13 Questions for Friday the 13th

It is Friday the 13th and, yes, I am getting a "13 ball" tattooed on my arm from Magic Cobra Tattoo Society.  The line on Driggs and South 1st was long and totally fun for the inexpensive permanents. They ink for 24 hours starting at midnight and I gave them mixed CDs for the occasion …some biker/tattoo music to ease the pain.

It may be Triskaidekaphobia that has me not willing to write today, to commit to a story, say anything I might regret later. I was up until 8am at Magic Cobra haven and woken at 7am Thursday morning. That question from Dirty Harry keeps banging around in my head "…But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?’” Well I feel anything but lucky today and the entire world away from my pillow feels like a .44 Magnum; I am absolutely feeling like a punk, so forgive me if I keep this to 13 possibly dumb questions with uneven answers.

Q1) Was it the luck of the Irish that got that fabulous Ballinger crew open almost immediately at Webster Hall after a stabbing at a hardcore show, while  Greenhouse/W.i.P. got shuttered harder and longer for a bottle-throwing incident?
A1) I think it’s a matter of a long history of working well with the community that has Webster doing its thing, while Greenhouse has been way more annoying to some. The fact that the Webster stabber and stabbees were white and the bottle throwers and brawlers at Greenhouse were black never crossed my mind.

Q2) Are the rumors that Pink Elephant may close for August true, and was it bad luck or bad planning to open a Euro-based club in the beginning of the summer or was it planned like this all along?
A2) I’m too tired to ask them the question today and you know what will be said anyway.

Q3) Is The Double Seven just being unlucky or is it the weather, or is it just fabulous and not as confused as my personal confusion perceives it?  A source who made me swear to say nothing about what he told me about The Double Seven will be happy that I respect his wishes.
A3) Mark Baker and crew will tell me how wonderful it is over there if I had the strength to pick up the phone so why should I bother to call?

Q4) So why can’t they call it Bungalow 8 and what did Amy Sacco ever do to be the focus of such silliness?
A4) She is so fabulous and smart and fun and if they want to call it "8"…wink, wink, I’m going to go anyway. Hey, they can call it 13 and I’m there.

Q5) Is the Xtravaganza Ball really going to happen next Sunday, July 22, and have they really asked me to be a judge?
A5) OMG ! Yes ! What to wear? I must look …legendary.

Q6) Have those wonderful and erotic Domi Dollz fallen into a pile of good luck now that every skirt on the planet has read Fifty Shades of Grey?
A6) I missed their monthly soiree/seminar this past Thursday at the Museum of Sex but predict they may soon need to get a bigger room to whip those novices into shape.

[Editor’s Note: I went, and it was amazing. Those Dollz know how to whip you and their leather-collared, half-naked boys into shape.]

Q7) Am I really going to do 13 of these?
A7) No, seven is more than half of 13, I think… and considering the condition my tattoo is in, it’s all you can expect. I’m going to crash…get my tattoo from Adam Korothy at Magic Cobra, rinse, and repeat.

The 12 Things You Must Do In NYC On 12/12/12

Whether you think today is magically auspicious or a reminder that the clock’s quickly-a-tickin’ to Dec. 21st doomsday, the greatest takeaway is this: we must seize the day. So get out there and make today your best. Make it amazing. It just might be your last…

1. Breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Company: since it’s a weekday, the line is shorter than ever, bringing you that much closer to ordering their signature blueberry pancakes and sugar-cured bacon, and being lifted to the celestial heaven that is fluffy pancakes.

2. Put on a sweater and puffy jacket, rent a bike from the Waterfront Bike Shop, and ride across the Brooklyn Bridge and into DUMBO’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is no better view of this sparkling gem of a city than on that 129-year-old bridge and from that grassy park.

3. Sweeten the day with the city’s best cupcakes at Sweet Revenge. Today’s specialty offering is the eggnog cupcake with spiced cream cheese frosting, though the major must-get is their signature namesake treat: the Sweet Revenge with peanut butter cake, ganache center, and peanut butter fudge frosting.

4. Drink the day away at Chelsea Brewing Company and frolic drunkenly along the Hudson River. End your tipsy journey with mouthfuls of the giant peanut butter and blackberry jam doughnut and carrot cake doughnut at Chelsea’s Doughnut Plant.

