Sick Of Swiping Left? Join The Inner Circle This Summer


You need a date, but you’re tired of all that hustle just to end up with someone who’s idea of a romantic night is The Lion King. Seriously, you need an algorithm that works for you as seamlessly as your Spotify. A first date should be like a perfect playlist that takes you on a journey of discovery and familiarity. You know this tune well, and you need to put it on repeat.

Enter The Inner Circle. Thanks to a meticulous selection process, the exclusive dating app offers only the best – and most eligible – singles. With an easy-to-use interface that matches people based on common interests, The Inner Circle provides a safe and simple way to find your soulmate – without having to kiss a ton of frogs along the way.

Unlike other applications, The Inner Circle thoroughly vets each member before giving users the ability to chat with each other directly, so you can see if you have a real connection before taking the next step. Members can filter options through proximity, availability and interests, creating an environment where you can find real potential partners, instead of wasting your time continuously swiping left. With The Inner Circle, you don’t have to click through thousands of profiles – it’s a curated selection of only the best picks.



In addition to its unique approach to matching singles online, The Inner Circle also makes it easier to find love in person. By throwing chic monthly parties, the app gives its members even more chances to make connections in cool and comfortable spaces. While other apps have made dating a drag, The Inner Circle brings class back to dating – both online and IRL.

With The Inner Circle, there’s no need to spend summer waiting for love. It can come to you. You’ve got a beach bod to show off, and the days aren’t getting longer any more. Wedding season may be winding down, but who knows who might be getting married this time next year?


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Watch Moncler’s Entire #LoveFactory Presentation, in Case You’re in Need of Some Extra Lovin’…

Photo courtesy of Moncler

Moncler is always a fashion week treat — whether it’s a flash mob in Grand Central or a symphonic treat at Hammerstein Ballroom — and this year’s show, which fell on Valentine’s Day, was no different. In theme with the holiday, the collection presentation showed Moncler-clad couples… even a winter bride and groom. Take a look below.

52 Ways to Say I Love You

Photo: Sarah Bourque on Flickr

You’re probably bored with all this talk about Valentines Day. And that’s because we, as a culture, suck at saying “I love you.” Which sucks because love rules! So here are 52 savagely original ways to say “I love you.”

1. In a candlelit moment, softly whisper, “I’m not sorry”

Address your love’s shocked face by saying, “It’s because love means never having to say you’re sorry, and since I’m never not in love with you, I’m always not sorry.”

2. Pour a glass of wine on yourself at a romantic dinner

As the crowd stares, stand up like Scarface, point at the stain and shout, “Look, love makes even a stain look beautiful – Confucius said that!”

3. Get your favorite sports drink and use a Sharpie to put this on its label, “If what we feel were in here, it would be the greatest refreshment.”

If your love doesn’t instantly drink it up, explain, “Picasso said that love is the greatest refreshment in life.”

4. Dress up like Napoleon

Declare “Love conquers all!”

5. 3D Print a Figurine of Lloyd Dobler Standing In Front of a Cutlass Supreme with a Boombox in His Hands

Make sure that when your love touches the figurine, it begins playing, “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

6. Buy Your Love a Second Class Ticket on the Titanic II

Buy yourself a first class ticket. Get the fabricators who make puppies for Jeff Koons to build a massive iceberg and plop it down in the middle of the course for the Titanic II’s maiden voyage. You know how the rest of the story goes…

7. Give Your Love a Bottle of Medicine that Expired Ages Ago

When your love wonders why you have chosen such a gift, sing Bon Jovi: “Your love is like bad medicine. And bad medicine is what I need.”

8. Out of the blue, scream, “You are so grossly different from everyone else!”

Respond to you love’s shock and awe with Shaw: “For love is the gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else.”

9. Buy your love a miniature globe

With your love observing, spin the globe while gazing into your love’s eyes and saying, “love makes the world go round.”

10. Douse a springtime plant in Chanel No. 5 and then throw it in an empty construction pit close to where you and your love are having dinner

On an after dinner walk, hand your love a pair of binoculars and direct your love’s gaze toward the plant; when the plant is detected by your love, recite this line of Flaubert: “You see, love is a springtime plant that perfumes everything with its hope, even the ruins to which it clings.”

