Lindsay Lohan Wants You To ‘Start Trusting’ Trump

We’ve got some grave, grave news to share: Lindsay Lohan Tweeted support for Donald Trump and his family yesterday. Here’s exactly what she said:

She has literally said we should “start trusting” the Duke of Lies and Crazy Tweets. How very sad to see Cady Heron head decidedly back into Regina-ville. What’s more, she called all of the Trump clan “kind” people:

The Trumps, who’ve fought to ban immigrants from entering our country, slashed health benefits for the poor, and shattered the incredibly important Paris Climate Accords. Kind indeed!

Lohan has formerly stated her support for Hillary Clinton in a since-removed Instagram post. It’s a dark day for us all.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Amazing in First Fashion Editorial in Ages

Who among us doesn’t have a soft spot for Lindsay Lohan? Sadly, most of the actress’ attempts at staging a comeback have fallen short, but she’s looking better than she has in years, as shown in this editorial, lensed by iconic photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

The images, which feature Lohan in various states of undress, were shot for No Tofu magazinea little known title that’s about to get a lot of buzz thanks to the potent combo of Lohan and von Unwerth.

And while Von Unwerth’s photographs are generally flattering (thanks, primarily, to her tendency to shoot with a strong flash), what’s most notable is how vibrant and present Lohan looks. We haven’t seen this range of expression on the actress’ typically sleepy-looking visage in ages, and it begs the questions: Is Lohan ready to take another stab at acting? Are we on the cusp of the Lindsay Lohan comeback we’ve always pined for?

Perhaps it’s best to temper expectations, but these snaps are a promising start:




Lindsay Lohan Looks Hot, Guys!

Photo by Tim P. Whit, Getty Images

You guys, Lindsay Lohan looks really really good!!!! I mean look at her! Her face looks kind of different? Like not in that way her face sometimes looks different (sorry Linds) but like different-good! Anyway, we are all really proud of her, seriously, she looks hot.  She sat front row at the Moschino Spring 2015 menswear show and wore a dress from the collection and looked really hot in it!!  Keep up the good work, Lindsay, keep wearing those chokers they look really good on you.



Last Night: Rosewood Was Slamming, Spotted Leo DiCaprio & Amanda Bynes

So last night I had a blast. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise how great the opening of Rosewood, 5 E. 19th St., turned out to be. The space Rosewood occupied was once many clubs run by many operators. In my opinion, none of those joints were any good. Dorsia, some people said, had its moments, but none while I was there, which I admit was rare. The redux of the space into Rosewood seems to be on the cheap but that often doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfortable, the flow is good ,and the overall feeling is positive. I had heard that Leo…yeah “that” Leo, was there at the "friends and family" event a few days before, and that last night other boldface names were expected. From my perspective in the DJ booth, I saw beautiful people committed to a good time, and one semi-celeb: the much-talked-about Amanda Bynes. As far as I could tell, she was behaving marvelously. Noah Tepperberg once introduced me to her at Marquee many years ago, and she was all smiles and sweetness. I like to think of her that way and try to dispel reports of her "Lohanisms.”

The rock-themed den had Kelle Calco following me. His following is so hot that I was left shocked and awed and honored to make them sway. They seemed to enjoy my rock and roll tip. Upstairs, DJ Danny Rockz put the well-heeled crowd into a frenzy. He was like a rockstar with most of the crowd, dancing while facing the DJ booth as he put on a show. The room was illuminated by the requisite sparklers announcing the presence of the sweet set. Rosewood was slamming last night and I congratulate all involved.
After my DJ set, I headed to Hotel Chantelle to congratulate the wonderful Luc Carl at his birthday party. Luc is the real deal. He was humble about the event which also had a rock theme, with DJ Ian El Dorado offering rock anthems and crowd pleasers. Tommy London, one of the night’s hosts, handed me a flier for his Bowery Ballroom Dirty Pearls gig on January 4th, 2013. That is the first event in the next year that I have been invited to. It’s kind of eerie. The Pearls are heading off on their first-ever national tour and it couldn’t happen to nicer guys. We scooted off to The Famous Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger on Broadway off Astor for a late-night burger and coffee malted. OMG I shouldn’t have; it was amazing and I want more but must maintain my figure. Cozy was slammed with familiar faces and eclectic strangers. It reminds me of Kiev, back in the day. Great food and a New York downtown crowd winding down after all the bells and whistles of the infinite night.

Sunday is Funday again at the re-tooled GoldbarJonny Lennon, a rocker from Queens, is at the helm of this weekly must-visit. Jonny and I are getting bro tattoos soon. It’s like that.

Brad Pitt for Chanel & Other Random Celebrity-Designer Pairings

In case you missed it, Brad Pitt has been named the new face of Chanel No. 5. The Moneyball actor and man that Angelina Jolie told to put a ring on it now follows in the footsteps of the iconic French fashion house’s previous campaign vets, Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou. We know what you’re thinking: Why is Brad Pitt the face of a woman’s fragrance, let alone the most famous fragrance in the world? We’re confused, too. In honor of that, here’s a lighthearted round-up of a few more curious Hollywood-fronted fashion campaigns.

