Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge on Their Valentine’s Day Outfits

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Sometimes preparing for Valentine’s Day, or even just shopping for lingerie can feel like one giant reminder that you’re not a Victoria’s Secret angel. And, like, what a bummer. But even if you’re not blessed with 6″ feet of yourself, “hair fairies” to touch you up every five minutes, and paid to look a-maaaazzzee in next to nothing, Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge believe an angel-worthy Valentine’s Day is yours to have. And what better wisdom to follow than these famed VS ladies, otherwise known as “angels?” So we asked.

What is the number one thing you want for Valentine’s Day this year?

Candice Swanepoel: I’m pretty easy to please on Valentine’s Day–some flowers, a bottle of wine. Because I have access to all of this lingerie, I wouldn’t say go and buy me lingerie!

Lily Aldridge: I love the new Love Me fragrance from Victoria’s Secret…I think my husband knows where to get it.

[Editor’s note: Can you hear her winking?]

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day In-StorePhoto: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

What’s your favorite flower?

CS: Peonies! Lilies. I like an orchid.

LA: Peonies.

What would be your ideal date this Valentine’s Day?

CS: I like a getaway–travel somewhere, make it a thing! Somewhere warm, the beach…if I’m in New York, just a quiet night at home, maybe a movie…

LA: My husband always cooks me dinner, so we’re just gonna have a nice romantic dinner at home. He’s very romantic, he always gets me flowers, and lights candles and it’s very sweet.

What lingerie tips do you have for Valentine’s Day?

CS: Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to wear something and really go with it. I would say the Very Sexy collection is always a good option, it just makes you feel good. It’s all like black, with red lace. And then, it depends on what kind of girl you are! This pink onesie is also really cute, and easy. Because, in the past, if you’ve ever tried with the garters and the whole thing, it can get complicated and messy!

LA: Just have fun and don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally–don’t pick out the crazy lingerie you’re not gonna feel sexy in because it looks sexy. Pick the things that you feel sexy in whether it’s a cotton bra or the strappiest thing you’ve ever seen. You just need to find the thing that you love and makes you feel beautiful.

What are the tips for that?

CS: It’s hard to get panties off with garters and stockings! So…plan that ahead. Or wear a onesie.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.19.08 PM

(CS cont.)This one’s my favorite, I just think the lace detail is so romantic. I like the black too.

Can we get a hint about what you’re going to wear on Valentine’s Day?

CS: I’m a pretty classic, black lace kinda girl. But, you never know.

LA: I will probably just wear jeans and a t-shirt and have a nice pair of lingerie underneath. I love these, they’re really sexy, they look great, under your clothes…

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.50.07 PM

(LA cont.): You can wear it under a tee-shirt, or an Equipment blouse. I like it hidden, but if you see a glimpse of it, you’re like “ooh!” I like a natural look for Valentine’s Day, I just think some mascara, highlighter, lip balm–you don’t wanna wear lipstick in case you’re smoochin’!

What are you going to do for him for Valentine’s Day?

LA: I’m going to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie!

Any other tips for preparing for Valentine’s Day?

CS: I think for a guy who’s a little shy to come in and buy lingerie, it’s fragrance and a gift card! Give the gift card, but come in with her when she comes shopping and make it an occasion. She gets to go in the dressing room and come out, and I think that’s really romantic.

How many thongs do you estimate that you have?

CS: It’s like sickening, it’s terrible.

LA: It’s outrageous.

Do you have to have like a separate closet for your lingerie?

CS: I have like a separate drawer/cabinet for my lingerie, swimwear…it’s actually a situation in my house right now.

LA: People see it, and they’re like you need to sort this out. I have so much  but I just love it. I’m such a girl’s girl, I love lingerie–I’ve always said I love lingerie, music, and makeup. I just love it.

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day In-StorePhoto: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


Who’s Your Best Dressed? Our 10 Most Stylish Party Goers of the Week

Camilla Belle. Photo by Billy Farrell/

This week in parties, the Fashion Group International’s 30th Annual Night of Stars played host to some sharply dressed attendees, Thakoon threw a dinner, (and Julia Restoin Roitfeld looked sublime in stark white at her own party — our personal fave). But there were ten who made the cut this week as most stylish… Who get’s your vote for best dressed?

