Korean Food With a Vintage Twist

At the second anniversary party at Mono + Mono, a Korean eatery in the East Village, owner M.J. Chung unveiled yet another old school twist to his restaurant—View-Masters.

If you are over the age of 30 you may remember the View-Master, which first hit the market in 1939, from your childhood. If not, well, it’s a handheld box that you put round, film-like disks with pictures on them inside.  For some, you hold them up to the light to see the images. Others, like the one Chung has procured, uses battery power to illuminate the seven 3D images of special dishes and drinks, like their twice-fried wings, spicy Lady’s Night cocktail, and soju flights.

For the 40-year-old Chung, who looks more like a 22-year-old, his goal is to take what is old and make it new again. He likes the nostalgia that the device brings, and he personally remembers the View-Master from his childhood in Korea. 

Today, only three companies make the film for the View-Master and it’s not cheap. Neither are the actual vintage machines, but, for Chung, it’s all about authenticity. Mono + Mono also boasts a collection of thousands of jazz records, which line the walls of Mono + Mono behind glass. Each evening, the music selected circles the main dining room overhead as guests eat.

Though using the View-Master to showcase menu items while listening to Glen Miller and downing a plate of sticky, crunchy wings walks the fine line of cheesy, the whole concept actually proved pretty neat. You can see for yourself starting December 1.

Happy Halloween. Now Eat and Drink Up!

No matter if you are a zombie, a binder full of women, some Marvel superhero, or a sexy what-have-you, there is no excuse not to enjoy eating and partaking in a tipple or eight during this spirit-filled holiday. We have already told you were to party, and Steve Lewis has intel on how he will spend his Halloween; now, here are some special snacks and drinks full of gore(geous) boo(ze).

First up, Richard Sandoval celebrates the dead with an all-night Halloween happy hour at his restaurant Zengo, which includes $8 cocktails, $5 small plates, and on the 31st if you wear a costume, you get a complimentary Witch’s Eye Cocktail. His midtown restaurant Pampano also gets down with the spirits, and from October 26 until November 1, you can try his Day of the Dead specials like the Chicken Tamale, Croquetas de Camote, and raise your own demons with the Flor de Muertos Margarita. Plus, on Halloween, they have $6 margaritas, wine, and mojiotos from 5pm to close. 

There is no time like the present to attend Sleep No More, the eerie, spirit-filled, interactive-play by Punchdrunk. What makes this Sleep No More performance even more enticing is the Carnival des Corbeaux, where they have added a circus bent to the festivities. Plus, starting tonight until the 31st, they have a “Yelloween” after party featuring Veuve Clicquot, an ancient and honorable champagne to go with what one day may be a classic performance. 

Starting Saturday, if you howl like a wolf at Edi & the Wolf, they will reward you with the bright red Wolf’s Blood cocktail, which is made with rye whiskey, Italian vermouth, blood orange liqueur and bitters. You can also enjoy “Tequilaween,” at Barrio 47. Here, feast on blood sausage, cow heart skewers, and sip their special Bloody Punch. DJs spin this Friday, Saturday and on the 31st. On Halloween alone, you can head to Beaumarchais for their epic party celebrating their namesake, author Pierre Beaumarchais, who wrote The Barber of Seville. Hence, they have The Demon Barber of Meatpacking feast featuring Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies and bloody drinks. 

Scared? You should be. If you managed to do all of this you will surly be one of the zombies stumbling to work on November 1, the Day of the Dead. Not that that should stop you.