Noise You Need: ‘Yellow Loveless’

We discussed late in 2012 the eternal defeat of being a My Bloody Valentine fan: mastermind Kevin Shields is great at getting our hopes for new material up and then spiking them like mason jars on asphalt. So here’s your consolation prize: a bunch of noisy Japanese bands covering Loveless, start to finish.

You can get the entire tribute album—no, I’ve no idea why it’s called that, except that perhaps they designed the cover first?—on Japanese iTunes, which I know we all have, or Amazon, but luckily a lot of these tracks have been showing up on YouTube. For example, you’ve got Boris’ take on “Sometimes,” which will be enough to sell most noiseheads on the project.

Elsewhere, there’s the hilariously lounge-fried “When You Sleep” from Shonen Knife, a cover of “Touched” by The Sodom Project that sounds like that one Nine Inch Nails song from Natural Born Killers (so help me I will not look it up). Best of all, though, may be Lemon’s Chair’s version of “What You Want,” which accesses the danciness of album closer “Soon” for dream-pop of the highest order. To the clouds!

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