‘You Do You’ Creative Director Logan Jackson on Religion, Fashion & The Tattooed Hijabi

Photo: @auroraisnthome via Instagram

Logan Jackson knows a thing or two about identity politics in fashion.

The Creative Director of inclusivity-centric fashion site You Do You recently photographed Kendyl Noor Aurora, the Muslim fashion blogger formerly known as The Tattooed Hijabi, who spent a year off of social media after facing criticism for the intersection of her religious practice and fashion choices. We chatted with Jackson about the intersection of fashion, religion, and gender identity, as well as what fascinates You Do You about Aurora.

What drew you to this story?
We loved the idea of someone approaching religion on their own terms — doing it their way and finding that it works for them. As a tattooed, queer caucasian woman who embraces Islam, Kendyl was a great example of this and we wanted to find out more. We also wanted to give positive coverage to Muslim women in general.
Is religious inclusivity a core component of You Do You’s mission?
It is in the sense that we try to be as inclusive of as many different bodies, philosophies, and practices as possible. Our method for inclusivity is giving people a platform or discussion and exploration. We want to make YDY about the voice of the people instead of just ours. It’s less about forcing an opinion about a way of life, and more about forming one.

Do you see Kendyl as appropriating Islamic culture in any way? How would you address that criticism?

Since she is a woman of the Muslim faith, no. The practices, which include standards for dressing, are part of the religion. Kendyl had her personal struggles with these standards, as mentioned in her interview. I can see how the criticism would emerge, but I think once one converts to a new religion and takes on that lifestyle, they are adapting to the religion and not a new race.

How do you see fashion intersecting with religion and gender identity?

Fashion intersects differently with religion than with gender identity, and when those three come together, it really becomes all about personal belief systems. Something as fluid and intangible as gender identity when paired with religion makes almost no sense. Religion, while also intangible, is generally set in stone, written like law and abided by as such. If a religion dictates certain things about gender or clothing, it is up to the participant to decide whether or not certain aspects of that religion fit into their lives, and if they are willing to follow it fully or partially. People should be able to customize their faith just they can their personal style.

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Photographer: Logan Jackson (God and Man)
Models: Millicent Lambert and Li Ming (Ford)
Makeup: Andie Markoe-Byrne (Bryan Bantry)
Hair: Helen Reavey 
Art Director: Vince Patti
Stylist: Alyssa Shapiro