Shop This to Get the Look of 2015’s Sexiest Film (NOT 50 Shades of Grey)​

Peter Strickland‘s third feature film The Duke of Burgundy, out Friday, takes place in a world without men. It explores the subtly kinky relationship between two women, one who studies butterflies; the other, her housekeeper, as they push each other’s boundaries.

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Speaking to the female relationship in the film, director Peter Strickland told us:

…It was paying lip service to that sleazy, sexploitation cinema and had to come from that…obviously the questions came up about having the classic male gaze issue and how to address that without pretending as if I could put on a female gaze. It was just about being aware of the pitfalls of being too mechanical or directional in the way I look at things. It had to be two women, but I wanted to focus only on the dynamics of that relationship. I don’t see them as gay—and I’m not saying that so I can sell it to more people, I’m not concerned about that because this is a niche film anyway. So it’s more just that that has been done before and by having no counterpoint, in terms of gender, you don’t have the issues of acceptance and ejection and so on.

Men or not, lingerie is a fundamental part of the film.



The Duke of Burgundy sets itself apart by calling attention to its sartorial and aesthetic choices (even the invisible ones)–there is in fact, a perfume credit. That aesthetic is shaped by a sort of female sensuality, expressed obviously through lacy undergarments but also through the darker, flapping wings of the butterflies that set the tone for the film.

It’s an instantly, but intellectually, appealing type of “sexy,” which is why today, we’re exploring how to channel the appeal of the women in this new film.

Selections inspired by the simultaneously subdued and dramatic jewel tones that characterize the film:

lingerieClockwise from Left: La Perla Navy Lace and Silk RobeElle MacPherson Burgundy ChemiseCarine Gilson Lace Trimmed ChemiseAgent Provocateur Beaded Lace BraDeborah Marquit Emerald Lace BriefsLa Perla Freesia and Lace Black SlipCalvin Klein Black Lace BraMonette Burgundy Lace Briefs

For daytime vibes inspired by the most regal class of insects, try this fun crop top from Toy Syndrome:


or patterned Zara Terez butterfly leggings.

You can see the film tomorrow, at a theater or even in your own bed 😉 on VOD. We guarantee you’re gonna wanna buy yourself something new and lacy afterwards.

Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla

Feeling a bit naughty? Lingerie takes on a whole new designer spin as Jean Paul Gaultier teams with high-end Italian lingerie house La Perla for an exclusive collection, available just in time for the holiday season. The new line comprises of over 20 styles–nearly all handmade–including a waist-cinching corset and bra inspired by the iconic cone bra that the designer created for Madonna. Gaultier is famous for using underwear as outerwear, but this will mark his first lingerie collection. “Lingerie is part of my DNA and of my heritage,” Gaultier said. “In my latest prêt-à-porter collection I revisited the conical bras and corsets worn as outerwear. This collaboration was a natural and logical step, especially since La Perla is the pearl of the lingerie, with the best savoir faire.”

The collaboration is available at La Perla and Gaultier boutiques and select department stores. C’est magnifique!

Gaultier’s Luxe Lingerie

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s name has been synonymous with undergarments ever since he put the final touches on Madonna’s now infamous cone bra two decades ago. Since then, Gaultier has mostly been focusing his talent on what gets layered over ones undergarments, but now, thanks to a new partnership, the French designer is returning to his Material Girl-approved roots. Come November, Gaultier will debut a line of high-fashion lingerie created in collaboration with La Perla. “The new line will comprise 27, styles—nearly all handmade—including a waist-cinching corset and bra inspired by the cone bra that the designer created for Madonna in the Nineties,” says Vogue UK.

“Two limited-edition pieces, including a satin bra with a shoulder strap motif, will feature in the label’s couture show on July 7,” adds Vogue UK of the dearly expensive couture lingerie (“prices will start at £405 for bras and briefs and £811 for corsets”). If ever there were a reason to embrace the underwear-as-outerwear trend, this is undoubtedly it.

Fashion Trends: Thigh High

Once relegated to stages and poles, stratospheric shoes have stomped back onto the catwalk in a big way. Gucci went exotic, Pucci channeled Barbarella, Louis Vuitton embraced fetish and Prada took them fishing. This season, make no mistake: thigh’s the limit.

image Bodysuit by La Perla, Boots by Emilio Pucci.

image Bodysuit by Dolce & Gabbana, Boots by Gucci.

image Bodysuit by La Perla, Boots by Prada.

Photography by Manolo Campion, Styling by Bryan Levandowski. Hair and Makeup by Brenna Scarrott for Shiseido, NYC Equipment by Fotocare Talent: Yulia @Muse NYC, Location: Shawn Patrick Anderson Studio