Links: Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Elle’ Shoot, Rene Zellweger + Bradley Cooper

● The editor of Elle UK, Lorraine Candy, doesn’t know if September covergirl Lindsay Lohan will ever be featured in her magazine again, calling Lilo’s shoot “unpredictable” and “confusing” with the cover girl pulling multiple disappearing acts. [NYDailyNews] ● Now that 90210 and Melrose Place have successfully risen from the grave, will the CW be resurrecting Dawson’s Creek? [TheWrap] ● John Mayer keeps it classy in a Hugh Hefner-esque velvet smoking jacket while dining with his mother; sadly, she fell in front of the paps, or maybe that was the plan? [I’mNotObsessed]

● How does Liv Tyler stay so ethereal and pretty? A visit to the Beverly Hot Springs, a traditional Korean bathhouse where Tyler dons her birthday suit and is scrubbed and cleansed within an “inch of her life.” [TimesofIndia] ● After numerous threats to do so and a false alarm with a wig, Kim Kardashian has finally dyed her hair blonde, or light brown in her case. [KK] ● Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper were seen entering JFK airport separately and boarding the same flight. That could only mean they’re dating, of course. [FadedYouth]