Here's Your First Look at Kristen Stewart As Coco Chanel in New Karl Lagerfeld-Directed Short

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“I think she’s one of the greatest actors of her generation,” Lagerfeld said about Twilight star Kristen Stewart to WWD, gushing about her role as the protagonist in his forthcoming 11-minute film,  slated for release Dec. 1 at Rome”s Cinecittà. 

Tackling a more complex approach to profiling the late Coco Chanel, Lagerfeld”s short will star Stewart, who plays an actress that”s preparing to play a young Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. This narrative, Lagerfeld said, is much better than all those “horrible” Chanel biopics, for one, because Stewart “looks more like Chanel than all the other actresses who played her.”

In fact, his idea to even create such a film began with Stewart—a performer whose infamous real life attitude lent itself brilliantly to Lagerfeld”s hot-tempered fictional character.

Ahead of its online casino nearing release in a week, WWD unveiled a selection of behind-the-scenes photos, providing a glimpse into the custom costumes and set, all designed by Lagerfeld:

From the making of the film "Once and forever."

From the making of the film "Once and forever."


From the making of the film "Once and forever."

Karl Lagerfeld to be Honored with Outstanding Achievement Award

Image via Chanel’s Instagram 

Karl Lagerfeld is having a big week, which we’d imagine is pretty standard for the fashion giant. Following the news of his guest appearance on Kim Kardashian’s wildly successful mobile app, the British Fashion Council announced today the 82-year-old designer will receive an Outstanding Achievement Award on Nov. 23 at the British Fashion Awards.

Lagerfeld joins an impressive lineup of previous winners, including Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour, iD Founders Terry and Tricia Jones and Designer Manolo Blahnik. His award is in recognition of the designer’s impressive lifelong contributions to the industry as creative director of luxury labels Chanel and Fendi.

“Karl Lagerfeld defines outstanding,” said British Fashion Council Chairman Natalie Massenet. “In Karl’s hands the future of fashion will be an exceptional one.”

Karl Lagerfeld’s Avatar to Appear on Kim Kardashian’s App

Karl Lagerfeld’s image over the years has become deeply embedded in the pop culture landscape, lending his trademark white ponytail and jet black sunglasses to everything from The Simpsons to Tokidoki figurines.

In a time when fashion’s future seems uncertain, Lagerfeld’s been one of the strongest examples of a designer capitalizing on his celebrity status to keep his brands at the forefront. Therefore, his decision to appear in Kim Kardashian’s mobile game, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” comes as no surprise, since submitting to the Kardashian empire has proven time after time to be an unstoppable means for success in the digital era.

Starting tomorrow, Lagerfeld’s avatar will come to life in Kardashian’s virtual world, joining a strong lineup of fashion editors who’ve also gone this route, including André Leon Talley and Anna Dello Russo. The Glu Mobile game, which currently boasts more than 30 million downloads, will feature a Karl Lagerfeld boutique fully stocked with a selection of the designer’s latest collection where players’ “aspiring celebrities” can shop and style ready-t0-wear bags and shoes.

The fashion industry is speculating a major social media boost for the Chanel Creative Director as a result of this A-list collaboration. Falling just behind @Instagram and @TaylorSwift, Kardashian’s Instagram account boasts an impressive 50.2 million followers to Lagerfeld’s much slimmer 1.7 million—a discrepancy that’s likely to reduce over the next few days.

“Kim’s contribution to beauty and fashion—and what made her such an icon—is the fact that you don’t have to be super slim and very tall to be beautiful,” Lagerfeld said to Vogue. “Others tried, but she succeeded in giving other girls like herself confidence. And I admire her for that.”


Insta-Critic: Fendi’s Furry Feet

Fendi (& Karl) understand that winter is rough, and so why not take a puffer jacket and make it a strapless evening dress? Why not cover wedge boots in shearling? Such were the tones–of ultra-glam comfort in exclusively autumnal hues at Fendi this morning in Milan. Collars, turtlenecks, and gorgeously tailored coats met more voluminous, quirky fashions–the furs, the shearlings, and the leather pinafores. A bit of a 60s vibe echoed throughout the collection as well–think round shades, color-blocking in muted-tones reminiscent of abstract art, and a long white shag vest. May warmth in winter always be so chic.

