Actors Playhouse Nightclub Opens & Disappoints

I was invited to the Saturday night opening of Actors Playhouse, a club in what used to be the Actors Playhouse Theatre, 100 7th Ave. South right off of Christopher St. I had first seen the space  a couple of years ago when James Huddleston was considering it. James was hot off being the doorman of hotspot The Jane Hotel when the hip crowd couldn’t get enough of that space. For all the usual reasons, things didn’t pan out, and James found his gold over at Pravda. The Actors space he showed me was ancient wood, and had antique mirrors and a dressing room maze where people could easily get lost and then deliciously  found. At the time I thought it might be a winner. But a new crew has taken over the joint and they’ve paid no mind to the natural beauty of the room, opting to gut it and slick it out. It doesn’t work on any level.

I was told by attendee Joe "Viagra" Vicari that it was designed by Bluarch, which did Greenhouse and Juliet Supper Club. I didn’t much like either of those, but Greenhouse was affective. Juliet looked worn out way too soon. Anyway, design-wise Actors Playhouse looks like a cheap version of those. The biggest design crime was not embracing the assets the space offered; now it’s cold and lit up like a Coney Island attraction, and the flow is just awful. I could go on and on but my mother told me at dinner last night while we were discussing an entirely different matter that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. So I’m not going to say anything.

I will say that Joe Vicari and I have buried the hatchet after many years of wanting to hit each other with one.

Word comes that Matt Levine has grabbed the old Florent space in the Meatpacking. Florent was the in-place for the in-crowd, when they were still butchering cows where high-end clubs, restaurants, and boutiques now flourish.  Back before all that, it was the scenes last stop or – gasp – if you were real in and desperate you might get a bit of vodka in your coffee at 6am. Every ho, bro, and club employee would head there after all the chores were done for a good meal. Tables  werethisclose, and spying on the celeb and his date –  who were almost in your lap – became an art form. It was grand.

Nothing has worked in the space since Florent closed. Matt will come up with something. I have been told by a guy who should know that Matt snatched up the failed Merkato 55 space as well. Everyone in town is pushing and shoving to get an inch in the Meatpacking, and Matt lands two. He either is the wiliest of operators or paid too much. A combination of both is probably close to the truth, but then again what is too much for the area which has more foot traffic than anywhere, save Times, Herald, or Union Square. The Meatpacking District might soon be named the Cheesepacking District, but there still are outposts of elegance to entertain even a jaded old codger like me.

Jon B. Reopening Juliet Supper Club?

As I left the subway yesterday afternoon, I wondered if the rain had stopped. I approached the stairway to heaven and all things Meatpacking District when a man who looked like he had just seen Godzilla turned to me and said "It’s fucking Noah’s Arc shit out there.” Armed with a $4 umbrella, I went toward the rain, which seemed more like a portend to an Al Gore "I told you so" monologue than a midsummer relief. As I bravely entered the maelstrom, tourists huddled under awnings, looking like scared wet puppies. They looked at me like I was a fireman entering the burning tenement. I decided to sing and skip through the puddles and had the most fun. I entered my meeting at the Soho House with wet feet and a youthful grin. There, I kissed cheeks and shook hands with fabulous friends who told me secrets that I swore I’d wait on.

Someone asked me if I had been to Jon B’s new restaurant, punctuating the remarks with "air quotation marks and ending with wink, wink." I said, "No, I haven’t gone to RSVP yet and I don’t think I will.” They asked me if he was going to run it like a restaurant or if he would it do that for a while and then let it devolve into just another Juliet Supper Club. I said something like, "A leopard can’t change his stripes,” or “A horse is a horse of course of course," and the dude thought I wasn’t making sense. They put booze in those drinks at Soho House.

Another chatty fellow told me he heard from a lawyer that works with another lawyer that’s getting the liquor license that Jon B was going to reopen Juliet, which has been shuttered because of doing everything badly. This fellow swears that Jon will open there again as a restaurant. "OMG!" I offered while trying to escape. “It will be Deja Vu, Bang ,Bang, Bang all over again!” While the suits chuckled at my escape quip, I ran to the couch to take my meeting, waving to beautiful, wonderful, fabulous people at the bar. Soho House is all things to some people. I’m considering hanging there constantly for inside “wink, wink” scoops.

