BlackBook Tracks #46: Music Videos Of The Week

Here’s a selection of music videos that were released this week that don’t involve Lily Allen, because you’ve probably already seen that one. Also, you’ve probably read eight different takedowns/celebrations of it. Spoiler alert: there’s no ironic or unironic twerking involved in the videos below, sorry.

Phoenix – “Chloroform”
Lest you forget that Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars and Sofia Coppola form one of entertainment’s top power couples, the filmmaker has stepped in to direct a music video for her husband’s band. The French quartet’s capping off another banner year with the latest single from Bankrupt!, “Chloroform,” a mournful tribute to cruel love. The sepia-toned clip features Coppola’s favorite subject, crying white girls.

Keep Shelly In Athens – “Oostende”
Greek synth-rockers Keep Shelly In Athens soundtrack the kind of passion worth crossing an ocean for, as shown in their new video for “Oostende.” Directed by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson, the clip follows a couple whose love might be written in the stars, but still can’t quite connect. At the very least, they get to see some gorgeous landscapes along the way. Keep Shelly In Athens’ powerful album At Home is out now on Cascine.

SZA – “Ice Moon”
Over the course of this year, SZA has inducted as a member of the new R&B generation. Hailing from St. Louis, the singer’s been self-releasing work, but that’s not going to last any longer with her quietly attention-getting tunes. The “Ice Moon” video follows SZA on a walk through the woods that’s as dreamy as the track, her fragile vocals both crystal and cotton candy.

Charli XCX – “SuperLove” (Yeasayer remix)
British pop princess Charli XCX is one of the hardest-working people in music, releasing the single “SuperLove” hot on the heels of her debut LP True Romance earlier this year. While the original already got its own video featuring motorcycle gangs and Japanese nightlife, it’s all eyes on Charli for this slowed-down take, brought to you by Brooklyn indie rockers Yeasayer. True Romance is out now on Asylum.

Lucius – “Tempest”
Have you ever been trapped in a house where everything’s a little bit off and you’re being followed by a man who looks like some kind of cult leader and also maybe you killed a guy? No? Experience all that and more in the fever dream that is Leblanc + Cudmore’s video for Lucius’ “Tempest.” The 60s-inspired indie rockers are on a roll after releasing their debut album Wildewoman earlier this year on Mom + Pop.

Remix Of The Day: Postiljonen Distills Keep Shelly In Athens

Not long ago we told you very matter-of-factly that Postiljonen’s Skyer and Keep Shelly in Athens’ At Home were essential chillout albums going into the autumn, so it’s only natural that we’d be crazy about one band remixing the other. Sure enough, Postiljonen’s pass at Keep Shelly’s “Oostende” is just the sort of icy, edgeless track you could just as easily wake up as fall asleep to—a fluid, ambient blissout that also happens to be a free download on SoundCloud.

Usually, when you hear the word “remix,” you imagine someone threw on a more aggressive club beat and doubled the running time, but there lies the appeal of Postiljonen. They take a song with hard, splashy drums and reduce it to its weightless, airy aspects, waiting a full minute before allowing the vocals to drop in alongside a more internalized rhythm. Above it all twinkle the dream-pop band’s favorite synths, which always make for an excellent brain massage.