Links: Leonardo da Vinci, Action Hero; Serving Whale Will Land You in Jail

● Apparently “let me socialize that” is new Wall Street slang for “let me see what people think.” No wonder these guys lost all our money. [WSJ] ● Hollywood will try to turn Leonard da Vinci into an action hero. [The Playlist] ● The Beatrice is going to become a tapas restaurant. [Gawker] ● Watch Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins play Crisco twister. [Daily What] ● If Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain had a twitter account, it would be Ruth Bourdain. [Kottke]

● What it’s like playing the fat girl in movies? [Jezebel] ● A restaurant in Los Angeles gets busted for illegally serving whale. [Gakwer] ● Take a peak inside the graphic novel version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombie. [Pop Candy] ● Judy Dench will write a memoir. [NY Times]