BlackBook Tracks #40: In Real Time

Now that it’s October, you can finally make everything pumpkin spice and the Halloween candy displays finally make sense. Things are also ramping up in the entertainment world, with some of the year’s most anticipated releases still yet to come. Here are some of the best things to happen in music this week, besides Lil Bub meeting Steve Albini.

Chad Valley – “Real Time”
Sebastien Grainger is another multitasker. This year, he’s been working on the long awaited follow-up to Death From Above 1979’s 2004 debut You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine alongside prepping a solo album, Yours To Discover. First single “Going With You” shows a surprising fondness for sun-kissed synth-pop, miles away from DFA1979’s relentless dance punk and a departure from his more rock-oriented project Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains. Yours To Discover is out next month.

Cults – “High Road”
Cults’ Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin may broken up as a couple, but they’ve stayed together to make wistful pop songs. The New York duo is gearing up to release its second album Static on October 15, and the anticipation builds with this new video for “High Road.” Directed by Hiro Murai, the clip is a minimalist monochrome journey that embraces the hypnotic effects of looking into fire.

Lea Lea – “The Wonderer”
Lea Lea comes from the same school of diva-dom as M.I.A. and is well on her way to becoming London’s next leading lady. “The Wonderer” is a mission statement for her upcoming self-titled debut album. Over a punchy beat that’s somehow both minimal and maximal, she paints herself as smart and savvy but never cynical.

Goldn Retriever – “I Feel Great Now”
Chillwave isn’t the buzzword it once was, but the laid-back subgenre has left its mark on indie music. Frenchman-in-London Goldn Retriever takes Washed Out’s dream world and adds a more assertive rhythm section. “I Feel Great Now” will instantly sink into your brain with its warm bass, and it’ll appear alongside other late night tales on the singer/producer’s upcoming The Dawn Within EP.