A Love Letter To The $4 Sliders At Lobster Joint

Dear Sliders,

It was a Tuesday on the Lower East Side, 7pm, when I met you for the first time.

I was wandering alone—as many New Yorkers do—but I wasn’t lost; I was in pursuit. Not of a date, a new sweater, or even companionship; I was looking for a really delicious, no-frills, low-cost meal. And like most things, when you really search for something, you find it. And I found it in you.

I had heard about the recent opening of Lobster Joint in the LES and, not trying to sound boastful or anything, knew they had become a very big deal. So when I looked up, wide-eyed at the Lobster Joint’s signage out front, and the picnic tables and bar seating inside, I knew this was the place for me.

When I arrived at the register, the cashier informed me that I was lucky; just a minute past 7pm, I still made the cut for the Happy Hour special:
$4 sliders.
$4 lobster, crab cake, or fried oyster sliders.
“What did you say?” I asked the cashier.
“The sliders. They’re $4.”  

And that’s when something happened.

My eyes dilated, my face flushed, and I realized I was walking headfirst into a love affair with a crustacean-packed mini sandwich.

When your lobster and fried oyster-filled self arrived to my seat at the bar, I took a picture to capture the memory and devoured you without any class or sense that others were probably watching the girl by herself at the bar shoveling fresh seafood and buttered buns into her mouth.
When I finished, the cashier said, “You know, you can get those every Monday through Friday if you come in between 4pm and 7pm.” I tried to act all nonchalant, like, “Oh cool, sure, if I have the time…”

But inside I was dancing. Because now, every weekday after work is an opportunity to see you, devour you, and then formulate when I can see you again.

So, till next time, Sliders.

Yours truly,

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New York Openings: Lobster Joint, Kittery of Brooklyn

Back in the day, lobsters were fertilizer and fish bait. Even into colonial times the meat was considered worthy only of servants and prisoners. Fast-forward to contemporary NYC and fresh lobster is all but a fetish. Low-key seafood spots are proliferating. The meat is a luxury. The atmosphere is casual. And there’s a nostalgic connection to summers and the seaside. Newcomers Lobster Joint and Kittery of Brooklyn are prime examples of why seafood shacks are the new black.

Greenpoint and Rockaways sensation Lobster Joint has taken on a prime slice of East Houston. The spot skews quaint, with picnic tables, whitewashed walls, and natural light streaming in from the skylight. Order off the hand-lettered menu and settle in for seriously fresh fruits of the sea. Lobster rolls are signatures, made in two styles: warm Connecticut, or New England with herb mayo. There are ample alternative rolls, too, from clam to crab to crispy oyster. If you want the full feast, opt for a dinner, complete with corn, potatoes, coleslaw, and a pound and a half of succulent lobster.

Vacationland comes to Carroll Gardens with the opening of Kittery of Brooklyn. A corner spot with ample yardage does its best impression of Maine coastal dining. Ayuh, they’re serving lobstah rolls, with meat shipped straight from Kittery. Borders broaden with a selection of sustainable ocean seafood, fished from Maine all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. New England native Josh Moulton helms the kitchen, drawing on memories of early Down East years (recent stints at Monkey Bar and Union Square Café make for a high-wattage résumé). Nautical-themed digs are a reminder that the Atlantic is just a short hop on the F away.

Photo by Erin & Camera/Flickr