Ibiza in California at Moonshadows Malibu

I’ve never been to Ibiza, that far-flung orgy of techno and Eurotrash. But I’m told that if I want a far more palatable version, it can be found every Sunday at Moonshadows in Malibu. There we found a collection of well-dressed people who looked like they might be European, with their tans, lithe figures, motorcycle shades, and upturned collars. Did they just dock their boat? That day it was hazy and overcast, so the music, spun by Mick Cole (also of Monday Social fame) was a perfect match — mellow yellow, burbling and gurgling beats that undulated to match the waves beneath us.

Moonshadows is famous for other reasons — once a biker bar favored by Harley types, it’s the place where Mel Gibson was hanging out before his infamous DUI arrest (the one where he rambled on incoherently about Jews and somesuch). Before things turned ugly, Cole had seen the actor making his way around the bar, and recalled he was quite merry, though not as sauced as we eventually found him.

This week, there will probably not be any Mel Gibson sightings, but on New Year’s Eve you can live it up Malibu style as you start the evening by watching the sunset on 2009 (yes, please, make it end already!), eat from their delish dinner menu of fresh seafood (reservations required), and dance on the heated patio of the Blue Lounge, right over the water. Yeah, life in California is good like that. Then, you can repeat it all over again on Sunday afternoon after you’ve recovered.

Your Los Angeles NYE Party Planner

New Year’s Eve is the ultimate night out—or as us hardened clubber’s refer to it—Amateur Night. However, if you want to brave the unwashed masses, there are a few palatable things for you to partake in. We’ll guide you, but since we’re staying in our own hood, we won’t be able to hold your hand. Sorry.

Grandmaster Flash @ The Roosevelt Hotel. Ring in the year old school style with an original master of the decks, Grandmaster Flash, and live performance from the Pharcyde. With EC Twins, Mel Lwun, Other DJ, Compression, Robtronik, and Andrew Ezer. Also: strangely incongruent, yet intriguing—an underwater water ballet performance by the Water Lillies. $100.

Mr. C @ the Standard Rooftop. Okay, there is debauchery and there is debauchery. The Standard Rooftop will make all the other parties in town look feeble in terms of consumption and insanity. Mr. C, big time techno jock, owner of the infamous London club, the End headlines a free party. FREE! (If you are still up from the night before, the party continues the next day with Droog, Visionquest, and Clovis at noon for $10.)

Mike Posner @ Roxy, with 2AM Club, Chiddy Bang, Shawn Chrystopher, Chris Young. The 21-year old wunderkid of left-field hip hop and electronic beats takes over the historic rock’n’roll venue. $31.50

The Head Cat @ Viper Room, with Rhino Bucket, the Bingers. Party with the superstar group of metal and rockabilly legends Lemmy of Motorhead and Slim Jim Phanton of the Stray Cats and Danny B. Harvey of Rokats in the Sunset Strip. $35-$50

Jason Bentley, King Britt, and Raul Campos @ the Viceroy. Have a swanky, high-end good time set to rootsy, soul-filled, funky beats from a superstar triad of DJs. $175

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What’s Your Resolution? L.A.’s Creative Class Tells All

Every year, we make a resolution. Some of us are, uh, erm, more resolute about these little lists than others. And so I queried people in L.A.’s nightlife scenes—everyone from restaurant owners, chefs, DJs, performers, and photographers—about their 2009 resolutions, and their success rates, as well as their promises to themselves for 2010. Here’s to a brand, spanking new year. Let’s hope this one’s better than the last one!

Jackie Beat, drag performer, genius. What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “I cannot even remember my resolution for this year.  It probably had something to do with my weight.  Did I keep it?  Sadly, no.  BURP!” In 2010?: “My New Year’s Resolution is to be more gentle and loving towards myself!”

Mick Cole, DJ and promoter, Moonshadows and Monday Social What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “Quit smokin’ ‘n’ stop drinkin’. No “ In 2010?: “Turn the music up and the keep the vibes positive.”

Ken Jordan, The Crystal Method: What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “Finish and release a great new album.  I think we did.” In 2010?: “Surf… A lot.”

