Hanro Turns 130, Still Looks Good

Hanro, the Swiss lingerie and loungewear go-to is celebrating its 130th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the brand’s flagship store in the meatpacking district is hosting a retrospective exhibit titled, “130 Years of Dressing the World’s Most Seductive Women.”

A number of artists (Izak Zenous, Esther Bayer, Petra Dufkova, Marc-Antoine Coulon, and Miles McMillan) have all contributed interpretations of some of HANRO’s most iconic moments to the exhibit. These momentous moments in the brand’s history include Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, as well as style icons Kate Moss, Sharon Stone, Kate Upton, and Jamie King all wearing pieces by HANRO

Jaime King by Marc-Antoine CoulonJaime King by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Kate Upton by Marc-Antoine CoulonKate Upton by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Nicole Kidman by Marc-Antoine CoulonNicole Kidman by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Sharon Stone by Esther BayerSharon Stone by Esther Bayer

Check out the exhibit open now through January 15th at the Hanro flagship store, 806 Washington Street. 

13 Stars with Curves to Rival Kim Kardashian

Nicki Minaj’s most prized asset. Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

With all the pandemonium over Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine winter cover shot by famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude, it is easy to forget the other stars who are also famous in part for their exceptional curves.

Being blessed in the derriere region is something that should be celebrated, and we are doing just that. These stars may have not glazed there prized possession with baby oil, but they totally could.

1. Jennifer Lopez  John-SalangsangPhoto: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

2. Serena Williams VANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY 2012 - Red Carpet ArrivalsPhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

3. Scarlett Johansson TOD'S Celebrates the Signature Collection at the Italian Embassy in ParisPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com

4. Beyoncé The Metropolitan Museum of Art's COSTUME INSTITUTE Benefit Celebrating the Opening of Charles James: Beyond Fashion and the Anna Wintour Costume Center - Red Carpet ArrivalsPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com

5. Sofia VergaraVANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY 2014 - Red Carpet ArrivalsPhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

6. Halle BerryHARRY WINSTON Celebrates ThePhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

7. Khloe Kardashian Bob Pittman, John Sykes, Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran celebrate the launch of the iHeartRadio iPad appPhoto: Julian Mackler/BFAnyc.com

8. Eva MendesEva Mendes Reveals Her New Campaign for Angel by Thierry Mugler - ARRIVALSPhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

9. Iggy Azalea STEVE MADDEN Music Presents IGGY AZALEAPhoto: Will Ragozzino/BFAnyc.com

10. Kate Upton THE FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL 30th Annual Night of Stars: GalaxyPhoto: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFAnyc.com

11. Jessica Simpson FOOTWEAR NEWS Achievement AwardsPhoto: Leandro Justen/BFAnyc.com

12. Coco Austin Tribeca Film Festival Presents Tribeca Talks: After the Movie: ChampsPhoto: Ross White/BFAnyc.com

13. Nicki Minaj  Julien-BoudetPhoto: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

Mark Kamins’ Greatest Legacy & My Spot On The ‘Vanity Fair’ Downtown 100 List

The celebration of Mark Kamins’ life and times culminates at Santos Party House tonight. Konk will perform for the first time since 1986. Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite fame, as well. Coati Mundi, Crystal Ark, and a ton of other performers will crowd both floors of the club that most resembles the old- school type clubs where most of these folks did their thing …in days of yore. A zillion DJs including Jellybean Benitez and Justin Strauss and Mike Pickering and Stretch Armstrong and Ivan Ivan and Jazzy Nice and and and…. will make musical statements about the man we and thousands of others loved. I will MC along with Jim Fouratt, Chi Chi Valenti, Michael Holman, and and and. Proceeds of the event will go to the Mark Kamins Scholarship Award in Electronic Music. Walter Durkacz is the puppeteer pulling all the strings that make this sort of thing happen. Not an easy gig.

