Kisses Reveal Next Predictably Awesome Single

Another day, another bangin’, sun-woozy, west coast dance track from L.A. duo Kisses. This one’s called “Huddle,” and yeah, you’ll probably want to bring it in close for this one. Not in the jock sense, mind you. Oh god mom, please don’t make me explain what grinding is.

We’ve been looking forward to the May 14 release of the just-maybe-autobiographically-titled Kids in LA for some time now; each new single has smooth-jammed its way into the Miami Vice soundtrack that plays on a loop in one’s head at all times. Is that just me? Regardless, “Huddle” just keeps getting better, right up to that sexy saxophone fadeout.

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Kisses Unveil ‘The Hardest Part’

The album art for L.A. duo Kisses’ sophomore album, the apparently autobiographical Kids in LA, is a bit like Bret Easton Ellis filtered through a Wes Anderson lens. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first single, “The Hardest Part,” is a song that would be on the soundtrack of the twee version of American Psycho. Perish the thought.

The full-length won’t arrive till May, despite being inspired by “the starkness of  wintertime in Southern California,” as evidenced in this album teaser, which reveals a slyer, more atmospheric side of their music—at least in comparison to the usual no-nonsense dance pop. Could ’80s nostalgia be overtaking ’90s love once more? Quick, someone write a highly ignorable 3,000-word essay on that.

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