Joan Smalls in a strapless puffer.

Wedge boot shown with every look @fendi #mfw #fall15

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Fendi wedge boots–and a single flower in the bag.

Leather tunics @fendi

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Leather overall vibes and shearling feet.

A bit of fur @fendi #mfw

A photo posted by The Business of Fashion (@bof) on

All fur, everywhere.

Karl Schedules a Show for the Same Date as the Met Ball… So, Would You Rather: Chanel or Vogue?

Photo: Julian Mackler/

It’s a fashionista’s scheduling nightmare, and the morbid dream is coming to reality quicker than the stitching of a Chanel tweed suit. What happens when the matriarch and patriarch of the fashion industry, Anna Wintour of American Vogue and Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel throw events on the same day in different countries? We will soon find out, because apparently May 4th is fashion’s hottest date.

MOMA Film Benefit Presented by CHANELTilda Swinton creating a barrier between Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour, rightfully so. Photo: David X Prutting/

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2015 Anna Wintour Costume Center Exhibition Gala has been the hottest ticket in New York since Wintour first organized it back in 1995. But that ticket could soon lose its shine as Chanel’s always elaborate cruise show is being held in Seoul, the exact same day.

CHANEL DINNER CELEBRATING N°5 THE FILM BY BAZ LUHRMANNKarl doing his best at promoting Chanel. Photo: Billy Farrell/

Where will the editors go? What will the top models do? Will Rihanna be sitting front row in Korea or tripping in Tom Ford up the steps of the Met? Which one would you rather attend? The $25,000 a plate Met Gala or front row at one of the years hottest shows? Anna, if Kendall or Cara are too busy walking in the Chanel show I am always available to be a seat filler.

CR FASHION BOOK ISSUE 2 After PartyWhere will these fashion favorites be on March 4th? Karl Lagerfeld pictured with Carine Roitfeld, Stephen Gan and Kanye West. Photo: Billy Farrell/

What You Missed at Chanel’s #TheOneThatIWant Party

Karl Lagerfeld, Gisele Bündchen and Baz Luhrmann cozy up while enjoying dinner. Photo: Billy Farrell/

Were you a victim of Chanel F.O.M.O.? Just minding your own business on a Monday night, maybe sipping a glass of wine to ease the stresses of your busy day, and then you check Instagram. A sea of images boasting Gisele Bündchen’s amazing derriere and Lauren Santo Domingo’s long legs. Pubescent teenage boy’s fantasy or just another Chanel party? Try both. Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld pulled out all the usual suspects in celebration of Chanel’s new No.5 campaign starring supermodel extraordinaire Gisele Bündchen and her surfing skills. Here’s what you missed while you were trying to maintain a normal life.

1. You missed Giselle wearing Chanel, posing in front of Chanel, at her Chanel event.BFA_10462_1265592Photo: Billy Farrell/

2. You missed model GiGi Hadid wearing Chanel leather sweatpants.BFA_10462_1265603Photo: Billy Farrell/

3. You missed Poppy Delevingne doing what she does best, wearing Chanel and going to parties.BFA_10462_1265598Photo: Billy Farrell/

4. You missed Lily Allen, her purple hair, and her Chanel bag that you can find in the meat isle at your local supermarket (Chanel supermarket, location to be determined.)BFA_10462_1265582Photo: Billy Farrell/

5. You missed the up and coming modern day male versions of Paris and Nicole, Peter Brant Jr. and Harry Brant smizing at the cameras. BFA_10462_1265615
Photo: Billy Farrell/


Basically, you missed out.

Faux for Show: What is Ethical Fashion Really All About?

Fashion is energizing. It is extravagant and engaging and sometimes exclusive. But can it truly be ethical and ecological? If your favorite label decided to start using ecological materials, would you roll your eyes, or applaud? Whilst some designers still believe in using the sprightliest goat for their emblazoned arm candy, or parade models down the catwalk, pelts of various unidentifiable protected species draped across their shoulders, who is making a point of the efficiency and encompassing factors that surround sustainable fashion?

