First Day of Spring Shopping: 6 Looks for Dreamy New Season Perfection

Don’t let the errant snowflake or sudden dips into freezing temps fool you; Friday is the first day of spring, and that means the first day of spring shopping has arrived.

Whether or not the weather is ready for it, we’re moving into the new season — even if it takes some time to come out of cozy hibernation.

Go ahead and take the fuzzy layers — in pale lavender and soft blush — from winter with you, just be sure to add some new warmer weather favorites (like these breezy dresses from Wes Gordon, Kaelen, Tibi, and Karolyn Pho), too. Lijie (Marilyn) models the best spring looks to wear now. Photographed by Robert Johnson, styled by Alyssa Shapiro.

Wes Gordon gray melange strapless dress; Tibi trench coat; Karen Gallo Stevie sneaker; Stylist’s own belt      

Creatures of the Wind Jenna parka; Kaelen iridescent cowl-back slip dress

Ryan Roche turtleneck; Ryan Roche shorts; Karolyn Pho hand painted Timberlands 

Karolyn Pho
Slate slip dress; Wes Gordon ribbon tweed knit pullover (around waist); Ryan Roche lavender cardigan; Karen Gallo Carter sneakers

Wes Gordon blush stretch crepe long sleeved wrap dress; Ryan Roche cardigan


Tibi Maritime dress; Ryan Roche turtleneck; Karen Gallo Carter sneaker


Photographed by Robert Johnson
Styled by Alyssa Shapiro
Hair and makeup by Ashley Rebecca
Model: Lijie Liu (Marilyn)

Wes Gordon available at Net-a-Porter
Kaelen available here
Tibi available here
Ryan Roche available here

Creatures of the Wind available at Ikram
For Karolyn Pho, email
Karen Gallo available here

Furry Fendi Bracelets and Karen Gallo Haircalf Booties: Get Furr’d Up, Part 3

Anni Jürgenson (Marilyn) photographed by Ben Rosenzweig in NYC

Fall: we’re two days in.

Before the weather gets way harsh, Tai, we have a few perfect weeks when a furry accessory is all the extra warmth you need — so to celebrate early fall, we rounded up our favorite shoes, bags, and even jewelry to keep you looking cozy, and the best pieces to wear it with to make sure you stay cool.

For the perfect fuzzy Coach creepers and full fur Fendi bag, click here… for a quite cheeky pink fuzzy Fendi bag and cozy Reek Krakoff pumps, click here… And keep an eye out for new looks all week.

We’re really into these sleek, bottle green haircalf booties by designer Karen Gallo. And that Fendi bangle? I mean…

Anni wears silk top and leather shorts by Karolyn Pho, druzy and fur cuff by Fendi, and haircalf booties by Karen Gallo. Karen Gallo shoes available on the Spring app and through the designer’s website.


Photographer: Ben Rosenzweig
Fashion Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair Stylist: Corey Tuttle
Makeup Artist: Giselle Hernandez
Fashion Assistant: Emily Ovaert
Photo Assistant: Caroline Dorn

Karolyn Pho References the Future without Referencing Zenon

Aine tries on a pair of Karolyn Pho x Moscot frames. Photo by Zac Sebastian

“I think everyone’s a little over space vibes,” designer Karolyn Pho mused backstage before her SS15 show. The designer’s new collection featured feminine materials, gorgeous plissé pleats, oversized paillettes,  and masculine tailoring that translated a forward-thinking vibe grounded in her tried and true aesthetic, with a healthy dose of ’90s minimalism throughout — a prevailing decade found throughout many collections this season.

One of the pieces of the collection that the above sentiment rang most true for were the sunglasses Pho created in collaboration with Moscot. The crystal clear frames in a ’60s/’70s boxy, masculine shape echoed this futuristic-sans-space vibe with a touch of girly thrown in– pairs either featured flamingo pink or sky blue lenses. Totally wearable, totally future, without referencing Zenon.

(Though, to be fair, we will always love Zenon.)

Britney Spears Does Fashion, Maserati for a Cause, and Athleticwear: #NYFW Day 6

Sara: I officially can barely remember what day it is!

Alyssa: It’s Wednesday, remember (just keep swimming).

Sara: Swimming! That sounds fun actually. Emily and I would have been down to swim when we stopped by Le Bain tonight.


Emily: Yup that would’ve made my night.

Alyssa: It probably would have made everyone’s night who was there, too. Unless you splashed them, of course. Chlorine ruins couture.

