All the Best, Worst & Most WTF Moments from This Year’s Met Gala

photo by John Shearer/Getty Images


So, last night was the Met Gala. What used to be just an event to celebrate the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, has become one the biggest night’s in fashion. That means lots of amazing gowns, horrible looks and tons of WTF moments. This year, we put together a list of all three.


First, for the night’s best moments:


SZA in Versace and Chris Habana head piece and jewelry


photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images
For her first Met Gala, SZA paired pastel Versace with BlackBook favorite Chris Habana head wear and jewelry. Literally heavenly.


Nicki Minaj in Oscar de la Renta and Tiffany & Co. jewelry


photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Coming off of her double feature “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz” video premiere last week, we had high hopes for Nicki. Needless to say, she didn’t disappoint. In a red and black Oscar de la Renta gown, the rapper told photographers she interpreted the theme by dressing as “the devil.” If Lucifer looks like this good, consider us Satanist.


Rihanna in custom Maison Martin Margiela by John Galliano and Maria Tash and Cartier jewelry


photo by John Shearer/Getty Images
Seriously, bow down. Rihanna’s custom Margiela by John Galliano ‘fit wasn’t just a look — it was a moment. And after last night, Queen Rih has just become The Pope.


Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta and Tacori jewelry


photo by Getty Images
I usually find Kate Bosworth pretty boring — and I’m not just talking about her acting. But this Oscar de la Renta look was practically perfect. The gold, white, train and veil combo makes me not want to fight with my boyfriend long enough to actually get married.


Cardi B in Moschino


photo by Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic
Sorry Bey, there’s a new queen in town and her name is Cardi B. The “Bartier Cardi” singer looked like The Virgin Mary in her Moshino gown and headpiece, baby bump and all.


Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung, Tasaki jewelry and a Philip Treacy x Tasaki headpiece


photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images
Diane Kruger gets our vote for best dressed for the night. Her Prabal Gurun gown may not have been totally on-theme, but the entire look was a religious experience.


Solange in Iris Van Herpen and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry


photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images
Solange’s Iris Van Herpen dress was our other favorite look of the night. The total opposite of Diane Kruger’s sweet blue dress and train, this look was like a sexy bondage Medusa moment that made me a full believer. Okay, that was the last religious pun, I promise.


Lily Collins in Givenchy Haute Couture


photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
To be honest, I don’t really know who Lily Collins is. I think she’s a model-turned-actress. But really, aren’t they all? Either way, I don’t really care who she is, because her Givenchy Haute Couture dress and avant-garde makeup were absolutely stunning.


Lana Del Rey in Gucci


photo by Dia Dipasupil/WireImage
Jared Leto looked absolutely ridiculous in his overdone Gucci look, but Lana Del Rey pulled her’s off perfectly. Though, that’s partly because she always kind of looks like she’s in costume.


Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren


photo by Getty Images
I didn’t see Priyanka Chopra on enough “Best Dressed” lists today. Her velvet Ralph Lauren look gave me serious Joan of Arc vibes — in a good way.


And now for the worst. It’s actually kind of sad when celebrities get it this wrong. For one thing, they’re paying stylists a ton of money to fuck them onto the “Worst Dressed List.” But also, you can tell when they’re posing on the red carpet that they think they totally nailed it. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time.


Mary J. Blige in Versace


photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Let me start this by saying I really do love Mary J. Blige. But the girl’s a serious fashion victim. I honestly can’t remember one time I thought she didn’t look ridiculous. I mean, Mary J. loves herself a fedora. And remember the “Family Affair” video? Just tragic. Last night, she tried to amp things up with a Versace gown, but just looked like a kind of sloppy Greek goddess.


The Olsen Twins in vintage Paco Rabanne


photo by Getty Images
It honestly baffles me how I spent so many years worshiping the Olsen Twins. I used to seriously — and I mean this in a literal way — take notes during their shows and straight-to-VHS movies, trying to outline how to dress as cool as them. Of course, Mary-Kate spawned the whole bohobo thing, which I readily adopted for a few seconds. But that was like, 2006, and now, the whole oversized thing with way too much jewelry is just kind of depressing.


Cara Delevingne in Dior Haute Couture and Bulgari jewelry


photo by REX/Shutterstock
We have to forgive Cara Delevingne for this look, because she clearly couldn’t see herself in the mirror with that headdress. The Dior Haute Couture gown looked like a giant fishnet stocking.


Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier


photo by John Shearer/Getty Images
Oh, and about those fishnet stockings — apparently, Madonna also got the memo. The sad part is, this look actually could’ve been good if it weren’t for its entire top half. Though, she gets some points for her crown — it was epic.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce & Gabbana and Jennifer Fischer jewelry


photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
At least no can ever say that Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t go for it. Out of every celebrity, she always leans fully in to the Met Gala’s theme. Unfortunately, this year, it didn’t do her any favors.


But of course, for all the good and bad looks this year, there were also a few WTF moments. I mean, what’s a celebrity event without a nip slip or some self-aggrandizing? I’m looking at you, Jaden.


