Eli Roth Directs A Video With Snoop Lion and a Bunch of Kids, Because Why Not?

For all the incidents which made him notorious before his rap career took off, Snoop Lion seems like he’s pretty good with kids. His short-lived up-close-with-the-family show Father Hood showed him as your typical goofy reality TV dad, and he sponsors a youth football league for inner-city youth. So it was only a matter of time before he made a Halloween music video with a bunch of kids running around in animal costumes, and have Eli Roth (fresh off the Goretorium!) direct it.  

Before the music begins in the clip for the Major Lazer-produced reggae jam "La La La," Snoop Lion is chatting with some of his kid collaborators, dressed as birds and bugs and lions and tigers. They ask him all kinds of questions, including why he changed his name and if he knows Jennifer Lopez. The video mostly consists of Snoop—at first donning his tricolor beanie before going into a coffin and emerging with a cane and a giant lion spirit hood—singing about very traditional reggae themes while the kids dance around, cute cartoon turtles stumble by and occasionally the animations get a little NSFW.If Sesame Street featured short-shorts-wearing backup dancers, not-so-subtle references of death and claymation anthropomorphic fruits smoking weed, then it would look something like this. Watch. 

Kreayshawn Gets Animated in ‘Go Hard (La La La)’ Video

Hey. Hey you, over there. Yeah, you. Kreayshawn has a question for you. "Ay bitch," she addresses her public on new track "Go Hard." "Do you really, really, really wanna go hard? Go in the crib, steal your stepfather’s credit card? Take the car and do donuts in the parking lot?" As with "Gucci Gucci," Kreay delivers an insanely addictive earworm of a track despite that same mostly-matter-of-fact delivery.

This time, the subject of her deadpan dismissives works not at Arby’s but at Forever 21, and Kreay encourages her to "get off the floor and go hard," which is perhaps something we should all take to heart, especially with this video as visual aide. Comic book effects, bloodshot-eye wallpaper and dancing wolf creatures are all present. Somethin’ Bout Kreay drops August 14th, but in the meantime, here’s the "Go Hard" video: