Is Justin Bieber Entering His ‘Joanne’ Era of Fashion?

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We have some exciting and startling news: Justin Bieber may be on the brink of entering his inevitable Joanne era of style. For anyone who’s been living under a dark, sad rock, let us quickly explain: with her latest album, Joanne, Lady Gaga launched herself boots-first into a new chapter of style, one consisting of cowboy hats, fringe, leather, and the overall vibe of someone who’s just walked across a field after shooting down their lame horse.

We’re far from delusional – we know Justin can’t possibly be considering a country-pop crossover album anytime soon. But in terms of fashion, he’s been keeping to this saggy-panted, bad boy basketball shorts look for quite some time, and we’re wondering if he, like us, might be itching for something new.

That’s when a miracle occurred: Justin wore a cowboy hat while walking on the sidewalk, and got us to thinking: is this the beginning of a sexy cowboy phase of fashion for the troubled crooner? Consider his tattooed figure sporting leather pants, a bolo tie, and red circular spectacles, or else a fringed denim jacket and acid wash cutoffs. It’s so crazy it just might work.

And if our style observations are any indication, our prayers may have been answered. Exhibit A:

Earlier this year he wore a distressed denim jacket with several patches and decals. Sinner’s prayer vibes, anyone?

Justin in the AMIRI Concert Trucker | releasing later this month

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Ok, and here he is on a motorcycle.

The receipts are all here. This might just be turning into a thing. Or, dare we say it, could Justin have been in a Joanne phase all along?

Justin Bieber Collabs with PacSun on Tour Merch

Tweens of middle America who dress like surfers are frozen in their tracks: PacSun, that store squeezed between Abercrombie and Spencer’s Gifts at the mall, is collaborating with Justin Bieber on his Purpose tour merchandise.

Normally, we try and stear clear of the graphic-tees-that-say-“Dude, Where’s My Board?” vibes, but in this case it really seems PacSun has outdone themselves. We’ll just turn a blind eye to the fact the company filed for bankruptcy in April.

The collection was designed by Jerry Lorenzo, Creative Director of Fear of God. Lorenzo told Rolling Stone: “In creating Justin’s wardrobe, his stylist, Karla Welch, and I wanted to come up with a fresh way to incorporate vintage Eighties and Nineties band tees into his onstage wardrobe. We borrowed the idea from Fear of God, of printing rock-inspired logos on super-rare vintage tees.”

This hat is fun in a cheeky sort of way that would only work with Bieber merch. Same goes for the graphic tee.

The windbreaker and hoodie, though, are actually really cool, and of course we’re obsessed with the Bieber tank, pictured at top.

The merchandise will be available online later this month.

The Best Belfies: Bieber + 7 Other Celebrities Pushing Instagram’s Nudity Limits

John Legend

Butts continue to break the internet. In the latest battle of the bums, Chrissy Teigen pits John Legend cheek-to-cheek with Justin Bieber in arguably the most popular Instagram posts of the week (John Legend’s butt is at 172K likes, which pales in comparison to Justin’s [very pale] butt at 2 million). All of this, of course, is coming off the heels of Marc Jacobs’ accidental belfie (which he reacted to in the best possible way).

We’re happy to see the boys getting a little cheeky on Instagram, since typically female celebrities are the queens of the belfie. Here’s a look back at some of the best celebrity butts on Instagram including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and (of course) most of the Kardashians.

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Marc Jacobs Belfie

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Martha Stewart Is EVERYTHING While Roasting Justin Bieber on Comedy Central

If you missed Comedy Central‘s roast of Justin Bieber last night, all you really need to see are five minutes of absolute gold — offensive, embarrassingly hilarious gold — perpetrated by former inmate Martha Stewart. This five minutes has it all: Attacks on Shaq (and his mom), racist jokes, prison jokes, and, like any good appearance by Martha, mating calls.

Enjoy. Probably with headphones.

Photo: Justin Bieber photographed by Joe Bielawa via

12 Fashion Stories You Need To Read Now

It’s campaign season. Let’s discuss.

1. Moschino Amputates Sasha Luss


When I hear about photoshop mishaps concerning magazine covers or ad campaigns all of which are staked on amounts of money beyond my meager imagination, I can only think one thing. Who let this happen? It’s so obvious that it will be called out, and so, IMHO, ‘twould be better to let bodies be real and avoid the outpouring of critique that is then inevitable. But sometimes, it’s not even about body image. As is the case in Moschino’s otherwise pretty cool new ad campaign, shot by Steven Meisel and starring the very hip Anna Ewers, Hollie-May Saker, and a mysteriously one-legged Sasha Luss. Whatever happened to your leg, Sasha, we hope it was painless and you’re back on two feet now…and all that.

