Do You Remember the ’90s? Lisa Loeb Does!

Lisa Loeb, who strummed a guitar into our hearts and begged us to "Stay"—stay, please stay, where are you going? noooo, stayyyyy—never really went anywhere, but she’s back, sort of, with a new album called No Fairy Tale. It’s her tenth album, but her first record for adults in five years. (She released an album for children called Lisa Loeb’s Silly Silly Sing-Along: ‘The Disappointing Pancake’ and Other Zany Songs last year.) While she’s best known for her debut single, which was inclued on the soundtrack for Reality Bites (one of the most ’90s movies to ever ’90s), she’s hardly a one-hit wonder. Don’t you remember "I Do"? I do!

Of course, it’s always tough for musicians to break out of the identities they build with their earliest work, particularly when it’s so associated with the "alternative" (and all it doesn’t mean) from an era currently enjoying a cultural revival. So, of course, Lisa Loeb’s new album features a song call "The ’90s." Loeb opens up to Entertainment Weekly about writing the song:

Chad [Gilbert, New Found Glory guitarist and Loeb’s producer] literally said, “We should write a song about the ’90s,” and I thought “Ugh.” Yes, I was popular in the ’90s, but what am I going to write about the ’90s? I don’t want it to be some cutesy song about the ‘90s, but then I thought I wasn’t sure if my resistance was because I was scared, or what it was. So I tried to write it, and I decided to write it about the specific incident of making the video for “Stay.” About the dress I wore, about my shoes that I wore, and a couple of things I hadn’t been able to express before…

When I first started out, I remember reading press and people would call me a waif, and I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously as a musician. That felt so strange to me, because that’s what I had done my whole life: Play guitar, write music, play music. I wasn’t this pop singer that appeared out of nowhere, I had been working at this forever. Then when it came to making the video for “Stay,” I had to make the decision: Did I want to go with Ethan Hawke’s idea about a one-take video that would not include my band, or did I want to prove to everybody that I had a rock band and I had been doing this forever? I chose Ethan’s idea of doing it in one take, which I thought was so strong and unique and interesting and told a great story. But now here I am with the song “The ’90s” where I can explain the situation in my specific way that I had a short dress and Betsey Johnson worked with me, and these are the shoes I was wearing, and I didn’t get to go with my band, and I’m not a folkie. I had to keep telling people I wasn’t a folk singer even though I played acoustic guitar. It’s important for me to talk about this time period, which I love, but again as I say exactly in the chorus, I loved it then but I don’t want to go back. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about it and reminiscing, but I also love moving forward.

Take a listen to "The ’90s" below, via Spotify:

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Summer Trend Warning: Musician-Endorsed Eyewear

The next trend in eyewear appears to be singer-songwriter branded shades. Case in point? Oakley has tapped songstress Kate Voegele to wear a new model of sunglasses for the brand this year. The integrated marketing runs deep between Voegele and Oakley. “We’ll be giving away a pair of Oakley sunglasses every night at the shows,” she wrote recently on her blog. Voegele’s fall tour supporting Natasha Bedingfield comes to New York City tomorrow night at Irving Plaza.

The Oakley partnership extends not only to the glasses, which feature the singer’s bright drawings on the inside of the frames (she paints in her spare time and did the artwork on her latest CD cover), but Voegele has also appeared at Oakley events recently in Los Angeles, just north of where the One Tree Hill actress currently lives.

Oakley has supported Voegele’s touring efforts since 2009, and she is one of the faces of the company’s “Perform Beautifully” campaign. Her “Signature Series Oakley Beckon” shades arrive in stores this September.

Of course, Voegele isn’t the only singer songwriter in the eyewear field. Everyone’s favorite old-school songstress, Lisa Loeb, has turned her signature cat-eye glasses into a side business. Last month, the “Stay” singer launched a new series of glasses with Classique Eyewear that includes streamlined pieces in black and tortoiseshell, as well as embellished options punctuated with rhinestones and etchings.

Lisa Loeb & Playboy’s New Lines

Two unlikely sources are getting into accessories this winter. And both are through collaborations. First off, the Playboy empire. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Enterprises has enlisted Silver Moon Creations Inc. for a line of jewelry — both costume and body (the latter will range in price from $29.99 to $299.99, while the costume versions will be significantly cheaper at under $25). No word on what the styles will entail (e.g. whether they’ll be more Bliss Lau or Betony Vernon).

And next year singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb will be making her foray into eye wear design with a signature line that should have happened circa “Stay”, says Considering cat-eye sunglasses have been making a comeback, the launch’s timing could be worse. From the looks of the premiere promotional image there will be sexy librarian styles in the mix as well. If thick rims and bright palettes are more your speed you’ll probably want to stick to Cheap Monday.

Victoria Beckham Follows Lady Gaga to ‘Gossip Girl’

Maybe it’s Chuck Bass’ tortured histrionics (who could resist that pronounced pout!) or the chance to admonish Jenny Humphrey for her sartorial sins (such sloppy bangs!) More likely, it’s The Hilary Duff Effect. That is, the trotting out of marquee-caliber guest stars the show has drawn (including Tyra Banks and Lady Gaga). But the social-climbery soap has ensnared a superstar, a feat her her former bandmates couldn’t: Victoria Beckham.

Apart from being a noted couturiere, Beckham is also a highly-regarded forward-thinking pop singer who some would argue is comparable to Maya Arulpragasam or Dionne Warwick. (They would obviously be wrong, though.) Most importantly, however, the mogulette is well-known for her thespianic dabbles, having clocked time as an Ugly Betty ratings stunt. This makes her turn on the gilded Gossip Girl stage all the more well-considered.

Among parts mulled for Beckham’s GG foray: Chuck Bass’ long-lost mother or his cougarlicious girlfriend. And if writers were to conflate the roles into one porterhouse steak of a plot twist, we’d have a meaty modern-day Oedipus Rex to sink our fangs into. But sadly, VB is no Jocasta and Chuckie B.’s eyes are too smoldering to be gouged out. So a self-aware celebrity cameo á la Gaga is most likely for Posh. A bit like Lisa Loeb from season one. Which shouldn’t (and likely won’t) make us sigh despondently as descriptors as “like Lisa Loeb from season one” typically tend to.