a highlight on the inner eye with Star Powder in White/Turquoise 944. Finish with lining the inner eye (water line) with Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Black OL-Black. Use Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara in Black.
Contour cheeks and temples with Sculpting Kit in 1-Tan/Pink porcelain.
Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Matte Dark Raspberry 11C on the entire lip for a dark matte finish.
Look #3: A golden pout against the dewy-wet lids inspired by the sun setting on the water.
Walter Water Beauty Closeup
Super Lip Gloss in Gloss for a wet look
Line lips with Kohl Pencil Eye Liner in Black 1K. Mix Metal Powder in Maize Gold 2-Coppery Gold Shimmer with Super Lip Gloss in Clear for a metallic glassy effect.
Look #4: Crystal Reflections give the appearance of the speckled light the sun reflects on the sea. 
Walter Obal Undersea 1
Crystals by Swarovski
Video Music

Revealed: Kim Kardashian’s Greatest Makeup Secret

Kim Kardashian has got that look: that flawless, sculpted look – and we’re not just talking her butt. How do her cheekbones look like two isosceles triangles?  And how does her face radiate like a celestial sunrise? The answer, of course, is contouring. And we have our own international hair and makeup artist Leah Bennett – whose work has graced the runways of London, New York, and Australia’s Fashion Week – to break down the celebrity technique into simple steps for any skin tone. Find out what beauty products – including what she calls “Kardashian & JLo in-a-bottle” – are best for the job. Here are the secrets, in Leah’s own words.

1. Get good tools. Leah recommends:

  • The Mac 168 large angled brush ($38: "This can be used for blush and bronzer, and also helps to blend away any harsh lines.” The Mac 191 square foundation brush ($33): “You’ll use this to apply your flawless base and camoflouge the dark and light tones of contouring." The Mac 195 concealer brush ($23): “This sharp concealer brush gets into the crannies, and creates definition in smaller areas of the face, such as the bridge of the nose.”

2. Clean your face, and apply a primer.
“The primer minimizes large pores and holds the makeup in place. I like to use Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer 7 Pink ($34) as it brightens the skin, on top of all the other fantastic benefits of a normal primer. You can never overdo healthy-looking skin.”

3.     Add a concealer. 

  • "Depending on your skin coloring, you are going to want a dark concealer and a white concealer. I find a cream texture works best as the pigment is more dramatic and longer-lasting. Even with an oily skin tone, creams are suitable since you will always finish a look with a loose-setting powder anyway, which will keep your face looking fresh.”
  • The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer ($38): “You get two colors: one light and one warm tone.”
  • The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick ($40): “I use this to achieve the darkest color, as the creamy consistency creates instant drama on the face.”

4.     Apply the method.

  • “Suck in your cheekbones and, from the top of the ear to the middle of the eye, draw a line with the darkest color of your concealer.
  • Take that same color, and apply it from the top of where your eyebrow starts along the ridge of your nose to your nostril. This creates the look of a smaller, thinner nose. If want to disguise a larger nose, take the color on the tip of the nose and spread it out.
  • Then, using your lightest concealer, swipe out under the eye, all the way to your temple. Take that same light color, swipe the bridge of the nose, and take the color all the way between the eyebrows. Highlight underneath the eyebrows and the cupid bow of the upper lip. The finished result should be contrasting, like a lion.”

5.     Now for the fun part:

  • “Use a foundation brush and base to blend everything in."
  •  Leah recommends: The Make Up For Ever HD Foundation ($40): “It’s suitable for all skin types since it comes with a range of colors. It’s used for TV and photography work, and celebs love it. Using light brush strokes, blend using the foundation, until there are no visible lines showing. Let the base dry and reapply a second coat. I like a medium coverage.”

6.     Bronze away. Leah recommends:

  • The Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna ($38): “I love this bronzer. It’s a golden tan without any orange tint, and it doesn’t oxidize and turn orange on the face.”
  •  Using the Mac 168 large angled brush, swipe the temples, cheekbones, and the underneath-the-chin area. I like to call this technique the ‘E,’ since it’s the pattern created on the outer part of the face. 
  • Then add a soft blush color. I adore the Tarte Cheek Stain ($28). Make circle motions with the brush on the apples of the cheek.”

7.     The finishing touches:

  • “By now, you can see how defined your face is, but to make this look really pop, my secret weapon is the Benefit High Beam Highlighter ($28). This is your Kim Kardashian-JLo-in-a-bottle. It contrasts against the darker bronzer, and reflects and radiates light, creating a flawless ‘celebrity’ canvas. This product comes with its own brush, so apply it around the eye and temple – on your cheekbones, and below and above your eyebrows –  creating a C shape around the eye.
  • Finally, lightly dust your face with the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder ($32). This will leave no color or extra layer of makeup, but simply remove shine and hold makeup in place.
  • These advanced tips can be used for every look, whether it is coupled with a smoky eye or a red lip. Contouring sets you apart from the everyday girl, and transforms you into an instant celebrity. Voila.”

Love what Leah Bennett has to say? So do we. Check out her official website here

Dallas Opening: Make Up For Ever

Although we all wish that the ability to make up forever in relationships could be purchased over the counter, Make Up For Ever at least promises you’ll look beautiful even when love has brought you to an impasse. And in a true Paris, Texas story, the French beauty brand has just opened this new Dallas boutique.

Living up to its reputation as the "candy store" of the cosmetics world, MUFE stocks more than 1,500 products, including hard-to-find specialty items used for film and TV. It’s also a high-tech wonderland with a Smart Board interactive touch screen and a Video Make Up Lesson Recording Studio, which can create a permanent record of your personalized makeup session and an interactive Make Up School. 