This Saturday night I am heading to Le Poisson Rouge to catch DJ/producer/old friend Frankie Knuckles. I chatted with him about the gig and the state of dance music yesterday. Le Poisson is really an important spot and has been since day one. It was good to catch up after too many years. Frankie will be joined by Miguel Migs, Sleepy & Boo, Mikey G, and Dan Fisher. It will be nice to hear some good ol’ house music. Electronic dance music is like a mosquito to my ears. I seek some vocals and the company of adults.

Last but not least, and the subject of tomorrow’s post, is this Sunday’s Xtravaganza Ball at XL. It will be everything. Tivo True Blood, On Demand The Newsroom, put your seriously chic outfit on, and head to this ball. I cannot recommend an event more strongly. This is the realest of deals. Please come done-up as that is the requirement at balls such as this. But be warned: there are few balls such as this. I must leave right now for my fitting, as I have been honored to be a judge and must look fierce. Tell you more tomorrow!

NYC Nightlife for Japan: Lavo Tonight

With the world seeing its horrible future unfold every day on TV, many are choosing to bury their heads in the sands of Charlie Sheen and American Idol gossip. Others have chosen to try to help. This horrible crisis makes me worry. If anything, the Japanese seem better than us at most technological things, and if they can’t get a handle on this, then what will happen when one of our own nuclear reactors suffers a similar “glitch.”

The fact that their equivalent to Con-Ed is running the show, trying to save the country, makes the whole affair seem comical. Somebody “better” might need to step up before our seafood becomes see food, radiation making it glow in the dark. But shaking your fist in the air, or leaning out the window and shouting, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore,” isn’t going to help. A whole lot of people will be gathering at Lavo tonight to raise some cash and awareness. I am on the host committee. I urge you to come to Lavo to discuss Charlie Sheen and American Idol while sipping cocktails and participating in an amazing raffle of donated goodies. Please join us in showing NYC love for Japan!

Date: Tonight Tuesday March 29th Time: 7-10 PM Location: Lavo, 39 East 58th Street Details: Cash Bar/Food Music: DJ MSG on Decks Charity: David Raleigh and F. Stokes will be MC’ing the raffle! Tickets are $20 each, winner must be present to win. The raffle will take place at 9:15pm

Raffling Off: – Pair of U2 tickets for Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at the Meadowlands – Takamichi Hair: haircut with Takamichi himself – Kristian Schmidt, Photographer: photographic print of your choice from his galleries up to 60″x40″ -Yogaworks: 3 month regional membership – Uhuru Interiors: 3 hour interior design consultation – Lucky Rice Festival: pair of VIP tickets to Lucky Rice Grand Feast – Sundown Ski and Snowboard: Salomon down jacket – Men’s – Slice, the Perfect Food: 2 passes for a 3 hour pizza making class – Juliet: dinner for 4 including champagne up to $500 – Mekong: dinner for 2 up to $100 – Salvor Projects: silk-screened scarves (unisex). We have 3! – Chelsea Piers: Multi-Sport Passports. We have 2 sets of 2. – 2 x 4: Prada Libro, limited edition book/documentation of Prada’s entire organizational creative output (not publicly available) – Areaware: Limited Edition Strida folding bike (1 of 20 made). This prize will be shipped to the winner. – RJ Raizk, Artist: Hand drawn pattern printed on Aquarelle rough paper, with natural pigment application and silver and gold leaf by up and coming artist RJ Raizk in collaboration with Vance Brooking – Kria Jewelry: Single Silver Vertebrae on natural leather bracelet – Keetja Allard Photography: photographic print – Bellino Fine Linens: Italian-made, 400TC percale, 100% Egyptian cotton, queen sheet set (including 2 pillowcases). Light blue. – Konstanze Zeller: Haircut by noted fashion hairstylist Konstanze (Available on Saturdays between noon-3, at The Drawing Room.) – Six Scents Parfums: Richard Nicoll Series Two fragrance – The Mondrian Soho: One night stay at the Mondrian Soho plus 2 complimentary drinks at Imperial No. 9. – BoConcept: Package consisting of: various home accessories, a complimentary in-house consultation, and a $200 gift certificate redeemable at either Madison Ave, SoHo, Chelsea, DUMBO, & UES stores. – Hudson Clearwater: dinner for 2 up to $100 – Mick Rock: 11″x14″ photograph of David Bowie in Kabuki attire designed by Kansai taken in the UK. 1973. C-type color print. – Yummus Hummus: gift certificate for $40 – Kiln Design Studio: copper and enamel bowl – Rick Swanson, Master Super Slow Instructor: 3 personal training sessions. – L’Effrontee: Necklace by Apartment A’Louer. Brass and resin – IAMAMIA: 1 x 11 necklace. Brass and leather – Betel: gift certificate up to $100 – Clear Designs: 5 hours of personal organizing services – Dusaneye: Hilde women’s sunglasses – Selima Optique: sunglasses. We have 4 pairs – men’s, women’s, girl’s and boy’s – Abycastle Abyssinians: Abyssinian kitten from a national winning boutique cattery

