Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Tom Ford’s 50 Lipsticks

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

I might have missed the launch of Tom Ford’s new Lips and Boys collection on a nondescript SoHo street, had it not been for the stark contrast of the black paint of its background and the white lettering of “TOM FORD.”

Once through the glamorous door, however, editors were welcomed to the world of #TFLIPSANDBOYS, all dark vibes and hydrangeas and Brendan Fallis DJ-ing.

Ford’s new collection is comprised of fifty miniature, clutch-sized lipsticks-named for boys — made for busy girls. What’s brilliant about the collection is the irresistible addiction it inspires–suddenly 50 lipsticks seems totally justifiable. Available December 26th!

tf party

me @ tf
Not so ready for my close-up

lipstick choices
Decisions, Decisions