2. Biebs for CK (#hiscalvins) 


Justin Bieber may skateboard in sweater dresses and frequently rock harem pants, but no matter what trend he tries, he stays loyal to his Calvins, because, duh. The now-20 year old drops trou (well, rocks ’em extra low-rise) to show off that infamous waistband in a series of also photoshopped pics for his starring role in the new campaign. He appears to have received an, um, upgrade, in definition, as well as some extra pubes. Cool.

3. And…in the Category of People Who Hang Out With Biebs, We Have Kylie Jenner on the Cover of Cosmo


All by herself. So there Kendall. And Kim. And Khloe. She’s sporting hyper-ombre’d hair (grey?), a trend I didn’t know was still happening, and discusses her lips (a very popular topic of conversation in this world) stating that surgery is not something she “desires” right now, and she has simply learned to kontour. Oh, to be a Kardashian.

4. Alexa’s Music Video Debut–Inspired by Denim

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.36.25 PM

Alexa Chung’s music video debut, directed by Gia Coppola, and inspired by her upcoming collaboration with AG, features the leggy Brit enthusiastically performing a karaoke rendition of her song “Blue Denim” (how meta) to an audience of bored party guests. She’s got on a little denim dress and white skimmers and looks cool (obviously) in spite of her disinterested friends (and boyfriend?). I would like the dress, please.

5. Bloggers Go Print on Lucky’s Latest Cover

lucky cover

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl, and Zanita Whittington of have just become the first bloggers to grace the cover of a major mag. It’s no surprise that it’s Lucky being that Editor-in-Chief, Eva Chen, is known for pioneering the rocky road that is the relationship between print and digital. This is sure to be a cover that stirs up opinions.

6. This is Not the Best Revenge

C. Wonder, awkwardly founded by Chris Burch after his divorce from ex-wife Tory, and said to be an act of revenge, will close its last 11 stores due to the competitive nature of the industry. The brand’s social media accounts are already gone. Burch, however, will be okay. He recently bought an island in Indonesia.

7. Jared Leto’s Abs Might Make You Want a Fanny Pack


Here is an example of ombre that I have no sass about. You do you, Jared Leto, you shirtless, legging-ed “hip pack” hawker. I’d also like to note that this seems very appropriate to Jordan Catalano-era fashion too.  Some celebs make fragrances, Leto has this. 

8. The Show Will Go On at Schiaparelli

In spite of Marco Zanini’s recent exist and the house of Schiaparelli’s current creative director-less-ness, the show will go on, on January 26th for Paris Couture Week.

9. The Jagger Sisters Team Up for Sonia Rykiel


The beautiful offspring of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, sisters Georgia May and Elizabeth Jagger co-star in Sonia Rykiel’s new ad campaign shot by Juergen Teller. The two also both walked in the September runway show. This casting represents a cross-section of those we’re seeing make headlines–the celebrity/model/celebrity-by-association hybrid. Either way, the girls have their father’s rockstar panache.

10. Marc Kerimzadeh Joins the CFDA as Editorial and Communications Director

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit celebrating ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: Savage Beauty Exhibition - InsidePhoto: Billy Farrell/

Kerimzadeh formerly worked at WWD and has fifteen years of fashion coverage experience. He will help the CFDA develop their editorial voice and brand.

11. Cara Delevingne: Renaissance Woman


Another woman whose name requires many “///” Ms. Delevingne can now add “contributing editor” to her supermodel/actress/designer/set-of-eyebrows C.V.

12. Jourdan Dunn Makes History

jourdan dunn

Jourdan Dunn made history this month as the first Black solo cover model for Vogue UK in 12 years. She’s wearing a beautiful Prada dress and Patrick Demarchelier took the pics. The last woman to do so was Naomi Campbell in 2002.

Orlando Bloom Does Hollywood a Favor

Photo by Hengist Decius

Justin Bieber once again proves that he’s Hollywood’s biggest douchelord. This time it doesn’t involve peeing in a bucket or speeding his leopard print Audi in the streets of his child-infested Calabasas neighborhood. This drama took place overseas and involved not only Orlando Bloom, but my personal favorite restaurant Cipriani’s as well. We hope no bellinis were harmed in the making of this tabloid headline.

