Before We Say Goodbye to ’30 Rock,’ One Final ‘Ask Tina’

Tonight, a nation will temper its feelings with night cheese and sob into its bottles of hill people milk. After seven seasons, 30 Rock is ending, and far more intelligent people have said far more intelligent things about this fact, but for now, I’ll say that like you, maybe, probably, I’m really gonna miss it, you guys. It was silly and it was fun and even if it wasn’t always perfect and Tina Fey isn’t a goddess to everyone, it got people to talk about women in comedy and how women and feminism are portrayed in comedy and perceived because of those portrayals and even on the Internet there were really important and relevant conversations happening. And what other show could get Oprah to guest-star as a sleeping-pill-induced hallucination? 

Before Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and the crew ride off into the glorious sunset that is eternal syndication, Fey returned to NBC for one last session of her fan-mail show, "Ask Tina" ("Memorize how old I look!"). In it, Fey discusses her affinity for Werthers Originals, differences from Liz Lemon and lists all the shows she’s excited to finally catch up on now that she’s done with her own show, from Homeland to Match Game ’72. Guess it’s never too late for now. 

Liz Lemon, Stay-At-Home-Mom?

30 Rock‘s hour-long finale airs this Thursday night, which means you’ve still got five days to plan your Cheesy Blasters appetizers for the viewing party. In the meantime, content yourself with this sneak peek clip posted on Entertainment Weekly‘s web site. 

Liz Lemon has cut back her workload at TGS to prepare for new motherhood, but is finding she’s got too much time on her hands when she’s not keeping Tracy out of the shark tank at the acquarium – slash – keeping Jenna out from underneath Mickey Rourke.

But at least she has time to execise now? (Funny, the same thing happens to me when I go running, too.)

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The First Preview of What the ’30 Rock’ Wedding Will Actually Look Like

Not too long ago, we gave you some mostly-baseless predictions about the upcoming wedding episode of 30 Rock, wherein Liz Lemon finally ties the knot with her hot dog van-owning, frequently-grinning boyfriend, Criss Chross. The episode, "Mazel Tov, Dummies!" airs this Thursday, and as it turns out, we were right about that first thing—one of Liz’s boyfriends would return, in and as predicted, of course it’s not the lovable buffoon Jon Hamm but Beeper King Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters), who will undoubtedly complicate things somehow, as well as, per the photo gallery at HuffPo, guest appearances from Melissa McMeekin and a particularly creepy-looking John Hodgman. We’re still crossing our fingers for an unexpected return of Margaret Cho as Kim Jong-Il for no apparent reason, but that doesn’t seem likely. 

NBC has also released the first preview of the wedding episode, in which Liz tells her longtime platonic work-spouse, Jack Donaghy, about the wedding. Jack, naturally, is more excited about this development than Liz is. And gives great hugs. Watch. 

A Brief, Non-Comprehensive Set of Predictions for the ’30 Rock’ Wedding Episode

In two weeks, as NBC announced yesterday, 30 Rock will go down that road that many on-their-way-out comedies have gone before, celebrating a long-awaited milestone of one of the central characters. Liz Lemon, who for years has been revered across the Internet as Our Lady of the Young and Single, Patron Saint of Sandwiches, is getting hitched, to happy-go-lucky hot dog truck owner Criss Chros (James Marsden). As far as Liz’s boyfriends have gone, Criss isn’t the most interesting but is one of the more likable, and it should be a decent Very Special Episode. 

Naturally, we have a few rather baseless, general predictions of what will happen in the 30 Rock wedding episode, in case you wanted to play Bingo or turn it into a drinking game or something like that. 

– At least one of Liz’s ex-boyfriends returns. It will probably be beeper king Dennis Duffy but here’s hoping it will be Jon Hamm’s hook-handed Dr. Drew. 

– Jenna sings. Multiple times. 

– Jenna is embroiled in some bridesmaid/Maid of Honor-related conflict.

– Jenna threatens to commit suicide at the wedding as a result of said conflict. 

– Criss’ name is misspelled on at least one wedding sign or invitation—but not in the way you would think! Maybe "Cris" or "Chirs" or something. 

– Liz and Jack banter about whether or not Liz will be keeping her own name.

– Jack gets into Liz’s head somehow and almost inadvertently breaks up the wedding.

– Liz wears her TGS hoodie until right before she walks down the aisle. 

– Liz walks down the aisle to some old but recognizable NBC TV show theme, maybe Family Ties or Mad About You.

– In a homage to a previous wedding episode in which she tried to stall for time by reading random scriptures, Liz accidentally chooses a rather bizarre biblical passage—one involving lots of concubines or maybe that part of Leviticus that says you’re not allowed to eat shrimp. 

– Hazel Wassername attempts to thwart the wedding in a particularly garish manner, possibly involving an explosion. 

– Jack opens up to Kenneth about his crippling loneliness as he sees Liz Lemon in a happy relationship. Scotch follows. 

– At least one "Lemon Party" joke for good measure. 

– Frank has a wedding-focused hat slogan, possibly having to do with copulating with one of the bridesmaids. 

– Liz announces her pregnancy because dammit this show is going to go down in a blaze of glory.