Little Boots Hits the Dance Floor in “Headphones”

British electro-pop artist Little Boots, AKA Victoria Hesketh, has slowly been resurfacing, teasing the follow-up to her 2009 debut album Hands. The latest installation is the stomping track "Headphones," which was featured on her recent Jubilee Disco mixtape. In the song’s video, Hesketh takes viewers to a club where the music makes patrons see versions of themselves that are having the times of their lives. Everyone’s happier on the dance floor, right?

Reading Coachella’s Fine Print: Breakthrough Performers Worth Checking Out

So you’re selling livers, kidneys and daring yourself to forgo food for weeks until mid-April in order to pay for your trip to Coachella. It’s understandable, really. And while the big draws, like Muse, Jay-Z, Gorillaz and MGMT, appear on this flier (not this one) in enormous typeface, the true breakouts are in such fine print that you’ll likely go blind trying to read their names. But please don’t! Instead, consult a handy guide to Coachella’s fine print gems, after the jump.


APRIL 16 Quite good: La Roux Best bet: Kate Miller-Heidke. As demonstrated by this very capable cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” below, Miller-Heidke may be the most welcome Australian pop import since we allowed Natalie Imbruglia an American conquest. Miller-Heidke has also earned a stamp of approval from Ben Folds already. Also her last album contained this bit of genius.

APRIL 17 Quite good: Tokyo Police Club, Corrine Bailey Rae Best bet: Sia. Known in part for her work on Christina Aguilera’s Bionic and for her contributions to Six Feet Under, Sia has done the impossible: Maintaining street-cred while peddling sensitive emotronica ballads.

APRIL 18 Quite good: Miike Snow, Little Boots, Matt & Kim, Hadouken! Best bet: Florence & the Machine. Recently nominated for a Brit award, this band, comprised of lead singer Florence Welch and a host of rotating collaborators (the eponymous “Machine”) may probably perform one of the best sets of the Coachella weekend.

Tracklist: UK Electoclash Pop Princess Little Boots Makes Our Mix

British synth-queen Victoria Hesketh, better known as Little Boots, puts the pedal to the metal with ten of her favorite pulse-quickening dance anthems. These boots, it seems, were made for rocking.

1. “Sexy Teacher,” by Check Up Twins. My boyfriend e-mailed me this song before I’d even met him. He sent it over Facebook and was like, “Do you want to hear the best Italo song ever?” It’s about a schoolboy in love with his teacher — the lyrics are great and so are the synths. And it’s worth a listen for the school-bell intro alone.

2. Raf’s “Self Control.” I love the harmony between the vocal parts; it’s a bit slower but really hooky, and the silly rap near the end is hilarious.

3. Los Angeles T.F.’s “Magical Body.” This is just great, obscure fun; the lyrics are insane and there are some manic cackles near the end. I play this one a lot when I DJ.

4. “When I Hear Music,” by Debbie Deb. This is another near-perfect song to dance to. I play it when I’m getting ready to go out.

5. Deborah Harry’s “Rush Rush.” I know this one doesn’t quite fit with the others, but I love Debbie’s voice on it and it makes me think of her at Studio 54. I love that era, near the end of disco before the ’80s started to kick in. There was a lot interesting stuff happening during that crossover between the ’70s and ’80s. Now it’s all about female pop stars and indie bands.

6. Heartbreak’s “We’re Back.” We toured with Heartbreak recently—they’re a new Italo-influenced duo and one of my favorite bands at the moment; this song is incredible. But there’s a lot of really boring Italo, too, and if you play that stuff at the wrong venue it can be really awkward. This one is brilliant though. And in London, the hipsters go wild for it, and I don’t think it’s even drug-related.

7. “Love Kills,” by Little Boots. This is my cover of a song by Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury, originally featured on the soundtrack to a 1980s film called Metropolis [a re-release of Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic]. I fell in love as soon as I heard it.

8. Madonna’s “Into the Groove.” When I hear this song, I want to get drunk and start dancing on tables while screaming the lyrics. I love the extended version on the remix album, You Can Dance.

9. Alexander Robotnick’s “Problèmes D’Amour.” Robotnick is one of the godfathers of Italo-disco, and this is his classic. I’m in awe of him, because he’s still at it and has some great new stuff coming out, including a remix of one of my tracks.

10. “Together In Electric Dreams,” by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder. I can’t think of a more perfect sing-along anthem with which to end your night. It’s so epic and magical that it leaves you on a high.


Photo by Scott Pasfield. Styling by Bryan Levandowski.