Sant Ambroeus SoHo Has the Chicest Plates in All NYC

Photos: Courtesy of Sant Ambroeus

The simultaneously compact/packed wall of plates at Sant Ambroeus on Lafayette Street are just the beginning of general manager Alireza Niroomand‘s plan for redecoration. Niroomand has commissioned influencers, fashionistas, artists–all Sant Ambroeus groupies–to partake in a sort of culinary art collective.

You can’t take your eyes off the wall. Where to look? Donald Robertson‘s signature lips, or Brian Atwood‘s gem-adorned fancy plate? And that’s just a small selection. Other contributors include Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller), Deer Dana, and Edward Enninful. Looking will have to suffice because these plates are not for eating off of or taking home. But that’s okay–it just means a couple extra visits to the SoHo hotspot might be in order.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASimon Doonan and Jonathan Adler







Street Style Hot Tips from Solange, Caroline Issa, and The Man Repeller

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

Refinery29 has entered the print space with their new book STYLE STALKING. The tome, co-written by Editor-in-Chief, Christene Barberich and Creative Director, Piera Gelardi, doesn’t shy away from the brightest of streetstyle (in fact, it features a whole section on brights).

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.58.28 AM

It’s safe to say that this isn’t a book about timeless style. It’s a book about self-expression and how some of the industry’s most expressive keep their creative juices flowing on a large scale and on a smaller scale (that is to say: does leopard mix with plaid or stripes or both or neither?). The mantra of the book can be boiled down to it’s cover flap quote: “Why choose basic anything when you can shine instead?”

Here are three expert tips we’ll be implementing ASAP:

Solange Knowles on Brights:

Q: What are three items you think every woman should try in a bright instead of a neutral?

A: A turtleneck, a plain T-shirt, and a simple leather bag.

Leandra Medine on Metallics:

Q: What’s the secret to doing metallics during the day (without looking like you’re doing a walk of shame?).

A: My rule with sequins is that if I’m wearing them, I also have to be wearing either sneakers or denim.

Caroline Issa on Ladylike Style:

Q: What’s the finishing item you find yourself constantly reaching for to take your outfits to the next level?

A: A swipe of red lipstick and a great pair of earrings always do the trick for me.

Get your own copy of the book here.

Cobra, Python + Goat: Man Repeller Goes Wild on Nina Ricci

Designer collaborations are the thing these days, from Alexander Wang for H&M (the wait will be the end of us) to Mary Katrantzou for Adidas, and now this: the Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine teams up with Nina Ricci for a truly unique and very wild collaboration on the classic Marché bag. Leandra turned the carte blanche that Nina Ricci gave her into a multi-colored, multi-skinned affair, with white python, green cobra (sssexy, sorry) and citrine goatskin.

The bag is available at the Nina Ricci boutique on Avenue Montaigne, but if you can’t make it there, Net-a-Porter is shilling the collab bag starting today. So slither on over.

Leandra sits down with Nina Ricci’s Peter Copping 

SLIDESHOW03In progress


SLIDESHOW08The final product

Ashley Smith Dances on Tables for RVCA Collab

Ashley Smith danced on the tables at ACME for the launch of her collaboration with PM Tenore’s RVCA, a brand that pushes the boundaries of traditional sports apparel. The Fall/Winter 2014 capsule line highlights on the widely gap-toothed model’s playful style. A contemporary and colorful take on classic essentials sealed with a nostalgic teen spirit.

In total throwback mentality, Smith was inspired by her earlier days of punk rock tee’s and multicolored hair. That mindset mixed with her refined knowledge from walking in countless runway shows makes for flirty balanced looks.

Fashion friends came out to party and show support en mass. The packed bar included Kyleigh Kuhn, Leslie Kirchhoff, Fiona Byrne, Brandee Brown and the and the man repelling Leandra Medine. Jenne Lombardo donned RVCA X Ashley Smith, along with Hannah Bronfman, Jeanette Hayes along with sisters Annette and Phoebe Stephens.

BFA_8130_961412  Leslie Kirchhoff

BFA_8130_961491 Leandra Medine & Sydney Reising

Hannah Bronfman, Annette Stephens, Pheobe Stephens

BFA_8130_961431 Kyleigh Kuhn

PM Tenore, Steve Espo Powers, Ashley Smith

The Man Repeller Brings Her Arm Party to BaubleBar

Our one-stop-shop for covetable baubles at an affordable price, BaubleBar, has teamed up with everyone’s favorite man-repelling fashion rebel to launch an exclusive collection of bracelets. This partnership is meant to kick off the e-commerce site’s new personalization feature, which offers shopper a customized package of jewels at a set price. Given that Leandra Medine, of the ridiculously popular (and partnership-happy) blog The Man Repeller, knows a thing or two about an "arm party" (she actually bought the rights to the term last year), it only made sense to have her curate said packages.