Emily: Probably would’ve ruined my Topshop as well.

Alyssa: So glad we found a few minutes to get together tonight at the 1 of 100 Maserati event with Zegna. That much needed glass of champagne was my first of the week. Horrors! But also that car is super chic. And if you buy one, the money goes to restoring a fountain in Italy. It is basically like charity, so who wants to buy (me) a Mas for a cause?

Sara: Mmm, petite foods!

Alyssa: (Followed by normal sized foods at Gitane.)

Sara: Mmm, avocado toast. My doorman is so cute. He always asks me if I’m surviving and then tells me how many days I have left.

Alyssa: How many is it?

Sara: Two!

Emily: Homestretch!

Sara: So today I saw BRITNEY guys. Definitely my top moment of the day. OTHER than dinner with you ladies which was the first time I’ve been social in days and so wonderful.

Emily: And you got a picture with Anna Dello Russo!

Sara: Guys, I have very few filters, but I will not share that terrifying picture taken in the elevator of The Standard.

Alyssa: Hold up. No offense to ADR, she’s cool and all, but CAN WE TALK ABOUT BRITNEY JEAN.

Sara: Okay so Britney’s line is HOT.

Alyssa: She’s doing lingerie, right?

Sara: Yeah, it was actually really funny, because during the presentation, one model would come out in a straight up thong and bra but then the next would be wearing conservative pajamas. What a contrast. And then, at the end, we were graced with about 30 seconds of Britney looking really, really good in a red jumpsuit who thanked us for coming. I didn’t get to speak with her or selfie (which would have completed my life) but I was in the front row! I’m not sure where the lingerie is sold, but I would definitely buy it. In fact, I’m gonna check out the website right now.

OMG–there’s a video.

Every style has a video…….one is called anemone…..okay wait they don’t all have videos but whaaaat.

New favorite website. It seems it will mostly be e-commerce–the most brick and mortar stores are in Belgium and Germany… strange. The girls had roses in their hair, it was very pretty. I weirdly feel like I need to order something to support Britney.

Emily: Speaking of pretty hairstyles, I was into the models’ hair at Cynthia Rowley. They had these gold/silver foil things in that looked kind of mermaid-y.

Sara: Emily is super into mermaids 🙂

Emily: Hope to one day attend classes here.

Sara: I would gladly join.

Alyssa: I’m more like Ariel when she’s on dry land and hanging out with Prince Eric.

Sara: So we all went to Karolyn Pho before our champagne+dinner excursion…

but before that I went to Diesel Black Gold in the morning at the 33rd street Post Office. I always wanted to see a show there. I remember last year dropping my boss off in front for the Rag & Bone show and thinking kinda: “wow.” So that was cool! I saw across the room from Giovanna Battaglia and ADR and after the show I really got what this uber driver meant when he said THIS:

Emily: Just Cynthia Rowley for me–lots of bright colors, florals, and interesting prints. I was into it.

Sara: I would like to give a quick shoutout to one of the nicest people in fashion: Peter Arnold has been the president of Cynthia Rowley for a bunch of years. He just always puts me in a great mood. I ZIPPED from Britney to Cynthia because a. I always love her collections–they’re whimsical, really and b. Peter is delightful. He also wears the coolest glasses.

Emily: Yeah whimsical perfectly described it. One outfit looked like something out of I Dream of Jeannie while the activewear clothes actually looked pretty sleek and modern.

Sara: Can we speak for a second about how, this season, the clothes either LOOK like activewear or ARE activewear? Cynthia debuted activewear?

Emily: It was pretty cute.  I could maybe get excited about exercising with some of those outfits.

Alyssa: As good of a reason to get a new outfit as any.


5 Songs We’re Shazaming This Fashion Week

Fashion Week = clothes, yes, but you’re missing out if the only app you’re opening is Instagram. Breaking away from the camera for a few seconds to switch on Shazam yields a whole other creative wealth and will help build the perfect playlist for remaining calm and energized running from one show to the next. So our top five downloads so far this season? (In no particular order):

While waiting for Karolyn Pho to start // Warpaint’s “Love Is To Die”

Closing out Thom Browne’s ecclesiastical show // OMD’s “Sister Marie Says”

At CFDA Incubator designer Nonoo’s fall show // Phantogram’s “Fall In Love”

Marissa Webb gave us two to download: Robi’s “On Ne Meurt Plus D’amour” (which we heard at at least one other show)

and Au Revoir Simone’s “Love You Don’t Know Me”


Catching Up with Emerging Designer Karolyn Pho

When we met with Karolyn Pho this past October she had only just shown her first collection designed in New York and now, not even four months later, she’s preparing to present her debut collection at New York Fashion Week. Despite the usual chaos associated with Fashion Week, Pho is calm, cool and collected.  The obvious dissemination of this confidence into her clothing is probably what we love most about the eponymous label.

