Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Are Probably Laughing Into Their Copies of ‘Vanity Fair’

"There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women," Katie Couric apparently told Taylor Swift once, which Swift reveals in this month’s Vanity Fair cover story while giving a metaphoric side-eye to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. This is, of course, in response to Poehler and Fey joking about Swift’s love life at the Golden Globes back in January (when they told her to stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son). Can’t you just imagine those two fortysomething mean girls Tina and Amy calling each other this morning, giggling and scribbling over Taylor’s face in their burn books? I bet one of them will call to apologize, but the other one will be listening in on a sneaky three-way call. It’s kind of a shame, huh, that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler care so much about Taylor Swift. Ugh, they are probably JUST JEALOUS. 

[via Vanity Fair]

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Afternoon Links: Olivia Munn Loses It, Katie Couric Leaves CBS

● Despite our better advice, the dunderheads who run the Oscars went ahead and scheduled next year’s show for the end of February. [Variety] ● Olivia Munn lost it in front of a group of shocked onlookers at Pure in Vegas, where she told them to go “fuck themselves.” Hey, if Olivia Munn directs the word “fuck” in your direction, you’re halfway there. [NYDN] ● Here is the first official still from The Avengers, which began production yesterday. We haven’t been this excited about four empty chairs since our last trip to Ikea. [/Film]

● The Strokes have returned to the studio, just one month after releasing their latest album, Angles. Looks like somebody likes each other again! [NME] ● Katie Couric is officially leaving the CBS Evening News, something we already knew weeks ago. Isn’t that why we stopped watching the news in the first place? [People] ● A man was arrested for throwing his cousin through a window over an argument about HBO’s Game of Thrones, making him the world’s geekiest bully. [Gawker]

Links: Tony Curtis Dead at 85, Snooki Is Writing a Novel

● The classic screen star Tony Curtis, who came to fame in the 1950s and remained in the spotlight for decades, has died of cardiac arrest at the age of 85, his daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, told Entertainment Tonight. [ET] ● Comedian Greg Giraldo has also passed away after suffering an accidental overdose, just a week after he was hospitalized for a similar incident with prescription pills. He was 44. [TMZ] ● Katie Couric may return to the The Today Show when her CBS Evening News contract is up in the Spring, because politics are boring and dancing dogs are hilarious. [Page Six]

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki is writing a novel, to be released by Simon & Schuster, about “a girl looking for love on the boardwalk (one full of big hair, dark tans, and fights galore).” Novel, indeed. [NYDN] ● Spotted: Michelle Obama and Nick Jonas… together, on video. And at Disney for an exercise PSA. What is this world? [People] ● You probably want to watch the trailer for the Avatar porn, just in case. [Vulture]

Links: Hailey Glassman vs. Jon Gosselin, Angelina Jolie Inks Brad Pitt

● Jon Gosselin’s current girlfriend Hailey Glassman says he’s “emotionally abusive” and throws “mantrums,” although she still loves him and is still with him and don’t worry she knows their relationship is “not normal.” [People] ● 50 Cent declares: “the credit crunch has hit rap.” Need proof? The rapper must sell his old diamonds before he buys new ones. [Telegraph] ● The Catholic League is mad at Larry David’s alter-ego Larry David, who accidentally peed on a painting of Jesus in a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. He’s also Jewish, not that there’s anything wrong with that. [Popeater]

● Teri Hatcher has the swine flu … oh wait no she doesn’t, it’s just a case of laryngitis. [TVGuide] ● According to Angelina Jolie, she drew that bizarre line tattoo Brad Pitt sports on his back. Jolie was doodling on her fav part of B. Pitt’s body one boring night and he decided to keep it … forever. It’s “meaningful” to them, and we all just saw it at an “awkward” angle. [SFGate] ● Katie Couric is jumping on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 bandwagon by going as bespectacled Aaden Gosselin for Halloween. [Us]

Where Celebs Go Out: Penelope Cruz, Katie Couric, Gabrielle Union

At the New York Film Festival premiere of Broken Embraces:

● PENELOPE CRUZ – Favorite restaurant in New York? “Oh, I have many because I love food so much!” And in Madrid? “I go to many that are out in the countryside, but whoever goes there for the first time should go to Botin. It’s the oldest restaurant in the world.” What did you like about it? “Everything!”

● PEDRO ALMODOVAR – Favorite restaurant in New York? “Mr. Chow’s — we had dinner there the other day, and it was really very impressive.” And in Madrid? “In Madrid, there are many. Casa Lucio is one of my favorites.”

● LAUREN BACALL – Favorite restaurant in New York? “Oh, please, don’t ask me about that! I’m going to see a movie!”

● ANDREA ILLY – Favorite restaurant in New York? “Here we have many good restaurants: Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, these kind.” And in Rome? “In Rome, we also have many restaurants, like Lapergola — these kind of beautiful restaurants — or the Hotel de Russie, a beautiful place as well.”