Frances McDormand in Valentino


photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
I actually wanted to like Frances McDormand’s Valentino look, if only for the fact that when a reporter asked her about the religious theme, she replied, “I’m a pagan.” But alas, it wasn’t enough to make up for this trainwreck. I will say, though, if I had to imagine what a pagan high fashion look would be, it wouldn’t be too far from this.

Katy Perry in Versace


photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
I’m not sure if this is a real WTF moment, it’s just bad — and really big.


Kim Kardashian in custom Versace and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry


photo by John Shearer/Getty Images
This one’s a WTF for a different reason. See, I actually liked Kim Kardashian’s Versace dress, but I feel like it was kind of understated — at least, for the Kardashian-West clan. With the religious theme and everything, I figured Kimye would show up decked out in t-shirts with their faces screenprinted on them. “No, you’re brilliant Kanye,” “No you are Kim.” Ah, what a love story.


Grimes in who cares because she’s dating Elon Musk?


photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
I know. What? Grimes showed up in a sloppy dress and those platform Marc Jacobs shoes we’ve already seen everywhere for like, two seasons. But for someone who prides herself on being weird, the weirdest thing she’s ever done was show up to the Met Gala with Elon Musk, only to reveal that they two are actually dating.


Last but not least: Jaden Smith in Louis Vuitton and carrying his own gold record


photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
I really didn’t think Jaden Smith would go this far. Oh wait, yes I did. The singer showed up wearing Louis Vuitton and holding his own gold record. We get it, bro. You’re super smart and way too philosophical for the rest of us pesky humans. But even Kanye isn’t this blatant.

Oh well, at least we have awhile until we have to see what Jaden Smith will wear next year.


Netflix Releases Chilling First Still from Lily Collins’ Dramedy ‘To The Bone’

Courtesy of Netflix

Today, Netflix has released the first still from their upcoming film To The Bone, a dramedy about one girl’s battle with anorexia, starring Lily Collins. The image is frightening in it’s depiction of a dangerously thin Collins standing on what appears to be a scale, a simultaneously lifeless and alarmed expression scrawled across her face.

To The Bone is an unconventional film about eating disorders that subverts expectation, largely thank to a cast of heavyweights that put on the charm even in the context of such a heavy subject. Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, and Lili Taylor are among the acting legends rounding out the cast.

Perhaps most exciting is who Netflix has tapped to direct the project: TV veteran and Emmy nominee Marti Noxon, whose previous credits include such smashes as the addictive “UnReal,” the impossibly charming “Glee,” and the eternally classic “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

The film, out later this summer, is just one in a series of projects being distributed exclusively through Netflix. Most notably in recent weeks, the streaming service has once again proven its relevancy with the hit Selena Gomez-produced drama 13 Reasons Why,” currently Netflix’s most talked-about show on social media.

Lily Collins Dazzles in ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ Trailer (Watch)

The new trailer for Warren Beatty’s Rules Don’t Apply has been released, and paints a picture of old school Hollywood romance that we can’t help but fervently proclaim we’re excited for. Beatty has been nominated for 14 Oscars, and won for Best Director for Reds (1981).

“I decided when I won a talent contest that maybe I’d give it a go in Hollywood,” Lily Collins explains at the clip opens. She stars as an aspiring Los Angeles starlet who falls for a young man Frank Forbes, played by the gorgeous Alden Ehrenreich. Both characters work for the billionaire filmmaker Howard Hughes, played by Beatty, and are thus forbidden to engage romantically. Naturally, the pair decide to break a few rules.

The all-star cast includes such heavy-hitters as Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening, Taissa Farmiga, Martin Sheen, Chace Crawford, and Candice Bergen. If this teaser is any indication, Rules Don’t Apply is poised to be the gorgeous, classic moviegoing experience we’ve been in dire need of.

“When you told me the rules don’t apply to me, you know, they don’t apply to you either,” Collins proclaims as the clip ends.

Watch the trailer below.

Rules Don’t Apply hits theaters November 23.

‘Abduction’ Trailer: Take a Ride in Taylor Lautner’s Vehicle

Do I have a treat for you! The trailer for Taylor Lautner’s first-ever star vehicle is here, and if you’re anything like me, you have crippling insecurities. But also, you’re really amped to watch this clip. The movie is called Abduction, and it exists entirely to introduce the world to a post-Twilight Lautner. In that sense, it succeeds mightily. Here’s an actor who will look awkward and forced when attempting to display genuine emotion (note the scene in the car opposite Sigourney Weaver), but will look totally badass when kicking out a window on a speeding train (note the scene where he kicks out a window on a speeding train).

Abduction is directed by John Singleton, and when I first heard about its basic plot, I was intrigued by its creepiness: high school kid sees his face on a missing persons site, realizes his parents aren’t actually his parents. Freaky, right? That’s how this trailer starts off, but it quickly descends into Bourne-lite territory, with shady government types, sniper rifles, and lots of broken glass. It also gives you a good look at future Snow White Lily Collins, who gets to play tag-along here, waiting for her chance to make out with the hero. Again, Abduction exists for two reasons: Taylor and Lautner. And that’s alright with me.