Those Summer Nights Are Lobster Nights At New NYC Seafood Shack

In Kip’s Bay is the unexpected: a new upscale seafood shack and oyster bar that devotes two days of its week to the king of all crustaceans: The New-England Lobster. Launching tomorrow, July 6th at L&W Oyster Co. every Summer Saturday and Tuesday nights, you can don a lobster bib, and eat not only two-pound buttered-up, Montauk-style lobster but also stuffed lobsterfull of your choice of bacon, onion, & hollandaise, or spinach & cream.

The feast continues with grilled corn-on-the-cob drenched in lobster-roe butter, potato salad with chipotle and lime, and two shots of spiked strawberry lemonade.
And of greatest note is, of course, is the handful of homemade cheddar goldfish you get with your three-course meal. The snack that smiles back, next to the butter-soaked, two-pound lobster. Summer can stay for a while.
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