We are asking for a $20 minimum donation at the door (larger donations are most welcome). All door and raffle proceeds plus 10% of bar and food sales from the event will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. All donations are tax-deductible and there will be forms available for those wanting a receipt/acknowledgment.

If you cannot attend in person and would like to donate directly, we encourage you to go here to donate.

CO-CHAIRS: Benjamin Dewar, Lelaine Lau

HOST COMMITTEE: Miki Agrawal, Radha Agrawal, Keetja Allard, Mark Baker, Belinda Becker, Tyler Breuer, Jayma Cardoso, Danielle Chang, Lily Cho, Kevin Crawford, Michelle Forrest, Tegan Gaan, Veronica Gledhill, Lauren Grafer, Erin Hawker, Kelly Hulbert, Alex Jeffers, Suzanne Koshnoodi, Steve Lewis, Leonard LoRusso, Emilio Mesa, Sakura Moriya, DJ MSG, Yvonne Najor, Takamichi Saeki, Cristina Salazar, Amber Senn, Mami Shirakawa, Amanda Young Shortall, Ali Smith, Katia Tallarico, Sasha Tcherevkoff, Fernando Tormena, Tom Trowbridge, Liz Vap, Vegas, Arden Wohl, Derek Yamada, Hikari Yokoyama.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has sent medical teams to support the government-led earthquake and tsunami response in Japan. They are running mobile clinics and conducting needs assessments, which will determine the full scope of their response. Please note that Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) typically does not earmark funds for specific arenas of operations, instead using unrestricted donations which allows them to provide rapid and targeted care to those areas most in need. Our donation will be unrestricted.

The Box, Juliet Supper Club: Fashion Week Madness!

At the end of the Oscar-winning flick The Bridge on the River Kwai (which won 1957’s Best Picture of Year award), a British officer stands on a hill and repeats “Madness!” while making a funny face. I can relate to him. Fashion Week is madness, and as much as it’s usually a “must avoid” for me, I am swept up in it like flotsam on the River Kwai. So many events, so many friends in town, and the weather is giving me a bit of spring fever—yes, even at my age. Madness! I was swept to The Box for it’s 4th anniversary. The dapper, debonair door principal (and all around nice guy), Giza (Gizaselimi), kindly invited me down, and as I have always depended on the kindness of gentlemen, I decided to go.

All the Boxers were there: Simon Hammerstein, Serge Becker, the Jakupi brothers (Genc and Binn), and all the bells and whistle blowers that have made the joint famous and infamous.

Walter Durkatz introduced me to a beautiful gal who spewed economics and politics at me like I was back at Stuyvesant High in Mr Irgang’s 12th-grade class. Madness! I nodded at the passers-by, shook a hundred hands, air kissed the unbelievably decked-out and gorgeous (I mean, how does she do it?) Suzanne Bartsch, and eyed Adrian Grenier and his very hot posse—er, entourage. I even smiled a couple of times. So I was told.

The stage was a-flutter with guys, gals, and those where gender doesn’t matter, performing their hearts out . Then the Scissor Sisters came out and raised the ante. 4 years ago, The Box raised the ante, and last night it was undeniable. One of the best rooms in the city: it is amazing when it is amazing. A smart guy with a funny hat whispered in my ear, “It ain’t what it used to be.” I told him neither was he. 4 years in clubland is like 15 in dog years—100 in human years. Too few joints can boast relevancy after even 2. Sure, there have been ups and downs, and scandals, and madness. But it’s a club, not a boutique.

While the Scissors were doing their thingy I looked at the mixed bag of socialites, queens, socialite queens, movers, shakers, spenders, debutantes, sluts, playboys, and street candy that packed the place. The people who say it can’t be done are just the people who don’t know how to do it, and those that follow them follow everything, and follow everybody else. Imagination was once a major part of nightlife, and these folks understand that, and have proven it for 4 years— and long before. There’s talk of a mega-move of talent, dreams, and energy to the vacant 27th Street shells of Home/Guesthouse and Spirit, and this coo-coo-cooler-than-cool (so cool crowd that sways to the beat of different drummers, and last night the Scissor Sisters) will surely enlighten us still more.

I had so much fun. Absolute madness: with and without a funny face. I just wanted to add that, from the moment I rolled up to the door to the moment I popped into the cab back to BBurg, I was treated like a king by a staff— who largely didn’t know me. Everybody smiled, and when I couldn’t find the coat check (I rarely check stuff) I was taken there by a busboy rather than pointed in the right direction. Everyone smiled and said ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’ or ‘goodbye.’ Everyone was sharp and sexy. That is the service I hear about from the operators of the moment, who don’t know what the word means. Great service all the way down the line is actually, really, truly found in places that survive and thrive for 4 or more years. I’m thinking inside The Box at least once a week, if they’ll have me. My pal Mark Baker, the Energizer Bunny of nightlife, may just be in the right place at the right time (after all, this is the year of the rabbit). Nice guy Mark has been inviting me to the new, post-sloop/Jon B Juliet Supper Club for all the fashion week thrills they have in store. Jon B has indeed left the building, and Mr. Baker (don’t say that 3 times fast) is ready to step up and bring madness and mayhem to the spot. I’m wondering, since Juliet was named after Jon’s Mom (and he’s gone singing Viva, Las Vegas!) shouldn’t they change the name? If they’re changing the game, maybe a new name would be in order? I’m suggesting Madness!

Mark is uber excited by tonight’s Mackage official after-party, with Ladytron performing. Mark loves Ladytron, and insists I go. The dilemma is my very own BlackBook is hosting a soiree for Siki Im this Wednesday, and I actually got invited by them, which means I have to go to that. Then on Thursday, the love of my life (save for Mom, my dachshund LuLu, and my darling Amanda) Devorah Rose, is having her Rosa Pusher fashion presentation there. Could I possibly go to Juliet Supperclub 3 nights in a row? Would they bar me form Brooklyn if I did?

On Sunday, when I might have been at the Zinc Magazine affair at Juliet (OMG, Madness!) I was trying to DJ at the Catherine Fulmer aftershow party. It was nextdoor to the Bowery Poetry Club, through some weird door at what used to be that joint, Crime Scene, but now sports a giant red neon sign that says “LOUNGE.” It was to be Michael S. Baltra (DJ MSB), glamorpuss DJ Paul Sevigny, and then me. I love PSev opening up for me! Anyway, there was major equipment malfunctions on a Janet/Justin level, but the three of us had a blast anyway. We had 3 mixers, 2 turntables, 2 CD players, and a Serato—none of which worked at the same time. There were wires everywhere. Oh, and we didn’t have a working headphone jack. Try mixing without one. Some said I was better than usual. We were sliding tracks in and out while tech guys with flashlights in their mouths only made things worse. They tried, and we scrambled. At one point I tried to put on “Pop Musik,” and Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” came out. Madness—and a much better track. DJ MSB just took charge with his Serato, which allowed him to work. Paul is one of the last DJs to still use vinyl, and I use CDs. We all agreed to try again real soon. As I was staring at malfunctioning equipment and frenzied techies I did notice that the crowd was wonderful and forgiving of our madness.