11. Send your love an email with this subject line: “I want to eat your cake.”

In the body, explain: “No, Beyoncé fan, I’m not talking about recreating that scene from Girls. (Unless you want me to 😉 I was alluding to this sweet piece of proverbial wisdom: ‘If romance is the icing; love is the cake.’ What I mean is that I’m hungry for both from your ass: Cake, i.e., love, and icing, i.e, romance).

12. When your love is texting, grab your love’s phone and throw it against the wall

Shrug and say, “I did it because I love you –  and attention is the most basic form of love.’”

13. Take your love on one of those zero gravity flights

Float over and announce, “I brought you here because Einstein Said, ‘Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love,’ and now I know that’s true cuz I still love you.”

14. Hire a private investigator to uncover something new about your beloved that even your beloved doesn’t know

After revealing the information to your beloved and facing a look of disquietude, quote André Breton: “You see, love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.”

15. Buy your love some Clearasil, include a note saying, “you no longer need this.”

When your love’s face turns red, blame John Lennon, who said, “when you’re in love everything is clearer.”

16. Replace all of the doors and windows in your love’s apartment and house, and then keep them wide open and unlocked in advance of your love’s return.

When your love calls you up in a panic, quote Mignon McLaughlin: “Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”

17. Treat your love to an impassioned rendition of The World that I Know by“Collective Soul”

Respond to anything less than a standing O with this quote by Aristotle, “love is composed of a single collective soul inhabiting two bodies.”

18. Buy your love a one-way ticket to a foreign country

When your love calls you up from the country, wondering where the hell you are, brandish Truman Capote: “Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.”

19. Pick a vicious fight about something trivial

In media res, explain that you intentionally picked the trivial fight for absolutely no reason because Racine said “The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love.”

20. Wear an “I’m with stupid” shirt with the arrow pointing up at your own face

Maniacally inform your beloved, “well, they say one cannot be in love and be wise.”

21. If your love is rich, download a copy of his or her bank statements, photoshop in a balance of zero, and leave it in the sock drawer

When you’re love finds it, and runs to the computer suspecting a hacking, scream, “I would love you even if that were your actual bank statement.”

22. If your love is poor, download a copy of his or her bank statements, and leave it in the sock drawer

When your love finds it and is puzzled by who would do such a thing, whisper, “I love you even though that is your actual bank statement.”

23. Take your love to the bench in front of the Brooklyn Bridge where Woody Allen takes Diane Keaton

When you sit down, say, “You know this is the bridge were Woody Allen takes Diane Keaton in Manhattan.”

24. Take your love to the bench in front of the Verrazano bridge where John Travolta takes Donna Pescow in Saturday Night Fever

When you sit down, say, “You know that Barry Gibb’s middle name is Crompton?” and then start making out ferociously, but remember to “watch the hair.”

25. Gift Your love an expensive yet diseased plant while wearing round glasses

Don a British accent and say: “In the words of John Lennon, love is like a precious plant plagued by a pestilence that can be cured by the pure of heart.”

26. Show up to your Valentines date with pack of seeds, wearing round glasses

When your date is like “WTF. You couldn’t even spring for roses?” throw on a british accent and say: “In the words of John Lennon, love is the seed of the flower of life – it only flowers when you add the water of your soul.”

27. Buy “Once” on DVD, melt the disk down with a blowtorch

Add a note to the melted mess of plastic that says, “Our love is so much more real than this melted musical theatre bullshit.”

28. Make a Bill Cosby voodoo doll for your beloved

Tell your beloved that it’s an anti-rape talisman.

29. Give your love a fishing net containing two heart-shaped pillows

If your love appears to be fishing for an answer, note that “It was Muhammad Ali who once said, “love is a net that catches hearts like fish.’”

30. Wrap yourself up and put yourself in a giftbox

When your love hears your screams and opens the box, jump out and joyously quote Jean Anouilh, “Love is, above all, the gift of oneself!”

31. Buy a bottle of wine, replace its label with one that lists the vineyard as “Existence”

At an opportune moment, say, “Love is the wine of existence” as you point to your custom label.

32. Make your love a custom deck of playing cards with jokers labeled “Love”

Say that “love is the wildcard of existence.”

33. Buy Your Love a Bottle of Pepto Bismol

Tell your love that “love never dies of starvation, but often of digestion.”