Apparently things got heated at the Ibiza hotspot that was hosting a party where Hilton, Lohan, and Diddy were present. Allegedly, Bloom refused to shake Justin’s hand (for good reason, who knows where that thing has been!) due to claims that JB made rude comments about Blooms ex, supermodel goddess Miranda Kerr. Orlando, being a true man, stood up for himself and the brunette bombshell and threw a punch at the toddler sized adult. The crowd at #Cips went wild. A round of bellinis for everyone!

Being the “gangster” that Justin is, he had his entourage block the hit; he couldn’t let anything happen to his chiseled little baby face. Sources also say JB was putting his newly puberty deep vocals to yell, “What’s up, bitch?” And “Say hi to her,” as the two we’re being separated. Justin’s just such a class act.

Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga Lookalikes Appear In Celebrity Gossip Musical

Clubs with themes have migrated to Times Square to cash in on their financial base: tourists. Hayne Southern moved her Lucky Cheng’s to The Drag Queen Capital of the Universe, from her longrunning First Ave. location to 240 W. 52nd Street where the old Touch nightclub once showed everybody how not to be cool. The old Lucky Cheng’s space has new operators gearing it up to be wonderful. After many years catering to the hip, Lucky Cheng’s became completely dependent on tourists, bachelorette parties, and gatherings like this, so a move to the center of that universe, Times Square, was in the cards.

Culture Club, an ’80s-themed nightclub, thrived on Varick Street for eight years. It also enjoyed a large and loyal following, with tourists being a big part of that. Culture Club moved to 20 W. 39th Street, the former home of Club Speed which, according to neighbors and anyone else with social responsibility, could not close fast enough. Culture Club is fun and attracts a crowd looking to play along. Owner Robert Watman is a theme machine, having offered up the 70s-themed Polly Esthers club and ‘90s-themed joint Nerveana.

Culture Club is now offering a new off-Broadway musical-meets-nightlife interactive show.” Totally Tubular Time Machine (TTTM)  blasts onto our scene last Saturday and from all accounts was a blast. From what I can gather, it’s a time machine that has imitation pop icons performing as themselves and in unusual pairings: "Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Beiber, Vanilla Ice, and more…right there with you, and in front of you, and all around you!"

The pitch goes on to tell us that:

"Totally Tubular Time Machine is an immersive, radical pop music experience filled with live performances, party favors, and celebrity gossip, including a fun battle of the pop stars, i.e. Lady Gaga vs. Madonna. Guests witness 2013 Madonna warn 1989 Madonna of a pop star named Lady Gaga who will steal the beat to “Express Yourself,” while Justin Bieber went back in time and fulfilled his dream of dancing with Michael Jackson. Guests also re-lived the time when JLO and Puff Daddy were a couple and watched them perform her recent hit “On the Floor” together. It’s Back to the Future meets the MTV Music Awards, and you’re the star in this totally immersive, radical mash-up of pop music from the ‘80s, ‘90s and today!"

It’s Saturday nights. I’m there. They got me at Bieber. 

Justin Bieber Laments That Anne Frank Never Heard His Music

“What is there to even say?” Such is the question that generations of visitors to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam have had upon leaving the now sacred monument to human endurance in the face of atrocity. Justin Bieber, luckily, was happy to comment—and comment he did, in the museum’s guest book.

The New York Post reports

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here,” Bieber, 19, wrote in the guest book at the Anne Frank House, the hiding place-turned-museum in Amsterdam.

“Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber”—slang for his fans.

Bieber went on to write: “I mean, if not, then fuck her, right? The Nazis may have gotten a few things wrong, but man, sometimes I wish a true leader would rise above the pathetic political class and subjugate a nation to his will, meanwhile purging it of its impure bloodlines so that it may become a Valhalla that stands for a thousand years,” but this page was stolen by a smitten French teenager.

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Some Mean Germans Took Justin Bieber’s Monkey

"Justin Bieber has a monkey?" you ask. "That doesn’t sound very… safe, or something." Yes, you’d be correct. It seems to me that someone who regularly takes to Instagram to bitch about the indignities of his life while making a million dollars a second probably isn’t mature enough to raise a cat, much less a damn monkey. Alas, Bieber lives in a bubble in which everything is handed to him, including exotic animals. Luckily, there’s Germany policing the world for us. Bieber arrived in Munich last Thursday and the sensible, yet stern, German customs officials took away that poor monkey. Turns out Bieber did not have the proper paperwork for his pet after all, which should come as a surprise to no one. So there you have it: one monkey is safer today that he was before. Of course, that monkey is also living with fewer diamonds than he was last week.

[Via TMZ]

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