Nightlife Try Outs: Amanda Leigh Dunn’s Week of Parties

It’s 10:30 on a Wednesday night and I’m in gym clothes crossing Union Square wondering if I’ve anything good left on TiVo when I first hear them. “Let’s just get drinks here,” a California blond squeals to her fellow interns, a group of smiley, freshly implanted college girls. “This part of the city is amazing—there are so many places to go!” Suddenly I feel refreshed, the soggy, angry heat evaporating around me. I immediately recall those same, remarkable feelings of excitement when I was new to this city: every step was one outside my comfort zone, and the possibilities were endless—the night was a mystery. Now, since I’ve settled into the groove of actually living in this city, the knee-jerk reaction toward their enthusiasm is a swift eye-roll at their naïveté and a silent recitation of the latest snarky blog post about this exact area going to hell in TGI Friday’s hand basket. These days, the trend is to speak about nightlife as you were attending its funeral. I’ve grown bored with the idea that there’s nothing new or provocative happening in this metropolis. Nightlife isn’t dead, it’s just different, and it’s different for everyone. It’s been a while since I first started covering nightlife as “Holly GoNightly,” but my interest is once again piqued to seek out new ways to look at New York after dark. While some longingly wish for their days at Studio 54, Tunnel, or the Beatrice Inn, there are many more seeking out the new. The internet has given everyone a certain kind of access, diversifying trends and experiences. There’s something for everyone, and the only way to find out what works is to step out and try it on for size.

So this is what I’m hoping to do: like those transplanted interns weighing their options with gimlet eyes, I’m going to set my sights on stepping out of my own comfort zone, on noticing, trying, and doing more, on venturing out to see nightlife through other people’s eyes. To start, I’ve asked Amanda Leigh Dunn, a quintessential ‘Girl About Town’ who’s always at the “It” place with a band of cooler-than-cool kids, to fill me in on her own little black book of go-tos. Her’s is an agenda not for the faint of heart—a week of non-stop partying with an array of eclectic and truly hip characters.

image Amanda Dunn

Professional Resume: I own a company called Cross Street Productions Inc, a Manhattan based firm specializing in brand integrated events, artist management as well as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle public relations. I also run an event space on Greene Street. One Word to Describe Nightlife in New York City: Endless.

City Loves:Favorite lunch spot: Cipriani Downtown, I pretty much live there. • Favorite dinner spot: Fig and Olive, Ilili, Hotel GriffouFavorite nightlife trend: Le Bain, the new spot at the top of the standard. Naked girls, water beds, and the best view of the city—what more could you want? • Drink of choice: I’m mostly a champagne kinda girl. • Meal of choice: Tuna Tar Tar • Favorite group of people to bump into: My night kiddies: Becka Diamond, Stef Skinner, Carol Han, Sami Swetra, Paul Johnson Calderon, Timo Weiland, Jane Bang, Matt Kays. You know, the cool kids.

image Le Bain

City Gripes:Nightlife trend you loathe: I hate Juliet Supper Club, the Empire Hotel roof is a clusterfuck of ugly people. I hate places that anyone and their mother gets let into • Drink: Cafe Patron, sick. • Meal: fried food, ick. • Group of people to bump into: Hipsters, teens, and coke fiends—and the usual uninvited crowd, you know who you are.

Her Hotspots: Monday: Dinner with my closest, plotting the week. Tuesday: Lit Lounge Wednesday: Soho Yard, the “Everything’s Ridiculous” party with Spencer Product and Becka Diamond. Thursday: Avenue, BEast for Main Man Thursdays, Norwood with Timo & Alan. Friday: Le Bain, Tribeca Grand Salon with Matt&Maia and Andrew Saturday: Pianos for the Mile High party with Jane Bang, Easthampton Boathouse, hosted by the Eldridge Sunday: Sway, Goldbar

image Kenmare

Every night: Kenmare, we call it Kenitis, or La Bain. Wouldn’t be caught dead here: Greenhouse, Tenjune. For special occasions: Depending on the season, every drink occasion with my closests is a special occasion. But if I had to say, it would prob be the Plaza Hotel (the have the best bloodies in NY). Brunch is usually: Cafe Cluny, Schiller’s, Serafina, Soho House (Essex House is the Greenhouse of brunch).

Mixing & Matching: Mark Baker & Juice Press, Todd English & Plaza, New DJ’s & Lit

The long delayed Camille Becerra restaurant on Orchard and Rivington is nearing completion. It’s amazing how fast the pieces come together once the bones of a place are in order. Upon completion of the wiring, the plumbing walls are closed up and the installation of finishes is a relatively short process. I felt very satisfied with the feel of the place as I left it yesterday afternoon. I headed to the Juice Press on 1st and 1st to reboot. A crowd of the beautiful people surrounded club god Mark Baker, who is hawking the place. It’s a win-win for the newly svelte Mr. Baker, who gets paid and fit with the new gig. Afternoon informal juice parties with familiar club gods, celebrities, models, and bottles filled with healthy nectars, have become common. I’m obsessed with the watermelon juice and kale chips. I’m going to live to be 100.