34. Leave your love a note that reads: “I Sexxx You”

Explain that, according to Harlan Ellison, “love ain’t nothing but sex misspelled.”

35. Take your love to a frozen brook

Stare out onto the brook and recite this line from Kahlil Gibran: “Love, like a running brook, is disregarded, taken for granted; but when the brook freezes over, then people begin to remember how it was when it ran, and they want it to run again.”

36. Create a facebook group called “Fanclub for Our Relationship”

Invite your beloved, and only your beloved, with a note declaring, “According to Adrian Henri, love is a fan club with only two fans.”

37. 3D print a skeleton key labeled “Love”

Include a note quoting Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. “Love is the master-key that opens the gates of happiness, of hatred, of jealous, and, most easily of all, the gates of fear.”

38. Burn all your clothes, total your own vehicle, and buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones directly linked to a karaoke machine

Before you slip the headphones on your beloved and start singing, whisper this in your love’s ear: “Oscar Wilde once said, you don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

39. Pay a shrewd old seamstress to perform her trade in front of your beloved

As you both gaze onto her, quote Sappho, “Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables.”

40. Drip your blood all over a flower, and then fumigate it with religious incense

When your beloved asks you if that’s blood, say, “indeed, it’s my blood – why don’t you smell it” and then quote Olive Schreiner, “Love is a blood-red flower, with the color of sin; but there is always the scent of god about it.”

41. Take a road trip to Graceland

In the car, tell your love that “real love is a pilgrimage.”

42. Buy your love one of those volcano sets

If it goes over less than explosively, blame the famous psychologist, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, who stated that “love is a volcano.”

43. Gift your love falconry classes and arrange for the hawk to be fitted with a pair of velvet talon booties

As the hawk is flies into your love’s hands, announce that a computer in Kurt Vonnegut novel got it right when it wrote that “love is a hawk with velvet claws.”

44. Buy your love a poster of Chagall’s La Mariée (The Bride)

Say, “That’s the painting from Notting Hill. You know, from the scene where she’s like ‘I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.’ Why are you not more impressed?”

45. Make a bunch of custom cue cards and dispatch yourself at once to your love’s door

When your love opens the door, go all Bob Dylan in Subterranean Homesick Blues and start flipping through your cards. The last card should probably be something really original like, “You’re More Perfect to Me than Keira Knightley in Love Actually.”

46. Buy your love an electric candle that will burn forever

As you hand it over, recite this line from Tolstoy, “To say that you can love one person all of your life is like saying that one candle will continue to burn as long as you live.”

47. Make a Heath Ledger mask and sing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

Tell your love “It’s the most original thing I could think of – It’s from 10 Things I hate About You, right? I’ve never seen it. What, you think it’s stupid?”

48. When you’re visiting your love’s childhood home, steal an old shirt belonging to your beloved, and hide it in a special place

Take it out and show it to your love and say, “it’s just like the shirt in Brokeback mountain. I love you so much that I’ve been hoarding it and sniffing it.”

49. Plan a trip to Montauk and bring two matching big bird suits

When you get to the beach sling one on, and hand the other to your beloved and say, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

50. Hack into your love’s Nest thermometer and turn it all the way up

When your beloved calls you up in a sweaty rage, declare that it was Francois De La Rochefoucauld who once said, “The truest comparison we can make of love is to liken it to a fever.

51. Give your love the silent treatment.

When your love’s annoyance peaks, hand over a card that says, “The first duty of love is to listen.”

52. Buy “Map of the WWII Pacific Theatre” Sheets for Your Bed

Ravage your beloved as you sing “love is a battlefield.”

Happy Thanksgiving: All That I Am Thankful For

Today there isn’t much to say. Be careful out there. Some people go overboard during this season and there are too many people who drink and drive. Take the keys away from tipsy friends and do what you can to alert others to the dark clouds lurking amid all our silver linings. Be thankful for what you have and be aware of those around you who may need a boost. Sometimes a phone call can make a big difference. Be aware of those around you who are far away from home or are alone for other reasons. This time of year can be the loneliest for many. Be a good neighbor, a good friend, a good mate. Watch what you eat, and I’m not saying look at your food as you gorge yourself. Stay healthy. 

I have many problems, but these are far outweighed by the things I have to be thankful for.

I thank you for reading me.

I thank my editors who do their best to make me sound coherent, and temper me when my temper gets in the way of my higher brain functions.

