Morning Links: Dr. Seuss’ Lorax Gets Stolen, Flaming Lips Get Bloody

● Someone stole a 300-pound bronze statue of the Lorax from the late Dr. Seuss’ lawn. "I want very badly to get our little Lorax back home where he belongs," said Suess’s daughter, Lark Grey Dimond-Cate, of the heist. "Wherever he is, he’s scared, lonely and hungry. He’s not just a hunk of metal to us. He was a family pet." [HuffPost]

● Rumor has it that Megan Fox and her husband of nearly two years, Brian Austin Green, are expecting their first child together. [Radar]

● Darren Aronofsky is in business to direct Anne Hathaway in Get Happy, a Judy Garland biopic. 2012 will be a busy one for him. [TB]

● Kris Humphries won’t sign for a divorce until Kim makes an offer he can’t refuse. "Kris is dragging it out," explains one source. "Kim is ready to move on, but Kris is hoping that stretching it out will get him even more money." [E!]

● Zadie Smith’s 2005 Booker Prize-nominated novel, On Beauty, is being adapted for the big screen by actress, writer and director Kasi Lemmons. [Deadline]

● To celebrate Record Store Day, the Flaming Lips have packaged a special few of their The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends with a bit of blood from their collaborators — Erykah Bad, Yoko Ono, Bon Iver, Nic Cave, Ke$ha and Neon Indian included — "Like a glass specimen thing," says Wayne Coyne explains. [Paste]

Afternoon Links: Wiz and Amber Get Engaged, Justin Bieber Buys Two New Mansions

● Congratulations to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose on their engagementt! May there be duets and drama ’til death do you part. [JustJared]

● The new Muppets movie will have to go on without Jason Segel, who says he just won’t have time to pen the sequel. [Vulture]

The $100,000 electric car was just a warm up: TMZ reports that Justin Bieber is ringing in his 18th year with a skydiving trip, a big party, and by signing the lease on two new homes — one for himself and one for his mom. Aww! [TMZ]

2Pac: The Musical is an actual thing that they are actually casting for. [BV]

● Zac Efron came clean to Matt Lauer this morning about that shiny gold-foilded thing that fell from his pocket on the Lorax red carpet. "I did, I did," he confirmed. "I never really had a pocket-checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one." [PageSix]

● This story about Tyga being held at gunpoint and made to dance to his own "Rack City" has, in all likelihood, been exaggerated. It’s too good not to share, though. [TaleTela]