Colorado Restaurant Offers Weed and Sushi Pairing Menu

An inanely easy math equation:

(people) + (weed) = people high on weed hungry for food

It’s an age-old quandary, and entire plot to the Kal Penn/John Cho vehicle,  Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle: stoned people enjoy eating food. Am I blowing your mind?

Almost as much as I’m thrilled that Colorado has legalized marijuana, I’m also enjoying the major news networks’ coverage of the precedent event. The mainstream news outlets are simply having a field day by sending their most straight-laced reporters into marijuana facilities so they can ask guys with dreadlocks the difference between Kush and the Bammy.

Since we live in a capitalistic society, one credo rings true: where there’s supply, there’s demand; a greater number of marijuana users in Colorado means an increase in munchies. Keeping that in mind, a Colorado sushi restaurant chain is gearing its menu towards weed-orientated clientele. (Ready for a joke?) Looks like this place deals in high-class dining! (Insert laughter here.)

Hapa Sushi began its pro-weed menu back in 2009, catering to the medical marijuana crowd. The pro-weed Boulder/Denver chain features “menu pairings” to go along with what you’ve been inhaling.  (The also have a gluten-free menu for those who don’t like gluten – but that’s off topic.)

So what’s on the menu?

Here are some of the suggested dinner-and-dope combinations:

  • Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush
  • Honey Miso Salmon with Sour OG
  • Katsu Curry with Blue Dream

I highly recommend trying the Pot Stickers – they have nothing to do with weed, they just taste really delicious. Hapa Sushi’s ad points out that the restaurant has been “ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia.” (Yes, but can you tell those unagi rolls to quit staring at me!?)

I’m just waiting for the day where they open the very first cocaine-friendly Chinese restaurant where an hour after eating you’re simply hungry for more cocaine.