We stopped by to catch a quick glimpse of her mood board and discuss her inspirations, her design process and her plans for the future.

What’s changed since we talked in October? I am going to guess a lot.

A lot has changed since then. Spring/Summer was my first collection in New York. So that transition from LA to New York really affected that collection. This new collection is me being more comfortable here and having received a lot of feedback from this community, really trying to add it in and be mindful of it. Which helped me grow a lot as a designer and as a person in general. This whole transition phase has been a great leaning experience. And now I am here and I can’t believe it.

On the fashion calendar!

If you told me this a couple months ago I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s absolutely surreal.  I feel blessed and so thankful.

That must have been quite a change going from first collection in New York to showing at Fashion Week?

It’s so surreal. From last season, where I was just getting my feet wet and receiving feedback, to this.  And taking all of that feedback and infusing it in this collection but still keeping my concepts and aesthetics. That was the main evolution.  I took the community’s response and really tried to focus it and push it toward the collection. If the editors and buyers can see their notes from the last collection and compare them to the new collection and be happy, then I am stoked, because that’s exactly what I was trying to do. And that’s out of respect. Yes, you should have your own voice but at the same time you need to respect your community. These are the people supporting you.

How did that cross-country move from L.A. to New York affect your collection?

If anything it gave me more confidence in the collection. I was doing something similar in L.A. and I just don’t think the community there was as receptive to it. When I brought it to New York people were really feeling it. When the community says, yes, we’re into it, that’s everything, especially when you’re in New York. It really validated for me that I am doing what I should be doing.  New York really pushed me to my limit, pushed me to my edge. And I think New York does that for everyone, in whatever occupation. There’s a really fun energy here.

KPho FW14 Inspo board

What was your inspiration for this collection?

Well here’s my mood board (see above.) The way my mind works is kind of like a Venn diagram. I have two circles overlapping with two different ideas and whatever meets in the middle is what I take as the backbone for the collection. The left side is darker while the right is lighter with much more vibrant colors. These are clippings that I’ve gathered over the past couple of months and none of it really made sense until I printed it all out, laid them out and saw what my mind was trying to get to. And it all plays well together.

I am calling this collection “Self-Preservation”, as in the idea of protecting oneself for the purpose of moving forward; that ability to move to another life if you will, to whatever your heaven or your afterlife is. My collections always have some sort of religious undertone. I take a general interest in it. I don’t really know yet what I believe except that I believe in a higher power and all my collections have this feeling of what is purgatory, what is afterlife? My last collection was called “Unknown”.

Do you have any daily routines?

My daily routine is that I don’t have a daily routine. I don’t know what you call it because it’s not ADD or OCD. But like I have to be working on at least five different projects. And I like that. I don’t have to feel like I have to do any one of them right now because creatively I can’t force myself to do something it just comes. I just let it go when it happens, when I am feeling in. And that sounds super hippie-dippie but I don’t know how else to explain it.  My routine is that I have no routine.

What about if you’re in a creative rut?

I go for a really long walk and this is going to sound insane but I play the same song over and over. I walk seven miles listening to the same song and I don’t know what it is but the monotony of it all gets me thinking, Walking helps, music always helps. Movies sometimes too, I am by no means a cinefile but I do appreciate a really cinematic film.

Does your background styling for film still affect your design process?

I can’t say that what I was doing then is so much different than what I am doing now when I’m conceptualizing. You’re trying to tell a story and create a character and show how that character lives in the story.

If you had to pick a film for this collection, what type of film would it be? Who are the characters?

I can’t help but think of that movie I Am Love with Tilda Swinton. It’s the characters, the time, the movement, the space, the pace and the music in the film.

Favorite piece from the collection so far?

I can’t pick a favorite. Okay, that’s a lie I do have a favorite. It’s this rabbit fur tank top. It’s really the look in general. I am pairing it with a pair of slouchy, baggy tuxedo pants and it’s so formal but so andro and so masculine. I love that. I don’t think there’s a sexier, harder look.

We loved your exploration of textiles in your last collection. Has that carried into this collection as well?