Ana Calderon, DJ What was your resolution for this year and did you keep it?: “My resolution from 2009 was to become my own boss… strangely enough, it was the first resolution I’ve ever kept. On january 20th, the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration, I called my boss of four years, Mr. Steve Aoki, and quit my job over at Dim Mak records. I then went on an adventure of not knowing where the next paycheck would come from but an understanding that I was in charge of my own professional destiny for the first time since I was a teenager. i officially became a full time DJ and must admit, best year of my life so far.” In 2010?: “2010 is the year of travel. I hope to hop around as many continents as possible. Yah, much of it will most likely go hand in hand with DJ tour dates, but travel nonetheless. Oh, I also resolve to stop drinking tequila, the devil’s juice.”

Mister Cartoon, LA tattoo and graffiti artist. What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “Stop cursing so much in front so much in front of my kids!! Did I keep it? Fuck no.” In 2010?: “Slow down and spend more time with my family.”

Luke Nero, promoter Mr. Black LA What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “To meet Tony Ward and I did that. In 2010?: “Next year’s resolution is to fuck him.”

Mario Melendez, owner of King King nightclub in Hollywood: What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “My resolution for last year was to stop getting parking tickets, and I didn’t get a single one. In 2010? “I would like to produce three new musicals for the King King, and get my 1975 Argosy fixed up in time for Burning Man.”

Christian Meadows, guitarist of Los Angeles rockers After Midnight Project: What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “My New Year’s resolution for 2009 was to work as hard as I could for the band and by the end of the year be playing huge shows. I did keep it. Tonight we just finished up the year playing a sold-out show in Detroit with 30 Seconds to Mars. It is interesting what happens when you put your heart and soul into something 100 percent. In 2010?: “To write a ton of music , get in amazing shape , eat healthy and spend more time letting the ones I care about know how much they mean to me and appreciative I am of how supportive they have been through this crazy time.”  

Christian Schultz of Studio Collective, boutique design agency. What was your resolution for this year and did you keep it?: “To maintain our respective, current design positions……..and no, we were all cast aside to find a new path. In 2010?: To be so successful with our new design firm [ studio collective ] that we can stop jockeying for our sole parking space.”

Daisy O’Dell, DJ What was your resolution for this year and did you keep it?: “I was asked my opinion on New Years resolution last year about this time and my response was: They are wonderful ambitions, but made to be broken. They then asked, If I would make one this year and if so, what it would be? I will, but I always keep my resolutions private. I hate to publicly fail at anything. Sadly, even with the best intentions, I have very little willpower. In the end I did make a resolution, and did break it.” In 2010?: “My view has shifted and now I care slightly less about public failure and so here it is: I resolve to spend more time with my family and friends in 2010. We are all busy, but I am guilty of letting work almost completely dominate my life. My job is fun, but it’s demands leave little time to connect with the people outside my professional scope. My family and friends are spread over countries and continents, but this year I will make the effort to see much more of the people I love.”

Mr. White, DJ. What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “Last year my resolution was to run/exercise more. And yes I kept it. In 2010?: That’s why this year my resolution is only to stretch my fingers before each set. ”

Nic Adler, owner of the Roxy.2009: What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “Not to use plastic bags (85% kept it).” In 2010?: “Find ways to get people motivated to better their community.”

Mary Weiland, author of Fall to Pieces. What was your resolution for this year and did you keep it?: “Often the New Year’s resolution is a set up for failure and feeling bad about myself so, two years ago I stopped making them. Every year on my birthday I pick three things that I’d like to accomplish. I try to keep them fun so I don’t feel bad if I they don’t happen. Two years ago the goal was to master the splits. Not something I would have beat myself up for if I didn’t follow through. Last year my goal was just to finish Fall to Pieces.” In 2010?: “Once again this year I’m keeping it simple and fun. I want to learn how to roller skate backwards and travel somewhere that allows me to sit on a beach and do nothing, perfect for a procrastinator.”

Droog, DJ crew What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “To start a label, travel Djing and win a lottery. Two out of three ain’t bad!” In 2010?: “To keep pushing good music, including our own, through our label Culprit, and to continue transforming our “Bunker” space from a world-class afterparty den into a world-class studio.  While still having weekend-long afterparties, of course!”

Austin Young, photographer to the stars. What was your resolution this year and did you keep it? : “To quit smoking: yes. To publish a book of my art: no. To make another feature film: no. To get in shape and lose weight: yes, I lost 15 pounds. more to go. To have a show at a museum: yes, my show with Fallen Fruit, EATLACMA runs from Febuary through November at LACMA. In 2010?: To spend more quality time with friends and enjoy life more. To publish a book of my art. To make another feature film. To get in shape and lose weight. To have a solo show of my new work at a museum or gallery.”