This journey will end for all of us maybe tomorrow, maybe in 40 or 50 years. Many have preceded. Some people will say Mark’s legacy can be defined by a great record or his immense body of work. I think Mark Kamins’ legacy is the love that he instilled in the hearts of all the people who will gather tonight to remember and celebrate a life well-lived. 
For 20 years, Vanity Fair’s George Wayne has compiled his Downtown 100 List for his annual party of the Most Fabulous+Inspired+Relevant People Who Today Define Downtown. The list has often been controversial, as many who think of themselves in those terms have been snubbed, and many newbies added have gained instantaneous validation and recognition.

The order of the list seems to be irrelevant save for the first name who is always someone delicious. This year that name is Kate Upton. The list includes Solange Knowles and Vito Schnabel and Marc Jacobs and Dita Von Teese and Alan Cumming and Susanne Bartsch and, like, 94 more. I am honored to be listed as well. George is an old and extremely vibrant friend. I will join him on The DL Rooftop, 95 Delancey, tomorrow night at 10pm.

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‘Sports Illustrated’ Is Cool With Nearly Killing Kate Upton

Kate Upton, who dons bikini bottoms and a puffy white jacket on the cover of Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue, admitted before the cover’s reveal that the Antarctica-based shoot nearly killed her. "I don’t think you can go to Antarctica and stand in a bikini without that happening," she said. "But I didn’t die, and I’m OK now." Well, thank goodness, because who else could possible smash their boobs together on the cover of a magazine? Upton has taken the practice to a new level. Of course, the editors at Sports Illustrated see nothing wrong with the fact that their editorial vision nearly killed a half-naked woman.

Amanda Hess of Slate writes about getting a comment from the magazine:

I called Sports Illustrated to ask what the magazine was thinking putting Upton in that situation, and what it thinks of the decision now. Knowing Upton’s symptoms, which are consistent with hypothermia, does SI feel that Antarctica is an appropriate place to stage swimsuit shoot? “It’s on the cover,” was the magazine spokesman’s response. Later, in an emailed statement, he volleyed the responsibility back to Upton. "From the very beginning, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit franchise has put the models first,” he wrote. “We foster a very collaborative environment working closely with the models throughout the planning and execution of our shoots. This was again the case for the Antarctica production which we worked on with Kate for several months before embarking on the trip and during the six-day shoot." (Upton, for the record: “I was very surprised by the news that that’s where my shoot was going to be located.”)

As a reminder, here’s Upton going into details of how she suffered during the shoot:

“I’m naked and trying to change,” she told David Letterman of her weeklong experience in subzero temperatures. “I literally couldn’t move my legs, so the editors would have to pick up my legs and put them into my next outfit.” The effects continued when Upton returned to American soil. “When I came back, I was losing my hearing and eyesight,” she said with a smile on the Today show. “My body was shutting down because it was working so hard to keep me warm."

I mean, is worker’s compensation even an option here? I get that models are basically freelance workers, but I can tell you I’d never risk hypothermia for a gig, even if it got me on a giant billboard in New York City.

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Parents’ Group Predictably Upset By Kate Upton’s Sexy Super Bowl Commercial

Mercedes’ over-the-top cheesy Super Bowl commercial isn’t just offensive to the senses. A predictably hair-trigger conservative parents’ group is deeply upset that Kate Upton blowing soap bubbles in slow motion while she washes a luxury car is objectifying women. 

The Parents’ Television Council says the commercial is disrespectful towards women and is:

"selling objectification, not selling cars … [It tells] millions of wives, daughters and sisters across the country that you use your sex appeal to get what you want, and if you’re not sexy, you have nothing to offer.”

Lest you think the PTC might have a point, let me remind you they’re the same group that squawks over Britney Spears songs like If You Seek Amy and has made it their mission to wash television’s mouth out with soap, leading the charge for Federal Communications Complaints for indecency.

Really, these people need to slow their roll. Mercedes’ Kate Upton commercial will certainly be less racy than other commercials we’ll see on Super Bowl Sunday. I mean, she is fully clothed:

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Some Genius Filmed Kate Upton Washing a Car in Slow Motion

I don’t really understand the economics of Super Bowl commercials. Ad slots sell for, like, millions of dollars, right? So why do companies spend millions of other dollars on making commercials. Someone at Mercedes had the right idea: just borrow your mom’s camcorder, track down Kate Upton’s management, and get some dudes from Craigslist to pretend to wash a car and stand agape at Upton and her breasts. Ding ding ding! You have a Super Bowl commercial. 

