Links: Lindsay Lohan Mooching, Naked Dilemma for Vanessa Hudgens

● Lindsay Lohan has been hanging around sister Ali lately so her younger sister can foot the bill for Lindsay’s lavish lifestyle. [Popcrunch] ● Danger Mouse has collaborated with cult film director David Lynch to create visuals for his controversial album Dark Night of the Soul. [Dnots] ● Spoiler alert: Laura Leighton’s return as Sydney on the rebooted Melrose Place won’t last long, as she will be found face down in the famous MP pool at the beginning of the show. [EW]

● Angelina Jolie is evidently just like us, as she enjoys a $4 lip balm. [MSN] ● Zac Efron is evidently encouraging girlfriend and fellow HSM-er Vanessa Hudgens to go naked for a role to get away from her good-girl image. [DigitalSpy] ● Jackass’s Chris Pontius has joined the cast of Sofia Coppola’s Hollywood pic Somewhere. Pontius will play best friend to lead Stephen Dorff’s Hollywood bad-boy character. [EmpireOnline]

Links: Spike Jonze + Kanye West, Sara Michelle Gellar & ‘Buffy’ Movie

● After being rejected by Heather Locklear, Melrose Place producers have gone pretty far down the list to find a replacement — enter Laura Leighton a.k.a. Sydney Andrews, who hasn’t been seen since the fifth season. [ComingSoon] ● Spike Jonze will reunite with Kanye West (Jonze directed the “Flashing Lights” music video) for a 10-15 minute short film. [EW] ● Even though they said their last tour was it, are Destiny’s Child getting back together? Their contract seems to think so; turns out the DC ladies owe their label one more album. [EOI]

● Is Viggo Mortensen pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and quitting acting for good? Trend Alert. [P6] ● Audrey Hepburn beat pouty Angelina Jolie as the “ultimate Hollywood beauty.” [Telegraph] ● Seeing that Sarah Michelle Gellar’s movie career hasn’t exactly taken off, it makes sense that she’s contemplating a Buffy movie. [Showbizspy]