To snap up a BaubleBar Arm Party, shoppers answer a series of questions ("Do you have petite wrists?" "Do you like bright colors?" "Do you like bold sparkle?") and are then sent a Man Repeller-selected set of five pieces for $50 (individual pieces would retail for $75). While the pictured neon and skull bracelets are the only collab samples currently showcased on the site, the brand promises that more styles are in the mix. Shop the collection now through June here.
(On another note, if you’re tired of all things "arm party" in general, Medine is debating on temporarily shelfing the term in the near future. We’re down with that.)

Carven’s Guillaume Henry: Fashion’s Newest Heartthrob

There have been too few true fashion heartthrobs since the days of Michael Flinn and Bruce Hulse, unless you count David Gandy and Tom Ford, and I do. For the most part in recent years we’ve gazed at the silver screen for our beautiful man fix. However, thanks to a fast expanding business – just last month he opened two boutiques in Shanghai and a flagship store in London – Carven’s Guillaume Henry has been brought to our long awaited attentions.

Henry is strikingly handsome with bright slate eyes and a full head of perfectly coiffed (as in perfectly awry) brown hair. His boyish grin and cheeky charm lend themselves well to the bright-eyed bushy-tailed reputation now tacked on to his name. He’s tall, slim and wonderfully unassuming.

Not only is he easy on the eyes but his designs are as well. His clothes are sensual and sweet with a bit of coquetry. They are simple, elegant and clever. I find myself switching between daydreams of his face to daydreams of his candy pink wool overcoat that is already sold out in Europe (I have yet to decide which I more ardently desire.)

Fortunately for everyone living in the tri-state area, Carven is opening its first stateside outpost in New York (at 83 Mercer Street, but who’s stalking?) He recently held a dinner to celebrate the new store and while was I not invited, a whole host of competitors beautiful and talented women were, like Ciara and Leandra Medine (both of whom received a monogrammed cloth napkin, the clever surprise of the night.)

But don’t let any of this deter you. I certainly haven’t. Despite his staggeringly good looks (which may cause loss of words and or social skills,) droves of beautiful girlfriends (yes, Alexa Chung is also a very, very close friend) and unquestioned fame, I will be there when Carven finally opens its doors, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and probably wearing something pink and humming a Lorde song as I read he has a penchant for both.

Reece Hudson and W Hotels Celebrates Premiere of ‘All In’

“I feel relaxed,” said New York-based accessories designer Reece Solomon last night at the private dinner and screening of “All In,” a short film showcasing the Reece Hudson Spring 2013 collection. “I’m just excited for everyone to see it.” It was an intimate night inside the W New York – Union Square, where the film was shot. Solomon, clad in a vintage velvet dress, and the film’s director, Jenna Elizabeth, wearing a stunning Alexander Wang number, chatted among friends.

Guests included designer Charlotte Ronson, “Man Repeller” Leandra Medine, and Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller, who provided the playlist for the night. “I’m a fan,” said Miller. “They gave me one of the Bowery [bags]. I’m obsessed…they said, ‘we don’t have a DJ,’ and I was like, ‘give me another bag, and I’ll make you a mix…’”

The film, soundtracked by Glass Candy’s “Digital Versicolor” and shot in a ballroom of the hotel, revolves around a game of strip poker. On the screen, you’ll find actors Brady Corbet, Rebecca Dayan, models Carola Remer, Codie Young, and Jamie Strachan—you’ll also spot thebags, the Bondage Miniaudière, the Rogue Clutch, and the Bowery Oversized Zip Top Clutch (available at Barneys in February).

The women, who have been friends for years, collaborated on a fashion film (featuring Chanel Iman) last season. “We instantly got along,” said Solomon. “One of Jenna’s and my bonding points is our love, or rather obsession, with dark, twisted subject matter, and how to portray it in a way that is never obscene or objectifying to women, but rather feels fresh and fun.”

Elizabeth feels the same. “A lot of our references stem from the same place, so it is easy to move forward with like-minded ideas,” she said.

So, what does the filmmaker want audiences to take from the short? “I want people to leave with a sense of crushing their memories of youth,” she said. “I think every once and awhile it is important to deconstruct one’s own sense of experimentation and impulses, for better or worse. That’s where you find the value of what you stand for. When you can ask yourself, ‘how did it end up this way, would I do it again, and at what costs?’ I think it is good to flirt with darkness—it can act as a good cleanse.”

