Beauty Junkie: Turn Off The Lights and Glow

It’s Friday, the end of a long week. You are likely sitting at your desk trying to figure out what plans you are going to follow through with tonight. The evening looks like it’s going to be a clear one with no sign of rain for at least a few days. Those cold winter days are behind us and you’ve probably hung up your puffy coat for the season. The layers are shedding and if you are looking for a way to captivate the masses tonight (which you should be), take a look at this week’s Beauty Junkie for all the right tips to glow and flow around this city tonight. After you have jotted down everything you need to pick up at Sephora, sink in deep with the mesmerizing video shot in conjunction with this story, featuring the track "The Hours" by London-based artist Lapalux. Lapalux just released his first full length LP Nostalchic, so while you’re prepping to hit the town you might want to throw this on as well.