I thank the tone-deaf operators who let me DJ at their joints.

I thank the operators who entrust me to build them their better mousetraps.

I thank Amanda for her…understanding.

I thank the Lord for the gift of family.

Tomorrow I will dine with my 90-year-old father and my 83-year-old mom. They have been together for 63 years and are a joy to behold. Dinner will be a blast. My brother and his wife will be there with Amanda and I, and we will bring a perfect stranger: Jillian Lee. She is an aerialist at Toy, a contortionist and dancer, and does hosting and other jobs at Hotel Chantelle. She is a Florida gal chasing her dreams in the city that still goes to bed real late. These days, NY definitely sleeps and it occasionally takes naps. 

I am thankful for all the talented people who gather in this city of ours and push to the edge. Clubs are still my choice of entertainment. Every so often I find myself in the very right room at the very right time. I love the music, the designs, and the people who are prancing around at 3am. I love the sexuality, the mysteries, the adventures of the night. I came into the world at 5am nearly six decades ago and I hope I go out at a similar time whenever my time comes.

I’m thankful for my experience in nightlife. I have rarely been bored. Even when I find myself in a place that is obviously not happening, the analysis of why it is not happening interests me to no end.

Thanks for listening to my rants today.

Thanks for being here for me.

Actually, Relationships Are Not Hard Work

Another weekend in the city, another weekend spent out partying, socializing, complaining about the gloomy weather overhearing all sorts of dates, arguments, and bad conventional wisdom tossed around. In this post-OkCupid world, it seems one of the more pernicious clichés plaguing romance is also one of the easiest to mindlessly agree with: “Relationships are a lot of work.” Uh, not really.

Sure, if you’re two people who aren’t exactly compatible but trying to force it because the one thing you do share is an overall fear of loneliness, that is going to take some work! But in case no one told you, being in love is about more than having someone to clutch until death parts you. In fact, being in a relationship should make your life easier, which is to say less work. Here’s a person who’ll help you pay bills, remember where your keys are, and make you forget all about your terrible day at the office. Your life with a partner is not something that needs to be constantly repaired like the transmission on a 1998 Ford Windstar—and if it is, get a new car.
Let’s say, even for the sake of argument, that you’ve landed someone well out of your league—kinder, smarter and better-looking than you—it might seem like you should put in an extra effort to keep this person around. You’d think that, and you’d scare them off in no time with your constant questions about moving in and buying a toaster oven together. It’s downright shocking what simple listening and empathy and affection does, and are these work? No, they are not. Only grand psychotic overtures, like secretly booking a couples cruise to Norway, are work.
I know you want to be matched and married so bad, world, but seriously, you need to relax. Don’t force yourself to watch TV shows your significant other likes. Casually mention the facial hair they got on the sink while shaving—instead of leaving passive-aggressive notes. Try to remember if you’ve told that high school musical anecdote eight times already. Finally, quit micromanaging how you come across as a couple on Facebook. That nonsense is beyond work: it’s like using a beach vacation to hammer out the kinks in a PowerPoint presentation.     

Photographic Love: A Gallery

Love. Love is in the air. Love is everywhere. Love can be interpreted in countless different ways. Which is exactly why we asked some of our favorite photographers to contribute an image that represents love to them. Click through the gallery to see what they came up with. Ya might love it!

Kate Orne – Darkness to Light, Himalayas

My love runs deep for the wide open landscape.

To view more of Kate’s work travel here.

Eric Medsker – Harold White

Portrait of WWII Vet Harold Whitey, Age 91.

To view more of Eric’s work, venture here.

Alexander Wagner – Este

From the series entitled FACES.

View more of Alexander’s many faces here.

Jai Lennard – Hearty

View more images from Jai’s heart here.

Jesse Dittmar – Self Love, A Portrait of Blake

View more of Jesse’s images here.

Janira Martinez – Love At Mauerpark

Couple kissing at a public karaoke session in Berlin, Germany 2009.

View more of Janira’s stylin’ work here.

Texas Is the Reason Release Complete Discography

Thursday is coming up for all you lovers and singletons out there. I have no plans because I am alone-that’s a choice and I love myself! There’s only one thing I need—it’s tangible and will last FOREVER. Single or attached, the ’90s are back in a big way with Texas is the Reason’s entire discography, now available through Revelation Records. Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection is the right amount of love you can give your ear buds this Valentine’s Day.