Mark and I chatted about the progress over at Double Seven and “doing this and doing that, “ and weekend plans. He told me how Juliet Supper Club’s own personal “Romeo” chef Todd English has moved on. According to master Baker, Todd is slammed with that food court thing at the Plaza Food Hall, where he will curate all sorts of exotic and trademark cuisines. Mark told me the separation was without anxiety for any of the players.

“It’s all good and friendly, an amicable separation. Todd’s busy schedule and new venues made it unrealistic to continue, so new chef Mario Tolentino takes over and opens this week. It’s world street cuisine and grill. A new direction for Juliet that compliments the super success of the club portion.”

I could never see Todd at Juliet. The environment just didn’t seem to suit him. I hear his name constantly associated with this project, or that, and half the time, when I turn on the flat screen, they’re hawking pots and pans with his name on it. No tears need to be shed for these creatures of the night: Juliet is packed with the crowd that they want and Todd has plenty of places to hang his hat. Best of luck to all.

I was stuck in late meetings as everyone was trying to get all the business done yesterday and get out of town early today. I missed the Carlo McCormick ”NYC-Shred” opening at the Perry Rubinstein Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit, which will run until late August, is a group show of collage-based works. Carlo and I have been pals since the stone age . He is very much a part of that loveable Paper Magazine crew, and his vision is always worth checking out. I caught up with my crew at the nearby Moonstruck diner and was struck by how bad it really was. The food was OK, but the overall experience was similar to a prison mess hall. The after-party at Lit featured DJ’s Fancy and Dimitry. Erik Foss thinks they could be the next big thing. They had the hipster crowd in a frenzy. It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys or a club filled with bottle whores and frat boys. I headed to Kenmare to wish my own personal dashboard Jesus, Paul Sevigny, a happy birthday, but alas he was still over at his party at Avenue. Happy birthday Paul Sevigny, who along with Nur, are the Obi-Wan Kenobi’s of nightlife: our only hope

Meatballs & Missing SXSW for Michael Alig

Lit’s head honcho Erik Foss had a bash at The Meatball Shop on Stanton street, a joint that I and everyone else lives for. I left because the crew was moving the party to the Stanton Social as the meatball joint was getting crazy crowded. It’s like that all the time now, lines of people feeding on the phenomena. My man Mike owns the place, and he must be pretty happy with his amazing success but also must heed the words of that great philosopher Yogi Berra, who said this to describe a joint: “That place is so crowded, nobody goes there anymore.” I can’t imagine a VIP section at the meatball joint, but it might be called for.

I told Mark Baker I would join him for his birthday bash at Juliet last night, but alas I’m off to visit prison pal Michael Alig today, and I needed some sleep. I haven’t seen Michael in a bit, not since he last violated and got sent too far away for me to go. I’ll tell you tomorrow what happened.

I’d rather be in Austin for SXSW than visiting my old pal in prison, but so it goes. If I had gone to the SXSW festival, I know of two events that I surely wouldn’t have missed. First, the third-annual Perez Hilton party known as “One Night in Austin.” Sam Ong from the Strategic Group invited me, but alas I can’t. According to Mr. Hilton’s website, Macy Gray will be performing. ”Macy will be taking the stage alongside Snoop, a surprise act, Alphabeat, Marina & The Diamonds, V.V. Brown and more. Perez’s wildly successful ‘“One Night In …’ series will take place in Austin on Saturday, March 20 at The Whitley, beginning at 7pm. It has been the place to be for the last 2 years, and this year will be no exception.”

Another event of note has my old friend Matt E. Silver at the helm. Matt just did the LNA fashion week party with Patti Smith and Metric at Milk Studios. He has a big event in SXSW “debuting Mick Jagger’s son’s band, Jimmy Jagger Turbogiest.” He also has Zoe Kravitz’s band Elevator Fright and is showcasing the Chapman Family, a band that has created a lot of buzz on NME, for their first American show. Matt’s party also features Queens’ freshest MC, Cody Prophit Verdecias, the Click Clack Boom — a band managed by Andy Hilfiger — and the Money Penny girls playing DJ. We Are Scientist are the headliners. The event is this Thursday, March 18 at The Phoenix. The show, Matt promises, is “for the New York and London crew.”