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‘Vogue’ Editor Makes A Point To Call Kate Upton “Not Fat”

Kate Upton, who sometimes wears clothes that are broken, is on the cover of Vogue UK. She is surprisingly clothed in a sweater, but don’t worry—she delivers a pretty aggressive side boob. (Side Boob: The Kate Upton Promise.) You see, she has curves and she’s not afraid to show them off, and why shouldn’t she be? She looks like a normal human. I mean, not like anyone I know, but, ya know, she doesn’t terrify me in the way that most models do. (I’m cautious around sharp edges.)

Of course, she is known for not being "model size," and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman makes a point to congratulate herself while casually mentioning the fact that Upton is not-fat:

When I decided to shoot Kate for our first cover of 2013, it was to kick off the year with a young women who is not a stereotypical fashion model – although, let’s face it, she’s hardly a heffalump!

I can only assume that "heffalump" is an industry term for "gigantic whale of a human being," which, you’re right, Kate Upton is not. Although The Gloss’s Ashley Cardiff makes a very valid point here

You know, when straight size models snag significant covers, none of their EICs are ever offering backhanded quotes to the press, like, “She’s different. Not, like, a total troll or anything. But different. I saw past that to cast her.”

See, I just thought Kate Upton was on magazine covers so that dudes had something to masturbate to. No? Oh right, print is dead.

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Kate Upton Wants to Be the Next Bond Girl

Ever since former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld tapped Kate Upton to cover the debut issue of her hotly-anticipated new magazine, the fashion world has taken a liking to the scantily clad one. No longer limited to Sports Illustrated or GQ spreads, Upton has appeared in a number of international glossies, including Jalouse and Interview, and is the star of November’s Cosmopolitan. This newfound acceptance has given the Victoria’s Secret-blacklisted model some serious superhero-like confidence, so naturally her sights are set on cinema.

In a brilliantly timed plug for the James Bond franchise, which has a new Tom Ford-dressed film rolling out this month, Upton recently revealed to New York Post that she thinks she has what it takes to be a Bond girl. "It’s a very prestigious title, and it would be a very cool role," she explains. "I would need to go through some intense training to learn all the Bond girl moves."

If Upton were to take on the iconic femme fatale gig (and she certainly has the physical attributes to do so; not sure about the acting bit, since all we have to work with are videos of her Cat Daddy-ing for Terry Richardson, eating a messy burger for Carl’s Jr., and cuddling babies and goats for the aforementioned CR Fashion Book), she’d be joining an elite group of predecessors, including Ursula Andress, Famke Janssen, Olga Kurylenko and—Kate’s fave—Halle Berry. Would you watch Upton take on Bond?

Kate Upton Doesn’t Care If You Think She’s Fat

Kate Upton, whose clothes are frequently broken, has responded to the comments made by a blogger named Skinny Gurl, an anonymously yet literally named cultural critic who claims that Upton is, like, totally too fat too be pretty. You know, the kind of fat that others might describe as "looking like a normal human woman."

College Candy pointed out that Skinny Gurl, who blogs at the pro-anorexia site Skinny Gossip (a site that does not have the tagline, "Cutting the Fat and Exposing the Bones"), wrote in a blog post tagged under the phrases "fatties" and "thunder thighs": "Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition — she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are “striving” for now? The lazy, lardy look? Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!" 

I mean, I’m not really all that into Kate Upton, either, but that is because I’m generally disgusted by the ideas of vaginas (are they the best we can aim for in this country? Srsly, ewwwww!), but I can’t really agree with Ms. Skinny Gurl. And I’m pretty sure most dudes who are into vaginas would likely disagree, as well: Upton is, after all, on a most recent cover of GQ, subtly licking a patriotic popsicle. 

Today, as The Frisky points out, Upton has responded to the allegations that she’s a giant, disgusting cow of a woman. She replied, "I’m not going to starve just to be thin. I’m going to enjoy life and I can’t if I’m not eating and miserable." Boom, Skinny Gurl. Kate’s not going to stop eating popsicles, hot dogs, and other phallic objects just because you think a visible ribcage is the truest form of beauty!