DJ PAUL V. (Club Bootie LA) What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “My 2009 resolutions included always finding & posting the YouTube videos that everyone on Facebook would want to repost for days and days. Yet my other resolution was steadfastly refusing to join Twitter (and I’m still Twitter-free).” In 2010?:”My 2010 resolutions are to break my Facebook habit, break my nicotine habit, and break my habit of actually believing that ANY politicians ever put the citizens of this country first. Yup—I have ’Democratic Party Buyer’s Remorse’ now.”

Cody DeBacker, Founder, Smoke and Mirrors LIfe production What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “To no longer relive the past, and instead focus on building the future.  I have completely moved forward in every aspect.” In 2010?: “Party all the time, every time.”

Matthew Cape, owner of Vinolio restaurant What was your resolution for this year and did you keep it?: “It was to open a friendly neighborhood eatery with gourmet food at a peasant price. And yes I kept my resolution.” In 2010?: “My New Year’s resolution is to make the restaurant as green as possible, using recycled materials as far as to go boxes, pizza boxes, bags and so on. And continue to use organic products as much as I can.”

Chef Ludo Lefebvre What was your resolution this year and did you keep it?: “Hmmm, I don’t know if I really had one. It is hard to set resolutions. I just try to be happy and do the best I can. Why put myself through the agony of failing? I change my mind all the time so if I set a resolution I would probably just change my mind 50 times and drive myself crazy. I guess this is why LudoBites works for me. I am always changing my mind. Maybe I should work on not changing my mind but I get bored.” In 2010?: “To make a resolution.”

Dan Wilcox, KCRW DJ. What was your resolution this year and did you keep it? “My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 was to not get my wife pregnant. Was I able to keep it?  See attached…” image In 2010?: “Spend more time with my newborn son Gordon.”

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Chef Ludo Lefebvre Dishes As LudoBites Ends

Today is the final day of LudoBites, the ragingly successful pop-up restaurant helmed by French chef Ludo Lefebvre. We missed our chance to go last week when we came down with a nasty cold. We sent a friend in our stead, who reported being stuffed with rich and richly made food. So jealous. We asked the Chef a few questions about his run at Royal T and tried to coax out his favorite Christmas recipe in time for the holidays

This is the third time you’ve done LudoBites. What did you do differently this time around? What do you think of the positive reaction to the pop-up restaurant? This is the third time we have done LudoBites, so this time people know what LudoBites is. The first time no one really knew until the last few weeks, and the second time was still an education period. LudoBites @ Royal/T is really the first time that we did not have to explain the concept. We were so amazed at how fast the event at Royal/T sold out. We never never never expected it. We are just thankful that the reaction has been so positive.

What is the hardest part of doing a pop-up restaurant? It is like starting a new restaurant every time. It is a new location, new staff and a new kitchen. My menu is dictated by the size and space of the kitchen. We don’t really have a real training period because the business model does not allow for it, especially this time around since we are only open for 15 days. Most restaurants would spend a couple weeks training kitchen and back of house staff. We would be closed before we opened if we did that. I do everything: order, prep, cook, train. It is very long hours, and with no day off for 10 days (at Royal/T) it is challenging physically and emotionally.

What has been your favorite dish or dishes during this run of LudoBites? All and nothing. I never have favorites. I know it sounds strange but I just love to cook and if the guests are happy then I am happy. As soon as I love something I usually take it off the menu because I need to keep challenging myself. I could not change the menu too much this time though because of the kitchen space, so I guess by the time we close I love every dish and they will all be my favorites. I did bring back my tuna sashimi with sushi rice ice cream from my Bastide days. I loved it then and I love it now. It is a very refreshing and surprising dish.

What are your future plans for LudoBites? How long will we have to wait till you do it again? I have no idea. I would love to travel around the world doing LudoBites. I love to travel and explore. I do not know if that is realistic or not but it would be so amazing. I definitely hope to “pop-up” again no later than March. Maybe it will be earlier. I just don’t know. I can’t just sit home and do nothing.