At the Library of American Broadcasting’s Giants of Broadcasting Awards:

● KATIE COURIC – “I don’t really spend a lot of time hanging out in bars [laughs], which I think is a good thing. But I like BLT Steak because I’m a big carnivore. I like this really, beautiful restaurant outside Washington called L’auberge Chez Francois, where I took my parents on their anniversary. I love Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. Those are three good ones.”

● KEN BURNS – “Well, I like Burdick’s Restaurant in Walpole, New Hampshire. It’s been around since 2001. It is a small, little village in New Hampshire, but people quite often drive from New York or Boston. That’s four or three hours to have a meal there. The fact that I am a silent partner in it is part of full disclosure. I live in Walpole, New Hampshire; I travel a great deal, and I basically don’t cook anymore. I’ll eat every meal I can in this restaurant. It’s a broad mix of Continental cuisine done in a very informal and really charming atmosphere, and I don’t know anybody who has been there that hasn’t just fallen in love with it. The proprietor, the man whose genius it is, is Larry Burdick, the well-known chocolatier with a boutique chocolate business. He used to work here, as a dessert chef for many fine restaurants, and moved to our little village 15 years ago to manufacture his chocolates, which are second to none. But he and I had always complained that what we needed was a good restaurant, and we were able to do that.” What about in New York? “I like Bar Pitti on 6th Avenue between Bleecker and Houston. It’s next to Da Silvano, which gets a lot of attention. Bar Pitti is just quite simply the best Tuscan cuisine in the United States. It’s simple. Everyone who goes there knows about it. You can’t get a better side dish of spinach. The tagliata is amazing. Every dish — I’ve never had a bum dish there. And it’s sort of our go-to place. We bring the kids; we go late; we go early. I’ve been doing it for 20 years.

At the New York Film Festival premiere of Capitalism: A Love Story:

● MICHAEL MOORE – What are some of your favorite restaurants or bars? “[Laughs] I don’t do commercials!”

● MORGAN SPURLOCK – “I love La Esquina ’cause it’s right next to my office. It’s this incredible restaurant, right on Kenmare and Centre Street and Lafayette. Amazing food, fantastic. I love Balthazar. I probably have lunch there once a week because my office is also very close to there. Puck Fair is probably my favorite bar in New York City — Irish bar. I love Puck Fair. I love just the energy. It’s probably the best pint in New York City. Yeah, it’s a great energy, great vibe.”

At the Quicken Online launch party for Bank of Mom and Dad:

● FARNOOSH TORABI – “Cafe Frida on Columbus Avenue & 77th Street for Mexican food.”

Spotted on Columbus Avenue, in town for Clinton Global Initiative:

● LISA LING – “My favorite place these days in L.A., which is where I live, is a place called Baby Blues Barbecue. It’s Southern-style barbecue, and it is comfort food. And over the last few months, I had been needing a lot of comfort, so it was a perfect kind of place to feed that desire and that craving.”

At the Sophie’s Voice benefit for spina bifida research:

● COUNTESS LUANN DE LESSEPS – “I was just at Jean Georges on Central Park West, which I haven’t been to in a long time, and it was so nice ’cause we got to sit outside and the weather’s still nice … so that’s one of my favorite places in New York. In Milan, Sant Ambroeus. They come from Milan, and they have a place in New York and Southampton.”

● GABRIELLE UNION – “Let’s start with Miami! They have this new place called Eight Ounce Burger that I love; love Il Gabbiano on the water, off of Biscayne; love the spa at the Mandarin. In L.A., there’s this place called Happy Foot on Ventura that gives, like, the most amazing foot and body rubs, but you’re fully clothed. It’s kind of awesome.”

Links: Mackenzie Phillips Incest Debate, Kim Zolciak Yanked

● Recession perspective time: Katie Couric’s salary at CBS ($15 million) is more than the annual budget for National Public Radio ($9.4 million). [BoingBoing] ● Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend — this would be Hailey Glassman not Kate 2.0 — prepares for her 15 minutes of fame by getting a boob job. [Star] ● Mackenzie Phillips’ stepmoms are speaking out about her incest claim. Michelle Phillips says Mackenzie told her about the affair in 1997, then claimed she was kidding. While Bijou Philips’ mom Genevieve Waite says “no matter how drunk or drugged [John Philips] was … he was incapable” of doing such a thing. [CNN, Showbiz]

● Kristin Cavallari formally apologized for introducing Heidi Montag to Spencer Pratt. [CelebrityGossip] ● “Tardy for the Party,” the long-awaited single from Kim Zolciak — everyone’s favorite wig- wearing Atlanta housewife — has been yanked from iTunes due to Zolciak being tardy in paying her producer. [E!] ● Joe Jonas doesn’t see divorce in the future with soon-to-be wife Danielle Deleasa, but if that were to happen he’s made her sign a pre-nup to protect his Disney millions. [JustJaredJr]