Join The Charlie Brown School of Dance

It’s Friday, so here’s a cute thing that’s been on the Internet. With the holiday season comes the inevitable barrage of seasonally appropriate television programming, including several showings of the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you remember nothing else from A Charlie Brown Christmas (other than the poorly-decorated Christmas tree, bless its heart), then you remember the dance rehearsal scene where all the little Peanuts kids are dancin’ their hearts out, each with their distinct and kinda freaky moves.

In this fake advertisement for “The Charlie Brown School of Dance,” an adult Linus (with a bright blue towel, natch) offers instruction on all the hottest dance moves as depicted in that clip, from “The Zombie MC Hammer” to “The Self-Breast Exam” to “The Ghost Humper.” Our favorites? “The Concussion,” and Snoopy’s gleeful take on the “Russian Cossack Dance.”

This video is also great because it’s a reminder of the greatest seasonal mashup video of all time, in which that same pivotal scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas is set to OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” Play the re-mastered version, and play it loud. It’s okay to dance at your desk.