5. Visit West Garden Spa for an “afternoon delight” if ya know what I mean, guys.

6. Rent that helicopter and soar across NYC like a bird. A 15-minute ride above the Statue of Liberty is just $169, which is what you’d pay anyway for dinner-and-drinks-for-two at West Village haven of deliciousness: Perilla.

7. Go ice skating in the heart of Central Park at Wollman Skating Rink, and wrap your hands around a steaming, frothy cup of hot chocolate from nearby  Jacques Torres at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

8. Have a tea party with all of your best friends at English cottage-inspired Tea & Sympathy, and go nuts over their scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam, kettles of vanilla mint tea, welsh rarebit, and chicken pot pie.

9. Watch the city melt into dark at sunset from the Top of the Rock observation deck.

10. When 5pm hits, head straight to cocktail favorite Mother’s Ruin for their spicy Brazilian coconut cocktail and devour their bready, cheesy, greasy, beautiful grilled cheese.

11. Finally talk to that adorable person you always see on the subway. Flirt, ask them out, make a move.

12. Because no one wants to go back to their apartment (and roommate), end the night in luxury at the Bowery Hotel

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Two Major Fashion Rags Get Face-Lifts

Print magazines continue to lurch drunkenly forward, but the hazy future of old media isn’t stopping a couple fashion rags from undergoing major changes in hopes of staying relevant. Following in the footsteps of W (which experienced seismic shifts when Stefano Tonchi took over as editor-in-chief), British Vogue and Lucky are changing their tunes. Lucky is getting re-worked by marketing and design maven Andy Spade and his firm Partners & Spade. The magazine’s new editor, Brandon Holley, has enlisted Spade to help freshen up and modernize the overall feel of the glossy. “Holley said the logo won’t change, but some new fonts will be added, as well as new photographers. Spade said it’s too soon to point to any specific changes (everything will be revealed in the March issue), but he’s working to make the magazine more relevant,” Women’s Wear Daily says.

Meanwhile, Vogue UK is undergoing a similar revamping that will likewise debut with the March issue. In a phrase, EOC Alexandra Schulman is hoping “to make the format a little less rigid,” says the Independent. More to the point, Vogue UK has also premiered one of the first major fashion magazine iPad apps.

“The way I see the future is that you’ll have Vogue, and you’ll either want the magazine — and I still have a great faith in the magazine still being a very desirable thing to have — or you’ll have the app, and maybe some people will buy both. And of course, at some stage, you will be able to shop from the page,” Schulman told Business of Fashion. If digital platforms continue to offer more timely news, and as better mediums like the iPad allow for readers to more comfortably ingest pages upon pages of prose, it’s not likely that consumers will stick to print only.

Lucky’s $100 or Less Issue & W Magazine’s Interactive Ads

Lucky‘s latest issue narrows its shopping lens to focus exclusively on products marked $100 or less. A delayed but better-late-than-never reaction to the recession, the concept will no doubt appeal to the hordes of still-unemployed shoppers looking to spend as frugally as possible. “We’re totally into the $5-and-under beauty page, which includes lowest cost-per-use body washes, the best $2 smoky eyeshadow duo, and even vanity accessories from labels including Paul & Joe,” says Racked of the new issue. And its not just accessories and beauty products that are highlighted; there are plenty of dresses, bikinis, and other summer essentials marked at an equally digestible price point. W magazine is also trying something new.

For its April issue, the fashion rag, which recently appointed T Magazine’s Stefano Tonchi as editor-in-chief, started testing out a new kind of reader interactivity.”W Magazine ran a special issue where readers could take a photo of any ad with their phone and after they send it to a special number, a message would be received with more details, information on deals, and a special competition,” says PSFK. Titled ‘W Desires,’ the campaign intends to make it so that “on any advertising page, readers can snap a photo of the ad and send it to w@pongr.com to receive a message from the advertising brand: a link to buy; a special shopping offer; or video such as behind-the-scenes or runway shows.” Not a bad move, considering interactive promotions are one way print magazines might actually be able to keep a leg up—or at least even with —on the web.