Are you a fan of the food trucks? Which ones do you like the best? I understand why food trucks started. I think it is the same reason I started LudoBites. It is so expensive to start a restaurant. If people are excited about your food and you can bring it to them in different areas of the city with a much lower overhead cost, then why not? Food trucks probably seem easy to the general public but I am sure that they are not, just like LudoBites is not easy. I have never been to a food truck yet though. Maybe after we close LudoBites at Royal/T I can get out and try a few.

What the best L.A secret you can share? (secret driving route, bar, club, restaurant?) I don’t know if it is the best LA secret, but now that I live in Manhattan Beach I can say that Culver Blvd is a godsend if you want to go into West Hollywood or Hollywood from the South Bay. The 405 is simply a nightmare, but the drive along the coast to Culver Blvd, cutting up Robertson, allows me to keep my sanity.

What the most true cliche about Los Angeles? The BBD. The bigger better deal. LA is about what is hot at the moment – think movies, TV shows, restaurants, bars, clothing stores, etc. There is not a lot of loyalty in this town and it is a very young town. Something or someone can be so hot one minute and just dead the next.

As a highly acclaimed chef, you must have some good recipes for the holidays. What do you make for Christmas? Can you share a favorite recipe with us? I am going to spend Christmas with my wife’s family in the mountains in Colorado. I am going to make a traditional turkey Christmas dinner. I did not cook for Thanksgiving so I am looking forward to cooking the big bird. I love to massage the bird with cream and butter. I make a stuffing that has foie gras, sausage, mushroom and dried apricots. I don’t really have a recipe for it; I just do what feels right. People should be creative when they cook and always cook with love—your family will appreciate it.

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Christmas Week Party Planner: Gaga, Jews And More

You’d think Christmas week would be a dead zone in nightlife, but you’d be wrong. Since many of us need an escape from stifling and awkward family encounters, and because some of us might even be Jewish, and will be skipping this whole Santa schmanta thing anyhoo, parties abound. We’ve compiled a few things for you do this week—besides stuffing your face in between crying about whatever your little brother said to you at the dinner table.

Start off the week on Monday night at Monday Social (where else), L.A.’s little party that could. The dynamic long-running unofficial DJ duo Donald Glaude and DJ Dan are spinning the party’s official holiday bash. Funny tidbit: Donald Glaude, now a techno superstar headlining nightclubs and raves around the world, once played a party at my house, in my basement. I used to live in Seattle, and in 1993, we had a Halloween party in Queen Anne, and Donald Glaude came over and spun an amazing set in my busted basement, on our busted sound system, on our busted decks. My roommate was a long time Seattle raver. He keep saying over and over: “Donald Glaude is spinning in my basement.” It was tre funny. I can’t guarantee this party will be as awesome as my basement Halloween party, but I can guarantee you that Donald and Dan are masters at work. Monday at Playhouse, 6506 Hollywood Blvd..

Well, that was fast. The Lucent Dossier crew are in-and-out of that weird H.Wood space in less than two months. ‘Tis okay by us—we think the space is a little too awkwardly shaped to properly display any kind of show. But, before they bow out, they are hosting the Our Orphan’s Christmas Ball, geared toward the Los Angelenos who might be stranded without family for the holidaze. The night is doubling as a fundraiser for their non-profit organization Cuddle the World, which provides toys and visits to orphanages by the troupe. In accordance with the name, the Lucent folks ask that you bring a toy in donation, preferably something cuddly. Wednesday at 9, H.Wood.

Here’s a show that’s sure to leave copious amounts of glitter encrusted in your eyelashes for months to come: Lady Gaga and Semi-Precious Weapons, together at last for a three-night stand (sluts!) at Nokia Theatre. The two acts, both of whom go way-back from making the rounds at the watering holes in New York’s Lower East Side, share a love of glam and rock and pop and shock-art. They are the perfect pairing of fag hag and fab gay you will ever find on this planet, and they are giving you this gift for Christmas. Monday through Wednesday at the Nokia Theatre. Tix here.

If you’re Jewish on Christmas Eve and Day you normally have two options: Chinese food and an endless stream of holiday movies. We’ll give you a third: the 16th Annual Schmooz-A-Palooza, hosted by Stu & Lew Productions. Co-sponsored by (who else?) J-Date, the House of Blues is momentarily turned into the House of Jews (their words, not mine). Drink and play Beer Pong, Twister, and card games, or dance to Mister E on the main floor. Tickets start at a reasonable $25. Thursday @ 8, House of Blues, 8430 W. Sunset Blvd..