I love experimenting with textiles. Every collection that I do has a similar silhouette. That keeps the consistency in the brand. Where I have room to play is in the color, fabrications and textures and I am really heavy on that. I love finding weird quirky things and adding it as trim, just a little touch of this and little touch of that. Everyone wants to wear something that they are comfortable in but at the same time they still want to be different and unique and those little touches really help with that.

Did you have a goal for this collection?

Industry approval sounds bad. But from the last collection I got so much feedback from the community that I really tried to keep that in mind and push that into the new collection and make it stronger and build it. That was my main goal. The concept is always there but as a designer I am still growing and that feedback helps so much.

What is the biggest different between this collection and collections past? 

I think silhouettes. There are certain silhouettes that I think are beautiful and conceptual but from a market standpoint maybe you can’t sell it. So I still have my conceptual pieces and I get to show them but they’re not the backbone of the collection rather they strengthen it and are building blocks for it. I feel where I’ve grown the most is in creating tangible relatable pieces that have the concept and idea but are so much easier to wear. I really played with different materials and different color ways. That was my main goal, making it more tangible to the people.

Do you have any advice for young artists?

Be true to yourself. This is so lame but I was drinking tea this morning and the tag on the tea said “know that you are the truth” and I was like wow, this is the perfect day to have this little tea bag. And I think what I want to say to young designers is you’re the truth. You are your voice and you are your concept.  Stay strong to that. Don’t waver. At the end of the day it’s you, and it’s your name and it’s your brand.

Do you have a strategy going into Fashion Week?

I am a control freak so I’ve always had a game plan but to be honest this time, I don’t. I’ve done as much as I can. And everyone I am working with is so on top of it and that helps so much. I am not worried, I am nervous but I am not worried. It’s all there.

What do you hope comes from this experience?

It sounds terrible but this whole act is totally selfish. This collection is for me. I obviously want people to enjoy it and there’s sales and yada yada yada but really at the end of the day I just want to see a beautiful show and I want to know that I can do it. It’s so rewarding even just to see the collection done and then presenting it is, I am lost for words. I may cry! I don’t know.

I can understand crying.

Yeah, there are heavy emotions. But I have to be honest after it’s all done, the designing that is, I immediately detach myself from it. Because when I start working with a stylist for instance who’s saying do this, do that, I can’t get my feelings hurt. And especially with a collection being shown on a runway, other people have opinions, and once it goes to sales buyers have opinions. And that’s something I have to be okay with listening to on the business side. I have to be receptive without getting defensive.

How do you do that?

I start thinking about the next collection. It’s like a bad break up. You just have to move on to something else and not think about. That way it doesn’t hurt so badly.

When we talked in October you described the girl who you imagined wearing your collection, is she the same girl for this collection or different? 

It’s always going to be the same girl and the same silhouettes. I don’t want to veer too far from off from that. That’s the consistency in the brand. I want people to be able to come and find that certain something. However, the colors and fabrications will be forever changing.

What’s that certain thing?

I want them to shop Karolyn Pho when they want something that will make them feel confident, comfortable, professional, classic and elegant on a day-to-day basis.  You should dress how you feel!

What are your future plans for your line?

I just want to continue doing what I love. And I want to be able show again next season!

Watch our film on Karolyn Pho here.

Emerging Designers: Karolyn Pho

Since designing her label’s first collection in 2012, Karolyn Pho’s clothes have already appeared in stores across the world – Satine in California, West LA in Dubai, Beaute in Japan, Melange in Kuwait, and Raised by Wolves in New York, among others.

Pho’s clothes do an easy aesthetic bounce between New York and Los Angeles. Though she’s California born and bred, her silhouette recalls a slightly more structured culture, though by no means uptight. Her girl is a youthful, fun, determined sophisticate on the rise – just like the designer herself – and her carefully chosen colors – nude, red, black, white – make an easy wardrobe. It’s minimalism with a punch.

Femininity still reigns, without ever faltering toward girly. She doesn’t take herself too seriously – just consider the “Boobie” tee. Smart additions like latex cardigans that employ trompe l’oeil are formed specially to appear 3-D, swinging skirts, and perforated summer blazers take the work out of dressing appropriately and interestingly for anything– she can go anywhere without a costume change.

Pho has thought her customer out fully – it makes sense, given her background as a fashion stylist and wardrobe designer for film. She knows the whole story, and she’s telling it through her collections.

Karolyn Pho wears her own designs in the film above.