‘Sister Act’ Meets ‘Kung Fu Panda’

At one Buddhist nunnery outside of Katmandu, the nuns aren’t just sitting around and mellowly meditating, they’re learning Kung Fu. Buddhist nunneries are typically places of quiet contemplation, and traditionally the nuns themselves are subservient to their male counterparts, cooking and cleaning for them, but that’s not the case for one lucky sect of nuns. Check out this video.

A particular sect in Nepal’s Himalayas is trying to promote women using kung fu in hopes that it will make them stronger, healthier, and more confident women. We can already see the Hollywood movie version of this. It’s sort of Sister Act meets Kung Fu Panda…and we like it. Last year, a Chinese Buddhist woman used her Kung Fu skills to pull a car with her hair before shaving off her locks to become a nun.