Lindsay Lohan for Phillip Plein


In-between court appearances and that infamous Playboy shoot last year, Lindsay Lohan found the time fly to Italy to shoot a campaign for German designer, Phillip Plein. She does look good, though.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker for London Fog


Back in 2009, Eva Longoria teamed up with her husband at the time, Tony Parker, for an unexpected shoot with London Fog. Hollywood couple campaigns are always a tricky thing, and this one was no exception.

George Clooney for Omega Watches


We get that George Clooney is a fancy man who wears fancy watches, but this photo is just hilarious. 

Vincent Gallo and G-Star RAW


Who knew that indie king Vincent Gallo wore G-Star?

The First Taste of ‘The Canyons’ Has Arrived, So Let’s Look at the Best of Paul Schrader in Trailers

This summer, amidst the Pacific Rims, Lone Rangers, and indie festival favorites, there’s there release of one of Hollywood’s most buzzed out and tantalizing treats—Paul Schrader’s The Canyons. Penned by king of smutty satire Bret Easton Ellis, the erotic drama starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen has already been making news for months now—it’s production apparently a psychodrama of its own. But now, with the film premiering at Lincoln Center later this month and its VOD and theatrical release on August 2nd, we finally have the first official trailer for the feature.

In the last year we had saw some pretty unappealing vintage-cut teasers and trailers for the film that made me fret that this could possibly be even worse than Ellis’ biggest disaster The Informers. However, as more has been unveiled about the feature and going on word by everyone from Steven Soderbergh to some of film’s most respected critics, this over-the-top romp into a salacious world of sex and thrill could prove just the modern-day Schrader film we’ve been anticipating. Or not. Who really knows, but at least it won’t be too long until we all find out. With an affinity for embracing cinema as a way to expose his darkest desires and impulses, his characters are always morally torn and struggling between what is forbidden and what one must do. Schrader has alwyas put his sins on the screen as a way to relieve himself, maybe that will somehow come across in this hyper-dramatic affair.    In the meantime, let’s watch the trailer for The Canyons, and take a look back on the past trailers for some of the best work to come from the mind of Paul Schrader.    

Blue Collar




Taxi Driver


Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters


Raging Bull


Light Sleeper


American Gigolo


The Canyons

Brace Yourself: Bret Easton Ellis Is On Reddit This Afternoon

It’s a rite of passage for president and poseur alike: an extended AMA (Ask Me Anything) session over on the landfill of pop culture called Reddit, perhaps more commonly known as the place BuzzFeed steals all its crappiest ideas from. Twitter genius Bret Easton Ellis touches down this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST, according to the author himself. Below, some ideas about what to ask him.

First off, don’t make the mistake of trying to engage him on the GLAAD rant in Out magazine yesterday and all that LGBT stuff—this is exactly what he’s expecting! Why else would he schedule the two things this way? Forget Lindsay Lohan and The Canyons, too, that’s just free publicity for him. Ditch everything Gawker would be curious about. Instead you should really try to get under his skin about the one thing Bret never seems to really discuss: his wildly uneven books.
Oh, and not even American Psycho. Instead you should ask him to “explain” all the Hamlet allusions in Lunar Park. “I was confused about why the family lives on Elsinore Lane? And shops at Ophelia Mall? Am I missing something?” Ask him why the vampires from The Informers are immune to sunlight! Or ask why Imperial Bedrooms is even called that instead of Less Than Zero 2, which would have been so much cooler. Finally, ask whether it’s a printing error that makes your copy of The Rules of Attraction start and end in mid-sentence. That should really get him going.

What a Shame: Charlie Sheen Will Not Be Lindsay Lohan’s Mentor

Who’s the one person I would turn to if I had an incredibly disastrous drug problem and, on top of that, a lot of legal troubles and, oh, not much of a career to speak of? Charlie Sheen, obviously! Sheen, who has it all together, as we all know, offered to be a mentor to Lindsay Lohan, who I have to keep reminding myself is only 26 years old. "She can continue to hang out with her dress-shredding club buddies," Sheen told TMZ over the weekend, "or turn to me for some advice from a guy who’s been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey." In a brief moment of clarity, Lohan had her PR people issue a statement saying that she does not plan on being Sheen’s, uh, mentee. She does admit, however, that her "life is out of control." Progress, people!

[via TMZ]

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Vivid Casting Lindsay Lohan Lookalike For Inevitable ‘The Canyons’ Porn Spoof

What I really want to know is if James Deen will reprise his role.


Vivid Entertainment is on the hunt for Lindsay Lohan lookalikes — redheads with leathery skin and lips full of injectibles? — for their inevitable porn spoof of her forthcoming film, The Canyons. Vivid is ardently pursuing Deen for the spoof, via a public letter which reads: 

It would be a first in parodies … the actual star of a mainstream movie also starring in an X-Rated version of that same movie! How cool is that?

Vivid may want to consider LiLo herself to reprise her role, too. Lord knows she is hard up for cash these days if she’s borrowing money from Charlie Sheen and asking Lady Gaga to spot her some cash.  

No word on whether Bret Easton Ellis, who penned The Canyons, will be recruited to write the script. Not that there will be much talking. 

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