1. Lily Aldridge at the Thakoon Panichgul dinner hosted by Mark Lee in New York BFA_10566_1280121Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

2. Olivia Palermo at the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of Stars in New YorkTHE FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL 30th Annual Night of Stars: The ProtagonistsPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

3. Sean O’Pry at the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of Stars in New YorkTHE FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL 30th Annual Night of Stars: The ProtagonistsPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

4. Tabitha Simmons at the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of Stars in New YorkTHE FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL 30th Annual Night of Stars: The ProtagonistsPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

5. Lind Fargo at the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of Stars in New York THE FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL 30th Annual Night of Stars: The ProtagonistsPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

6. Julie Macklowe at the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of Stars in New York BFA_10579_1282467Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

7. Olivia Munn at the American Ballet Theatre’s Fall Gala in New York BFA_10569_1280085Photo: Will Ragozzino/ 

8. Julia Restoin Roitfeld at a dinner for Romy and the Bunnies in New York  BFA_10567_1279849Photo: Dean Neville/

9. Kate Foley at Lizzie Fortunato Fortune Finds Launch and SS15 Presentation in New York BFA_10577_1281366Photo: David X Prutting/

10. Camilla Belle at the Restoration Hardware West Hollywood Opening in L.A. Opening of RESTORATION HARDWARE West Hollywood The Gallery on Melrose AvenuePhoto: Billy Farrell/

STYLE SCOOP: Kendall Jenner Walks for Marc Jacobs, Sports Illustrated Anniv. Cover Models

Surprise, surprise, someone from the Kardashian clan is a legit model now. Baby sis Kendall Jenner bared her 18 year-old tatas in a sheer Marc Jacobs top while walking in the designer’s FW14 runway show last night in New York. And we have to say, bleach a girl’s eyebrows, stick a wig on her, and she looks pretty legit. Congrats on your first show, Kendall!

Sports Illustrated released its 50th anniversary issue cover featuring the bums of models Chrissy Teigen (John Legend’s wifey), Lily Aldridge, and Nina Agdal. Lookin’ good ladies.

Lily Aldridge’s Wedding Celebrated with Lingerie, Beauty Line

Who knows if it was a particular upcoming rockstar wedding that inspired their new line, or if Victoria’s Secret already had the Sexy Little Bride line in the works, but the fact that their supermodel spokesperson, Lily Aldridge, happens to be getting hitched to her Kings of Leon boyfriend this May is a lucky coincidence for the lingerie label.

Call it a windfall for VS, but Lily Aldridge was happy to promote the new bridal lingerie line and new “Forever” beauty collection as a bride to be. She’ll wed King’s Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill this May in California. The 25-year-old model was on hand for the in-store launch at the Victoria’s Secret flagship store in Midtown this past Wednesday, showing off “Just Married” underwear and cheesy-cutesy bridal teddies, among other nuptial tidings like white thigh-highs and a matching corset.

She didn’t say too much about the upcoming ceremony—it could get awkward while hawking white lace thongs—but she did talk to Page Six about the upcoming affair: “We’re both foodies and we cook, so there will be yummy food.” Food aside—here are some images of the Midtown event, sans Followill.


Rag & Bone Does High Fashion on a Low Budget

In lieu of studio lights, makeup artists, and personal assistants, his & hers label Rag & Bone has taken a decidedly minimal approach to their latest marketing campaign. Known for their sharply tailored, military-inspired clothes, Rag & Bone’s David Wainright and Marcus Neville put all creative control in the hands of the campaign’s models (the same faces that typically lead Rag & Bone runway shows): Sasha Pivovarova, Lily Aldridge, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and Edita Vilkeviciute. The girls were given digital cameras and told to wear the brand in the shots, but the rest was up to them.