The band, who notoriously broke up after the release of their first full length album, are putting a stamp on leaving the past in the past. The entire collection is jam packed with the band’s self-titled EP, Do you Know Who You Are?, and two, yup, two totally brand new songs. Once you have done yourself the favor of acquiring this gem, head on home—fast. Don’t turn on the lights though; keep it dark like the bottomless pit that is your heart. Remember that you are a top shelf human being and that’s exactly how you should be picking your alcohol. If you read the label and it says Chateau Diana, you are in rough shape.

Slip into something comfortable. I would lend you my pair of red velvet pajama pants from Christmas 2002, but my body will be occupying them. Don’t hold back on how many popcorn kernels you pour into that pan, you will eat all of them. Make sure you vacuumed your carpet because that is where you will be lying for the next 24 hours. Get ready because when you hear singer Garrett Klahn serenading you into oblivion with opening track "Johnny on the Spot”, he will likely strike a well covered nerve with, "You’re allowed to stay for a while, I’m going to need your time to slow down and waste some time again."

Your brain will likely explode upon hearing "Every Girls Dream" and "When Rock and Roll Was Just a Baby," the collections two new songs written in 1997 but recorded last year. While you are deeply immersed in this perfect gift you have given yourself, thumb through the pages of the booklet and look back on unreleased photos, a complete show history, as well as all the lyrics that you can then pen in your journal, because only Texas Is the Reason can comfort you as you battle your way through Valentines day. "This is only fun for me; this is only fun for me." Your mind has been entranced in a meditative state and with the stereo system on in the background you have been transported back to 1996 one guitar riff at a time—life was simpler back then, no?

If you need to give your heart a deeper experience with Texas Is The Reason, catch them as they play their final final shows this winter, they mean it. Dates HERE.

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Smooth Monday Jams: Lovers’ Edition

Another Monday, another spoonful of smooth jams spread nice ‘n’ thick on your week. In case you forgot, this Thursday is that day for lovers to hold one another close and for lonely people to sit in their rooms and cry whilst drowning their sorrows. The best part? Both scenarios are perfect for some smooth jams!

Be sure to check out Sea Level every first Monday of the month at Tender Trap in Brooklyn. Free smoothness for all begins at 9 PM. I promise you’ll hear songs like this and many more to start your work week off on a smoother note.

Robert John – "Winner Take All" (1980)

Robert John aka "The Guy Who Looks or Looked Like Zack Galifinakis but sounds like the Bee Gees" brings us a tune for the bitter heartbroken man on Valentine’s Day whose buddy took his girl. But he won’t go down without a fight!

Next – "Butta Love" (1997)

I could have filled this list up smooth slow-jam crossovers 100 times over, but I had to narrow it down. After all, who doesn’t want that butta love on Valentine’s Day? So smooth and so creamy.

Bobby Caldwell – "My Flame" (1978)

One of my favorite smooth jams of all time by one of my favorite smooth voices—HANDS DOWN. You put this on before y’all leave for dinner and, oops, looks like you’re gonna be late for that reservation, buddy!

Bobby Nunn – "Do You Look That Good In The Morning?" (1983)

A SECRET WEAPON OF MINE! Can’t believe I’m sharing this gem with y’all, but yes, this is one. What if you’re out on the town come Valentine’s Day and you got to find some last-minute loving? Just recite the words in this song my friend. Case closed.

DeBarge – "All This Love" (1982)

There’s so much love in us all! Unleash it upon the world this week and every week, not just on Valentine’s Day! That’s how this song makes me feel, at least.

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The Realities and Fantasies of Finding Love With New York’s Top Matchmaker

You are not the kind of girl who would be at a place like this at this time: 6:30pm. Or maybe you are. Maybe you are the kind of girl who would sit under a massive plastic cupcake-shaped awning while waiting for matchmaker Janis Spindel to assess you. But then, what kind of girl is that?

When I walk in to Dylan’s Candy Bar for one of the famed Matchmaker’s Meet and Greets with eligible women I feel an almost frantic temptation to inform anyone manning that door that I am fine. I don’t need any help getting dates! Maybe some women do, but not me! Not me! I feel this way, because, if you are a halfway attractive woman, you are supposed to be in, approximately, the same romantic situation as Scarlet O’Hara at a barbecue—no matter that not even Vivien Leigh had that many beaux.