Stella McCartney brought luxury ethical and eco fashion to the mainstream eye. After father Paul, a singer apparently, and mother Linda, the poster girl for eco warriors across the changing landscape of celebrity at the time, decided to focus more on the sustainability of life and the impact we have, it seemed only a natural fit when daughter Stella decided to swing into view with her range of non-leather, 100% polyester bags, made and engineered to feel as supple as possible, and lining made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The “leather” didn’t stop there, later came shoes and jackets, her subtle nod to eco fashion has been a constant undercurrent from every collection, her natural and simplistic modern aesthetic complements this, but when a 100% Plastic bag is the same price as a leather one from a matching brand, you have to either be truly dedicated to her aesthetic, or truly against the use of skins in design. The only other issue is, when vegetarians shape their food into shapes synonymous with meat products, it surely defeats the point, if you are making the point at using Polyester, why try so hard to make it identical in touch to leather?

In March 2010, Karl Lagerfeld, a man whose motorcycle gloved finger is so on the straddling pulse of life, made Cara and Gisele stage a semi-feminist protest last month, hit the headlines with the presentation of his Fall/Winter 2010 collection in Paris for Chanel. After a 265 tonne iceberg was transported to the Grand Palais, a trio of models emerges, trudging through the pooling ice water that surrounded the berg. Although none of this completely out of the ordinary for a Chanel Show so far, alas, the models were just three of many to be completely covered in fur, apparently sliced from any and every animal that made it onto the ark. Some were intrigued by the brash statement, some were outraged, and as the images spread across the world, outcries of obscene cruelty and unnecessary slaughter for a 15minute spectacle were heard. As the final model, Freja Beja Erichsen dragged her off white, feathered tulle and stripped fur mullet hem through the icy residue and the fash-pack ran for the usual scrum after a Chanel show, Karl let out his secret that he has been playing the media for the entire time. All the fur in the show was faux. Expertly crafted to resemble panoply of animals, he decided to test the consumer and the buyer in one, however the clothes still had the real fur price tag.

As more designers, mainstream and luxury are heading into a new era of consumerism, it will be interesting to see who rides the eco-wave, especially the icy one after Karl’s 2010 extravaganza. If fake fur can now be manufactured to an extreme quality and life-like texture, how long will we need to carry on with pelts and skins? With high-street stores launching eco-collections, H&M’s Conscious being a major player, you have to wonder how “Unconscious’ the manufacture of other clothes are. But will eco-conscious clothing, across the board, ever lose its ‘Hippy, hemp-t-shirt, earth warrior’ label? Well with Stella McCartney following in her mother’s footsteps, the 21st Century Eco Warrior may be swapping Birkenstocks for PU Stilettos sometime in the near future.


Fashion Showdown: Chanel Vs. Victoria’s Secret. Who Will Win?!

Cara Delevingne walks in Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. Images by Joe Schildhorn and Matteo Prandoni (

Two massive events on the fashion calendar will occur on the same day this year, which means this will be one hell of a fashion world showdown. Chanel’s Métiers d’Arts collection will debut in Austria on December 2nd, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show will be held the same day in London.

The two events will inevitably have to fight for the same editors, celebrity guest list, and models (Cara–who will you choose?!) Both events are known for their theatrical presentations, over the top outfits, and generally high entertainment value. Basically, it’s like if a sports person had to choose between watching the Super Bowl and the World Series on the same day (yeah sports!)

As for me, I’ll be watching the Victoria’s Secret show on TV with the rest of the fashion plebeian cast. Unless Karl wants to extend an invite.

Get Glam with the Most Spoiled Glamourpuss of All, Choupette

Emily models the Shupette Has-It-All eye and lip palette

The ubiquity of the “cat-eye,” #catsofintagram, and endless cat videos, GIFs, etc are all the proof we need: cats are chic. Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld have joined forces to further the obsession. The fusion of Shu Uemura’s name and Lagerfeld’s infamous kitty, Choupette brings us “SHUPETTE,” a small holiday collection inspired by Lagerfeld’s feline “daughter.”

And, since Lagerfeld’s sketches are drawn in Shu Uemura cosmetics, the collaboration was a natural fit.

Of course, with fame, one sometimes pays a price in a loss of modesty, and perhaps the honor of one’s very own cosmetics line has gone to little Chou’s head. Of the collab she (presumably) said, “I’m the world’s most famous furry beauty Choupette Lagerfeld, queen of catnaps, spoiled glamourpuss and social media’s most wanted.” We guess she deserves it!



The collection will be available at from October 15.