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Santa Monica Loosens Up for a Pub Crawl

Maybe this makes me an alcoholic, but one of the biggest bummers about Los Angeles nightlife is that whole no-drinking-and-driving thing. I know there are people who do it (for shame), so I live my life relatively un-sauced, because I stick to my one-drink minimum. This weekend, my hood, Santa Monica, normally the province of the most boring happenings this side of the Upper West Side, is hosting a bonafide Pub Crawl, it’s very first. In accordance with merriment and cheer, the participants are asked to dress festively (elves, Santa, reindeer, you get the drift), while they drunkenly trawl around town. Admission is a can of non-perishable food to be donated to the Westside Food Bank. And apparently, they are serious about that Merry outfit thing: you will be given a Santa hat to wear if you come merry-less.

The crawl starts at the Pier at 5 p.m. and has three different routes — one starts at Rusty’s, winds it way through Brit faves, Ye Olde King’s Head, winds its way toward the Promenade to The Yard and snakes over to the Hotel Shangri-La where there will be an afterparty. (There’s gonna be some food at some of these stops to fill your booze-filled belly). Others start further south —Enterprise Fish Co. (Already a favorite around these parts) and World Cafe—before converging at the Shangri La.

The whole drinking and driving thing is conveniently shuttled by the Big Blue Bus, the city’s timely and reliable bus system (I use, people laugh, but I use it). Saturday at 5.

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Coachella or Bust; Guidos Running Rampant in L.A.

The people behind Coachella, the king of the West Coast festival circuit—and one might say the country—have announced the dates for 2010. You’ve got till April 16, 17 and 18th to save up a whole ton of your pennies for the purchase of the $269 three-day pass. That’s a lot of pennies, which is why the fest is offering layaway as an option for the second time ever. Layaway—so 1955 and yet so appropriate for our debt-ridden, cost-conscious times. The fest is also mixing it up in other ways: You’ll be able to “car camp” for the first time ever, which spurs memories of Grateful Dead concerts. Will Coachella camping become a roving counter-culture? Will you be able to get weird home-cooked burritos or get your hair wrapped with multi-colored thread? Probably not, but the idea is intriguing.

The “car camping” spots are going to be 10ft. X 30 ft., which means that there’s plenty of room on the grass to pitch a tent. RV’s and tents-only have their own areas, but everyone can mix and mingle.

Also new and interesting: ins-and-outs through the day. No longer will you be forced to stay inside the fest during the three hours when those bands you don’t really like are playing; you can now go back to your tent—or someone else’s and chillax. Start saving people!

Also, completely unrelated gossip tidbit: I hear through the nightlife grapevine that the Guidos from MTV’s runaway hit Jersey Shore are running rampant all over L.A. this week, trying their damndest to get into clubs and finding tacky Guidodom —even with a small fame attached—isn’t enough to get them in (which is even more sad, because Hollywood’s clubs are already pretty low on the food chain IMO). It would be like not being able to get a table at Red Lobster on Friday night because you’re not cool enough. If you have direct contact with the Guidos when they are in town, do send along a tip!

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photo by Chris Miller

‘Lost’ Geeks Unite for Art at Gallery 1988

As I previously mentioned, I am a Lost fangirl. When the show is on, I spent hours after it airs trolling message boards for clues, Easter Eggs and analysis of seemingly meaningful moments. I’ll admit it, I have a problem. Jensen Karp, also a Lost fan, provided a small respite last night for all the lost Lost junkies in Los Angeles. His gallery hosted a Lost-inspired art show, filled with pieces that were fantastic on their own—even if they were divorced from the Greatest TV Show Ever. (Yeah, whatever Wire, Mad Men, and BSG people—I see your critical acclaim and you and raise you one smoke monster, two polar bears, and a Michael Emerson). When Jensen mentioned there would be special guests, silly me assumed that meant some of the actors would show up and glad handle the geeks. Nope, Jensen meant REALLY special.

(‘DiggThis’) Just how special? The Creators themselves. As in Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Yes, there they were stuffed in the far corner of the tiny gallery, which at its most packed could probably only hold 80 people at a time. The result was a crush of geeky humanity, all looking at what seemed like an empty corner of a wall, all sweating in anticipation of something (and also ’cause it was packed.)