Watch "All In" exclusively on BlackBook:

Blogger Leandra Medine Reveals Her Top 5 Man-Repelling Looks

We women all have articles of clothing lurking in the back of our closets that freak men out. Call it what you want — a silk turban, a floor-length leopard print dress, a sequined jumpsuit — but Leandra Medine wants you to embrace it. For the past 10 months, the 22-year-old student has seen her profile rise in the fashion industry thanks to her blog, The Man Repeller, where she publishes shots of herself (and other fashionable ladies) in her favorite outfits. Ladies dig ’em, while men are left scratching their heads. It’s been less than a year since her first post, but the articulate and witty brunette has already been profiled by the New York Times and featured in Lucky. We stole Leandra from her busy schedule to chat about her look, Wes Anderson’s influence, and her top 5 anti-dude looks.

What exactly is a “Man Repeller”? A Man Repeller is the type of woman who loves the fashion trends that men hate. She doesn’t really take into consideration what he thinks, opts to pair floral prints with leopard prints, gets a real kick out of non prescriptive lenses, enjoys a good harem pant, and loves a decadent turban. When given the choice, she always sides with ready-to-wear over companionship.

How did you get the idea for the blog? Well, several factors played into the evolution of my blog. It so happened that when I started blogging, I was dating a fickle guy that wouldn’t commit because he was convinced he’d live until he was 1000. Red flag number one. Because of that fiasco, I was complaining about the sad state of my love life to my best friend at Topshop one weekend, when she stopped me to point out the fact that at that very moment I was on line to buy a pair of acid washed harem pants and a sequined blazer while I myself was wearing a chambray shirt buttoned to the collar, high waist denim cut-offs, and a pair of suede black flat booties. I set up the URL that night. It’s easier to blame than yourself on failed relationships.

Do you have any personal experience with guys hating on your outfit? Absolutely. Just last week I wore a yeti-like Adrienne Landau oversized vest with a leather jacket under it out for dinner, and my date suggested we take separate cabs to the restaurant.

Did you grow up loving fashion? Duh!

Where do you find fashion inspiration? As far as artists, it should be no surprise that I take a cue or two from Georgia O’Keefe. Regarding films, I would say that I have been heavily influenced by the Royal Tenenbaums. In fact, I’d take it a step further and credit a lot of my existence to Wes Anderson.

What are some of your favorite man-repelling pieces that you own or would want to own? My favorite man repelling piece is definitely a burgundy velvet Dolce & Gabbana bow tie I snatched from my dad. Otherwise, I’m really looking to expand my suspender collection.

Are there any collections or pieces for spring that you’re dying to get your hands on? I’m smitten by Jil Sander‘s S/S collection, and I cannot wait to get my hands on that bright orange maxi skirt with the removable waist ruffle. I saw it in person, and it was like meeting a celebrity.

Where do you shop in the city? I’m totally on board the Barney’s boat. I also love Topshop, Rag & Bone, Intermix, and because Urban Outfitters carries Dallin Chase and Veda, I’ve been looming around there quite a bit too. Also, not for anything, H&M spring 2011 rocks so hard.

What’s the first thing one should do when creating a signature look? Exploit a trend you really love. If it’s prints, mix them together; If it’s belts, layer them; If its bow ties, opt for unusual fabrics and colors. Take what you love and really make it yours.

Tell me about where you’ve been featured as of late, who you’ve been writing for, and any upcoming plans. I was just featured in the March issue of Lucky—they did an entire blogger spread, so that’s exciting. Over Fashion Week, I’ll be writing for The Cut and Shopbop, and I’m speaking at the IFB evolving influence conference on February 10th, and doing various exciting NYFW related things. I’m also styling my friend Kimberly Taylor’s spring presentation next Wednesday night!

Up next, Leandra’s top 5 looks…

Sartorial Bartending: Learning to Mix Prints image

Bedspread Chic image

A Lesson in Layering image

Holy Lady Bowner image

Overdoing Outerwear image

The Man Repeller’s Shopbop Wish List

Another Shopbop wish list from their “Fashion Insider” series has popped up, and this time it’s with Leandra Medine, the mastermind behind the desexifying fashion revolution, The Man Repeller. Coining terms like “Yeshiva Chic” and “Birth Control Glasses,” we really had no choice but to become absolutely addicted to the 21-year-old’s hilarious take on the latest trends. For those of us wanting to expand our anti-guy-arousing wardrobe, check out her wish list here, which includes gems like the See by Chloe Quilted Cape, the Jenni Kayne Leather T-Shirt, and the LNA Open Elbow Long Dress.

This Charlotte Ronson Pleated Ruffle Dress she also picked is questionably pretty, but it’s nothing a little awkward layering can’t fix.