The Night Starts Early With Magnum Mondays

The word "nightlife" is becoming increasingly obsolete or at least inadequate to describe what is quickly becoming complete lifestyle control. Nightlife used to be a 10pm to 4am affair with the worst of us sneaking off to after-hours bars. Many nightlife-style restaurants catered to the clubbers, but there were very few which offered dining and dancing. The black and white movie clubs always did that back in an era where the swells wore tuxedos and gowns to go out. As recently as 2009, brunch became part of the game as nightlifers flocked to be together even during hours when they could actually see each other. Brunch isn’t just lunch in nightlife terms. There must be a DJ and dancing gals and standing on tables, and it isn’t over until a hundred trees-worth of napkins are tossed in the air.

Now comes Magnum Mondays at Celeste Fierro’s STK Midtown. Richie Romero, Mark Bau, and Craig Molesphini are taking the nightlife experience and providing it at dinner. The requisite DJ (in this case Sinatra), dancing girls, and a pairing with a different model agency each week is geared for the local after-work business crowd that occupies the nearby buildings so tall that even Superman couldn’t leap over them with a single bound. The Magnum Monday schtick is to encourage people to buy magnums of wine, champagne, and liquor, which, I guess, is to encourage socializing amongst tables. They are boasting about a Mad Men-meets-models environment. It all starts this coming Monday.

As I am a believer in all things Mark Baker, I will mention his huge Friday soiree, The Best Little Whorehouse in New York production/party this Friday. This shebang is happening at The Liberty Theater, which they say is "now fully operational." There are a slew of DJs and promises of all sorts of debauchery, scandal, and sin. Sounds like my second marriage. His last galas there—The Gangs of New York and Dressed to Kilt—were smashing successes, so here you go.

Because Size Matters: The Vegas-Style Party Launches Tonight

Whether size matters in the bedroom is still under debate, but the size of a party in a nightclub? Oh, the bigger, the better. And one party in particular is as big as it gets: Magnum Mondays. You know, like the large-sized condom company. Tonight, the party – which first began at STK Vegas by The ONE Group – is launching at its resident NY spot: STK Downtown, a restaurant in Meatpacking known for its ribeye dipped in truffle butter and creamed spinach.

Unlike the sparkler-filled brunch parties at Beaumarchais and Bagatelle, Magnum Mondays offers dinner and a party on the first day of the workweek – officially extending the weekend spirit to a three-day, DJ-filled affair. Beginning weekly at 7pm, the dinner parties start with steaks and celebrity DJs, and end with STK’s signature ménage a trios carnival dessert: a threesome of caramel corn, cotton candy, and a mini funnel cake.

Tonight kicks off with celeb DJ Ross One, who’s DJed with Jay-Z and Kanye, and continues each week after with talents like D-Nice (DJd for Stevie Wonder) and R&B, hip-hop DJ Reach.

Now if you can just recover from Sunday’s revelries and make it to tonight’s. I think you can do it.

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