I asked a cameraman what was going on and he had to show me through his viewer—that was gonna be as close as I was gonna get all evening.


Outside there was a line of several hundred people, which didn’t seem to diminish throughout the night. They wanted their free Lost poster, they wanted Darlton, and they wanted it now, and they weren’t going anywhere. One cluster of people had apparently been in line since the day before waiting to gain entree.

Inside, people showed their Lost love in various ways. There were quite a few people wandering around in Dharma jumpsuits. (Rest assured, the guy I talked to didn’t just happen to have it; he’d made it for Halloween). image

Another gal had painted her fingernails black, and painted the Lost logo on them.


There were a ton of people wandering around with the Lost version of the name tag, “Hello, My Name Is.” Theirs said simply, “Namaste.” Of course.

Outside, I heard one woman wearing a Lost University sweatshirt (yes, really) say goodbye to a new friend. They had obviously met at some super-geek hangout prior to coming to the art show. She tittered: “Oh my god, tonight was just… heaven.”

We heard the word, “Comic Con,” referenced with reverence and without irony.

As for the art itself, it was pretty awesome, even if it wasn’t about our favorite TV show. Polar bears and Smokey turned out to be a popular motif.

image image

Surprisingly, Ben didn’t have many pieces paying homage to him; nor, Hurley. But there were a few Locke-inspired pieces, both very different from each other. image image

Misha, an artist with bright pink dreads was standing next to her hilarious tongue-in-cheek black velvet paintings. One, sprung from the mind of Paul Scheer, featured Jack howling at the Locke-moon as a wolf. It made us giggle.


There was on piece based on the four-toed statue (and at this point, if you are still reading, I am assuming none of this reads like a foreign language to you), that was truly beautiful. This photo doesn’t do it justice.


By the evening’s end, I felt much like I do when visiting one of those pet stores in the mall. Everything was so cute and amazing, that I wanted to take them all home. Alas, I can afford none.

To Do: Lost, Ludo Bites, and Kid Sister

The holidays are upon us and that means people are squeezing all their fun into the few weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s (perhaps to take the edge off of awkward family dinners?) Three events this week make me giddy.

Tonight, I will get myself unnecessarily worked up way too early for the final season of Lost (which doesn’t start till February!!!), at the fine spot known as Gallery 1988. Run by Jensen Karp, the Gallery offers up sweet pop-art of the likes of Greg Simkins, Dan May, Luke Chueh, and many more. Tonight is the party for the Lost Underground Art Project. For the past year, a mysterious site (www.damoncarltonandapolarbear.com) has released pretty awesome Lost posters based on the show. I was thinking of getting all of them, but I thought maybe that would make me seem a little crazy. OK, a lot crazy. If I had to get just one, it would be the “Locke” poster by Olly Moss. It looks super retro and minimalist, and has an empty wheelchair with the phrase, “Just don’t tell him what he can’t do.” They are releasing a few more pieces tonight and Jensen hinted that maybe a few “guest stars” would be there. I immediately thought, ‘Sawyer, and Locke, Sayid, and Hurley, oh my!’ So, yes, I’ll be there tonight, and will give you a full report tomorrow. Tuesday at 7, Gallery 1988. The show runs till Christmas Eve. Sweet!

Tomorrow, also cool, but far less dorky is a Red Bull event Sound Clash, featuring girl wonder, Kid Sister—poptainment spawn of Kanye—and beat mistress in her own right. After making a splash with her cameo appearance, she’s just released her own record, Ultraviolet, produced by A-Trak. As this is a “clash,” there will be two stages on opposite ends, going at the same time: Kid Sister’s opponent, then, is disco-punk outfit, Moving Units. Call us crazy, but we’re putting our money on the Kid. Wednesday at 9, Vanguard, 6021 Hollywood Blvd. LA, CA 90028

I will be missing the Kid v. Moving Units face-off for a rare seat at Ludo Bites at Royal T. In case you have been living under a rock, the pop-up dining experience has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks. The drill is this: an art gallery is hosting hottie acclaimed French chef, Ludo Lefebvre— who you might have seen on Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef, and who is classically trained—for a few more weeks (final days are upon us, but they are all booked up). The menu is constantly shifting, which means that last night’s tuna dish may be an ethereal memory. More about the Chef next week.

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