Besides, you know the kind of girl that you expect to see at any kind of matchmaking event.You know. Imagine them in your head. Imagine The Millionaire Matchmaker if you’re having trouble. Bleached blonde hair. Lips pumped full of collagen. Dead behind the eyes.

When I think of the women who use matchmakers, I specifically think of one of the girls on Millionaire listlessly stroking the back of her male conquest as he excitedly explained they were co-habitating. While he did so, she stared at the camera, blankly, as though she had decided her youth would be a fair price to barter for a three bedroom on 3rd Avenue.

Which is to say: I don’t think I could ever pull off bleached blonde with my coloring. Becoming utterly soulless also seems like it might be tough.

And if there’s any door guy, I want him to know that, too.

There isn’t one, of course.

There is, instead, an incredibly nice, down-to-earth group of around a dozen women waiting in the upstairs cafe. Not a single of one them seems to suffer from jelly-fish lip syndrome. They appear to range in age from their mid-twenties to late thirties, and all of them are excitedly waiting to meet Janis.

I’m shocked, mostly, I think, by the footwear. They wear sensible shoes. I realize I—ludicrously—expected everyone to be teetering around in 6-inch plastic heels.

But the women aren’t gold diggers or dilettantes or universally known “actresses/models”. They have great jobs. They make good jokes! They’re the kinds of girls you’d want to be friends with. Then I draw back and realize that this is perhaps because they are not doing this to be on television.

That might be why. So, why are they here, then, these nice, pretty, normal women in their nice, pretty, normal shoes?  They’re certainly the kind of women who can find dates on their own.

Everyone has their reasons. One woman explains that her mom met someone through Janis. Someone else says that they found an offer through Lifebooker. Someone remarks that Janis has e-mailed her to come in about 20 times (Janis proudly admits that she is relentless). And someone else points out that she read that Janis has married almost 1,000 couples (Janis is, in fact, six away). The group nods in unison. 

Ah. That’s right. They’re there to meet their husbands. 

That, perhaps, really is the appeal. In an age and a city where you’re supposed to be so fulfilled with your life that you’re perpetually “only looking for something casual”—you’re Scarlet O’Hara at a barbeque!—it’s almost taboo to be obviously looking to settle down and get married.

Even on the Internet. In spite of the fact that on online dating sites it’s perfectly acceptable to say that your interests include, say, crocodile wrestling and braiding strangers’ hair, it would still be a bit weird to lead with your desire to get married and start a family as soon as possible. But Janis assures the room that that is precisely what her male clients are looking for.

Marriage is what Janis Spindel does, and she’s fairly clear on that point. She recounts a story to the women about meeting a man who had decided he was ready to find his wife, and how a name of one of her clients instantly popped into her head. “So, I said to him, ‘Brianna,” she declares, “and he says ‘who’s Brianna?’ And I said, “well, she’s your wife.’”

Janis says this with such conviction that I imagine there’s no doubt in any listener’s mind that, a week later, Brianna and that man are now married. This, seemingly, is just how it happens with Janis. She does—as that one attendee pointed out—have nearly 1,000 couples married, and a shockingly low divorce rate.

Now, maybe it happens that way simply because she is throwing together two people with reasonably similar interests who are both very ready to settle down. But still. On some level, everyone who has ever had disappointing experiences dating probably dreams that a fairy Godmother will sweep in and say, “Here. Here is the person you are supposed to be with. Go live happily ever after now.”

And to get to skip all the stumbling about and feigning an interest in crocodile wrestling in search of that person? No wonder men pay Janis a starting fee of $100,000. And as for the women, perhaps it’s worth sitting through Janis’s intense questioning period (she asks one woman if she’d like to move to Seattle, the woman declines, and Janis replies, undeterred, “Until you meet him and fall madly in love!”) on the off-chance that your name will pop into her head and she’ll present you with true love on a platter.

We may be willing to work very hard to find love, but how wonderful it would be if, instead, it could just be presented to us so effortlessly.  As the women—these nice, normal, pretty women—leave the Meet & Greet, they do so with a sense of childlike optimism that befits the venue.

And who’s the kind of girl who would be into that? Well, maybe it’s just about all of us.