Devendra Banhart Has an Eyewear Fetish

It’s a known fact that the music industry’s tanking, and the only way for bands to make money these days is by what people like Kurt Cobain used to call “selling out,” meaning, endorsing products for big corporations. But the Seattle scene ended a long time ago, and a guy’s gotta eat. In many ways, the myth of integrity ended — albeit hilariously — when Bob Dylan did a spot for Victoria’s Secret. That said, this short softcore porn film featuring indie hippy darling Devendra Banhart hawking Oliver People’s glasses while bathing, toe-licking, and making out with his current girlfriend, Rebecca Schwartz, is rather disturbing.

According to the press release, the Lisa Eisner-directed film was supposedly “inspired by French New Wave”. Funny, it looks more like it was inspired by late night Cinemax. Here’s to hoping Banhart’s eyewear choice doesn’t subconsciously inspire the next generation of hipsters to sport dad-style flip sunglasses.

Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House – Director’s Cut from Oliver Peoples on Vimeo.

One-Stop Shopping Over Art Basel Miami

Black Friday and Cyber Monday got you down? Me too. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are actually the most annoying things ever. But a light shines at the end of the proverbial retail tunnel. This week Art Basel Miami rolls back around, and what better or more fabulous of a locale in which to do your holiday shopping? If you are like me and would prefer to get all of your spending done quickly and efficiently, look no further than Tomas Maier in Miami’s budding Design District. The store is stocked with Maier’s eponymous label (think: the most luxurious cashmere and classically sexy swimwear), handpicked selections from Bottega Veneta (of which Maier is creative director), and a bevy of other rare offerings. Yet for Art Basel Miami, a limited installment of even more unique goodness will be available in-store.

First up, Delfina Delettrez (pictured above). This gifted Fendi-clan offspring, based in Rome, designs conceptual and surrealistic jewelry (jaws, bony hands, a Michael Jackson-esque figurine brooch). Delettrez will show select pieces from her newest collections starting December 1. Perfect, actually, for the girl who has everything (because she probably doesn’t have anything like this just yet).

Next, maybe for grandma and grandpa or mom, pick up a porcelain figurine or two from Nymphenburg. This 260-year old German brand has become renowned for their startlingly lifelike animal sculptures. Very expensive, but so worth it.


Finally, scope out Lisa Eisner in the upstairs gallery. Eisner is a California-based photographer whose work focuses on “explorations of the American West.” Graphic, intense, and memorable—these would look great at the beach house.


Tomas Maier is located at 170 N.E. 40th Street, Miami, FL; 305-576-8383.

A Very ‘Vogue’ Holiday with Tom Ford

The fabulous Tom Ford is the guest editor of the December-January issue of French Vogue. According to WWD, French Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld invited Ford, who has recently plunged back into women’s wear, to take up the guest editing task a year ago and true to form, he embraced it fully, art directing the entire issue, writing articles, playing photographer and stylist. “I always say, ‘Tom has an eye like a scanner,'” Roitfeld says. “He took his role very seriously. He is truly multitalented.”

The cover has Ford posing with 15-year-old Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld, though the photo is not indicative of the issue’s contents, as Ford photographed 67-year-old style icon Lauren Hutton, 50-something curator and book publisher Lisa Eisner, and a host of other female muses of his who have chosen to forgo plastic surgery and age gracefully. Bravo, Tom Ford!