The photographs were then made to resemble the kinds of fliers that wallpaper bodegas and grocery stores–similar to the ads for cheap French lessons or a child’s “Lost Dog” poster. As promotional material for Rag & Bone’s recently-launched online shop, the guerrilla campaign will integrate with the site as various other taste-makers are encouraged to submit similar photos featuring Rag & Bone clothes and accessories (Taylor Tomasi Hill and Julia Frakes have already been contacted about participating). The DIY project officially launches on the site February 7th, but the full set of flier images can be seen here.

Slutting it Up at Tao’s 10th Anniversary Party

Saturday night was going to be my long overdue movie night, but instead I was talked into going to Tao’s 10th Anniversary party. Plied with the promise of good company, Kings of Leon band members, and nudity, I got all of the above, and then some. My partner in the endeavor had been attending these anniversary parties for 10 years (so, all of them), and assured me that if ever I were to visit the sceney Pan-Asian restaurant again, Saturday night would be the night. I called up to consult my friend on what to wear to a midtown throwdown. “Something really slutty,” she said.

In my sluttiest of outfits, I sat down to a table that was working overtime, hosting both the classic bottle service motif, as well as trays of small plates and apps. The sushi, spring rolls, and dumplings flowed just as freely as the champagne.

The sea of suits made it difficult for me to spot the celebs, but by the time I actually stumbled upon their lairs, I was too intoxicated to care. I ended up singing a verse of a Madonna “Like a Prayer”/Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” mash-up with Adrien Grenier (whose hair was once again so voliminous, I didn’t even realize it was him, until a girl in the bathroom asked me how I knew the Entourage actor). Kim Kardashian was gorgeous, posing her most famous pose, face and fingers glued to Blackberry. But she did manage to tear herself away from the device long enough to accept a giant birthday cake. Kardashian, seated with Ciara, was on a Tao tour for her 30th birthday. She jetted straight from the Las Vegas outpost to celebrate at the New York bash.


I actually had trouble leaving the venue, and I’m sure the after party at Lavo was also worth breaking out of a girl’s downtown slum-style routine. Which brings me to the most important lesson learned: Sometimes a girl needs to dress like a slut and dance under a giant Buddha.

Party Nutshell: Guest I went nuts for: Lil Jon was the MC. YEAH! Best bathroom run-in: Harly Viera Newton Best Table: Caleb and Jared Followill with Caleb’s fiancee, Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge, and her fellow Victoria Secret model pal Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The Usual Epiphany: No matter the occasion/cause for slutting it up, don’t decide to go tanning, get lots of plastic surgery, and bleach your hair (that is also filled with extensions). Not even if you’re going to Tao’s 10 year Anniversary party. Low Point: Getting kissed on the mouth from a random stranger as I sat speaking with my gal pal. High Point: Seeing a mix of iconic New York club kids mingle with industry folks amid a sea of the bottle-service-world’s biggest supporters. It was a snapshot of an entire scene in New York nightlife. The thing that probably everyone missed: Along with a pheonomenal drummer, one of the half-naked show girls whipped out violin at one point. Awesome.

(Credit: Chance Yeh, Michael N. Todaro, Martin Roe for WENN, Retna, Filmmagic and

Use Becca to Look Like This Supermodel

Today, the girls in the Beauty Dept at Glamour gushed about Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge‘s unfussy yet glamorous look. “She’s got a little light shadow in the inner corners of her eyes,” they noted, “but there’s a little twist: It’s been blended out and down from her eyes a bit more than you’d usually expect to see to make her look less shadowy there.” Score for me, since this is usually my go-to nighttime technique. But forget the shadow. I think Aldridge achieved this look with something comparable to my secret, eye-opening weapon: Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector.


It contains ultra-fine mica to reflect light, making the skin appear healthy and glowing, while the shimmer brightens under-eye circles, evens skin tone, and actually minimizes fine lines. Since its base is liquid, you can pat it over makeup to make it appear more natural, or use under foundation as a base. What’s more, the Shimmering Skin Perfector contains soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic ingredients to help my under-eye bags chill out in the morning, refresh my makeup midday, and, later, maximize my nighttime look, just like Lily.