Gummi Worm Goblets & Cookie Jar Milkshakes: Sugar Factory’s Best Food & Drink Porn

Meet Sugar Factory: Meatpacking’s new brasserie/explosive dessert spot where 36oz bubbling cocktail chalices full of lollipops and gummi worms land on the table, and hot fudge-drenched, submarine-sized, red velvet sundaes take up the width of your lap. It’s the classy, marble-bar-chandelier American brasserie that refuses to grow up. Meatpacking’s first and only outrageous dessert palace where the entire dinner kitchen is open until 4am all weekend long. 

But what else can you expect from a restaurant that comes direct from Vegas, and has already attracted to its NY location celebs like Kevin Jonas and the NY Giants?  Sure, Sugar blasts Taylor Swift music, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a 16-year-old girl in Lululemon leggings picking out candy necklaces by the entrance’s candy shop, but with a list of 32 goblets, cosmos, and (Reese’s & s’mores) martinis – Sugar Factory is primed for late-night, sinful, post-Bagatelle action. And with downtown’s longtime lack of a charm-and-impress-your–date place like Serendipity, it is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome Sugar Factory to NYC. Now get in on some food & drink porn.

The Red Velvet Sundae That Takes Up The Width Of Your Lap.

The Must-Order Chinese Chicken Salad.

The Very-Easy-To-Finish White Gummi Goblet.

The Chocolate Cookie Jar Milkshake Stuffed With Oreo Cookies, Caramel, & Hot Fudge.

The View Of The Sexy Bar(tender).

When Attempting To Be Healthy: The Pan-Roasted Salmon & Asparagus.

The Fondue Finale: Pound Cake, Gummi Bears, Brownie Bites, & More.

Sex Talk Is A Family Affair In The Most Super-Creepy ‘Married To Jonas’ Clip Ever

Producers’ notes to the Jonas parents for Married To Jonas were obviously to bring up sex, purity rings, sex, and SEX at every awkward moment possible. In this bizarre clip, Kevin Jonas and his new wife Danielle sit through the Jonas family’s creepy "spiritual advisor" conducting a big ol’ family powwow about their sex life. As you do.

Bob the spiritual advisor says he has been "praying" over Kevin and Danielle’s plans to star a family (pant pant pant) and says they just need to "relax" and "trust God."

You can’t really blame Danielle Jonas for starting to cry during this — although it was from the old dude thinking about her sex life, or the realization that she had to get Kevin Jonas to sleep with her, I don’t know.