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Make Up For Ever’s Oil Spill Fix

I’m Blessed With Genes That Make Me Look Dewy At All Times. That is a practiced, positive mantra that I’ve constructed to reframe the fact that I, like 60 percent of the population, have oily skin. Without going into the details, I’ve tried everything to keep the shine at bay, and other than that daily affirmation, nothing has worked. A midday powder touch-up used to go over about as well as filling the BP oil leak with tennis balls: uneven coverage, and ten minutes later the slick stuff would yet again breach surface. Which is why I adore Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder. HD Microfinish is sheer flawlessness in powder form.

It’s a universal, invisible finishing powder that gives a “soft focus” effect to skin. The invisibility factor, in my case, is key. Flesh-colored formulas tend to darken and appear cakey on oily skin. But the extremely refined, round micro-particles in HD Microfinish allow light to reflect off them, thereby softening – and ultimately masking – imperfections, as it mattes skin. It’s to oily complections what cement is to the BP oil spill. (Too soon for hair-brained beauty similies?)

Summer Try-Outs: The Season’s Best Creams, Bronzers, and Sunscreens

Big news in the world of beauty: there is no big news, at least on the anti-aging front. Despite the appearance of progress—due in part to the recent revamps of reality-androids like Heidi Montag—the products themselves haven’t improved considerably. That $300 bottle of youth serum in your medicine cabinet is about as useless as a virgin Bloody Mary if it doesn’t have the sperm-like power to penetrate the epidermis and dive deep into the skin, where collagen and elastin fibers hang out. But while the science hasn’t changed much, we’ve figured out ways to make it more effective.

A derma roller can help. Its up-to-three-inch-long needles puncture skin repeatedly, forging deep paths into the subcutaneous tissue, so that today’s best anti-aging products can work their magic. For those with an aversion to needles, there’s plankton, which is found in fortified creams and serums like those in the Biotherm Skin Vivo Reversive Anti-Aging Care range. The plant source is full of enzymes and does the work that sad, aging DNA has gotten too lazy to accomplish.

It’s important to remember that wrinkles and sunspots are often our own fault. Just because Diane Lane spent all that time cavorting under the Tuscan sun doesn’t mean everyone else should—unless, of course, it’s with the newest protective sunscreens. Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Sunscreen SPF 30 is an indulgent, non-greasy lotion made especially for the face, and it doesn’t smell like Eau de Doctor’s Office. Chantecaille’s Protection Naturelle SPF 46 is an innovative powder sunscreen for those whose skin is already oily enough. Another popular choice among dermatologists and wrinkle fighters is the well-rounded Neutrogena Spectrum+ with Helioplex360 because of its ability to block UVA and UVB rays while also fighting wrinkles with vitamin E.

One of the more blush-inducing trends to emerge this summer is butt care, which has raised its profile with a barrage of advances in the war on cellulite. Biotherm’s Celluli Laser D.Code is sending everyone with hot-pants fever into a tizzy because it activates cellulite-fighting enzymes usually only triggered by exercise.

Another way to avoid yoga classes is to trick the eye with self-tanners. For the Miranda Kerr effect, try Victoria’s Secret’s Beach Sexy Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint, which smells incredible and includes a bit of shimmer. St. Tropez offers a new alternative to self-tanner with its Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse. Better yet, apply Illamasqua’s Powdered Metal in Thalia or Youngblood’s Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint in Golden Sun to hide those unsightly imperfections on the thighs and other areas of the body—and to divert attention from dimples in places they should not be.


Counter Intelligence Tanning the old-fashioned way can be a death sentence. But there are plenty of innovative cosmetics one can use to achieve that sun-kissed shine this summer without wrinkling into a California raisin. Makeup artist Walter Obal sheds light on how to get the glow while avoiding the look of a 75-year-old chain-smoker. —Christopher Campbell

SkincareLancôme’s Flash Bronzer Tinted Anti-Age Self-Tanning Face Lotion creates an even, gradual tan with a healthy glow and also helps to promote beautiful, ageless skin. For a bronzed body, use L’Oréal’s Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist. This tan- in-a-can provides an even mist and allows sunbathers to target all those difficult-to-reach spots without having to bare it all in front of a salon worker.” Face “On photo shoots, I oft en opt for Temptu SB Foundation to even out skin tones. It’s a lightweight foundation that allows the skin to radiate from underneath while providing the perfect finish. Lightly powder the whole face with Bare Escentuals’ bareMinerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil for extra ray protection.”

Cheeks “For a pronounced, chiseled effect, add contour underneath the cheekbones and along the temples with Make Up For Ever Mat Bronze. Finish this structured cheek by highlighting the upper cheekbone with Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer. It can also be used along the collarbone.”

Lips “For a nice burst of color, apply MAC Cosmetics’ Ruby Woo to the lips. Since the overall look for this shoot was a healthy, bronzed glow, I wanted to use a product that would make a statement. That’s why I chose a bright red matte lipstick.”

On Model: Body Suit by American Apparel, Headband by Charlotte Ronson, Shoes by Christian Louboutin. Stylist: Christopher Campbell Makeup: Walter Obal for Temptu Pro Hair: Anthony Nader Manicurist: Dawn Sterling Studio Manager/Digital Tech: Jennifer Thomas Photo Assistant: Aaron Muntz Model: Hartje Andresen @ Trump Model Management Exercise Equipment: Paragon Sports