8 Hottest, Chicest, Cutest, Absolute Best Dressed from the 2015 SAG Awards

All photos: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

From Jennifer Aniston’s shockingly hot look to Julia Roberts’ almost-perfect menswear look, to Stone’s utter perfection… read on for a glimpse of the best of the best from the SAG Awards.

The Surprise: Gwendoline Christie
You know, given her fashion connects, I’ve always hoped she’d look better than she does on the red carpet… and as kitch as this Gilles Couture look is, I actually like it on her?! So Marilyn! Which I think is so overplayed… but it’s working for Gwendoline. TBH though, I didn’t recognize her at first.

The Smartest: Rosamund Pike
Dior Couture. So cute, so chic. So comfortable looking.

The Sexy One: Jennifer Aniston
Daa-ha-aaang, Jen! You know, on someone else I maybe wouldn’t be as impressed as I am, but given her penchant for black, brown, dull, this patterned, plunging dress she’s wearing is really doing something great for her. And that chain. Hot hot hot. Also: It’s vintage Galliano. So relevant again. This makes me wonder if Anna Wintour had a hand in getting Aniston clothed for the awards. Project?

The Almost: Julia Roberts
Menswear done sexy and nonchalant is menswear done right. I so love the suiting (Givenchy) that Julia Roberts wore… but the shoes are ruining it. How much better would a pair of brogues have done? Ugh open toe with a suit. Bleh. But the rest is A+.

(Ahh, this is better:)


The Dreamboat: Eddie Redmayne
In dashing, double-breasted Prada. Unf.

Ultimate Perfection: Emma Stone
Emma Stone is my favorite f*cking celeb ever. She’s so cute, so pretty, so stylish, so chic, so fun. I am obsessed with how she looks and what comes across as the most charming personality. She’s been hitting the nail on the head repeatedly for years, but this look, all at once chic, sexy, sassy, cool (ear jacket, hello) and weirdly unfussy for sporting a train… She is wearing Dior Couture. And also her lipstick and eyelashes are bomb. Seriously amazing beauty look. Ugh I want to wear this to my future wedding. Is that weird? I am in love. She wins.

Good Enough: Gretchen Mol
Just so elegant in her Dennis Basso gown.

Cutest: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
And finally… this moment just deserves some recognition. Aww.

The 12 Instagrams of Christmas: The Fashion World Gets Festive

The holidays are for festive celebrations, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (obviously), and enviable accessories (whether you give them or get them for yourself is up to you). Check out what’s new this week!

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

That ring! Gabriela Artigas, we swoon.

A photo posted by Vogue Paris (@vogueparis) on

Holiday makeup, not for the weak.

A photo posted by @framenoir on


2014: Year of the Power Combo.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

Looks a lot like Solange’s wedding…

A photo posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

Royals in NYC!

A photo posted by W magazine (@wmag) on

How to get zesty with an otherwise all-black winter wardrobe.

A photo posted by @karliekloss on

In case you managed to avoid Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the Internet, and all of humanity on Tuesday.

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Young Jane Aldridge as Coco Chanel — adorable.

A photo posted by Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) on

Another month, another bitchin’ Balmain ad.

Enviable baubles.

Not even surprised anymore.

Meet Riccardo Tisci’s Newest Muse: Julia Roberts

Photo: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

Riccardo Tisci is shaking things up a bit this spring at Givenchy, more classic beauty, less Kim, Kanye, and rottweilers. We’re digging the new direction.

Tisci tapped Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot to capture Roberts for the campaign, telling Yahoo Style why the actress was his number one pick:

“I think that she represents such a mature woman. With each campaign for Givenchy, I’m always trying to make a difference. A lot of people see Givenchy as only “haute couture,” or only “street and urban.” For me, Julia is many things. She has this strength as an actress, but she’s also this beautiful American woman.  She’s a big star, but she’s not a paparazzi or a blog monster. It’s going to be my tenth year at Givenchy in March, so I wanted to represent the woman who is more mature, beautiful, talented, but also unpretentious.”


Watch Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, & Many More in the Trailer for ‘August: Osage County’

Well, any trailer that opens with narration by Sam Shepard whilst he tends to a boat, is aces in my book. And with the first trailer for August: Osage County, The Weinstein Company gives us the premiere look into the Weston family after a crisis brings them back to the Midwest house they grew up in.

Adapted from Tracy Lett’s play of the same title, John Wells takes the directorial helm to bring the dysfunctional story of a family dealing with the aftermath of death, confronting the past, and facing the future, to the screen. Starring Chris Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Juliette Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Abigail Breslin, Dermot Mulroney, Sam Shepard, and Margo Martindale, August: Osage County is slated to premiere this November, just in time for awards season.

Check out the trailer below.


Tearing The Roof Off This Sucker With New ‘August: Osage County’ Poster

The play-to-movie jump can be ambitious, sometimes amazing and sometimes treacherous, especially when dealing with an acclaimed work. Adding to the hype around the upcoming adaptation of Tracy Letts’ Tony Award-winning August: Osage County, about a dysfunctional Midwestern family coming together after a death, is the stacked cast in this ensemble performance, from the Mighty Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts to perpetual Tumblr crush Benedict Cumberbatch to other big names like Ewan McGregor, Chris Cooper, Abigail Breslin, Juliette Lewis and Dermot Mulroney.

Now, the film version has a poster that certainly gets “Midwest,” “dysfunctional family” and “all-star cast” across. The names of the cast appear to be falling into a house with an open roof, like a tipped hat, of a very classic American home, complete with a white picket fence and a lovely porch. The film hits theatres this November.

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Manolo Blahnik Says Today’s Actresses Are ‘All the Same’

We know who won’t be wearing Manolo Blahnik heels at this Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards. In a recent Q&A for the March issue of Interview, the iconic footwear purveyor quips that the starlets of today are difficult to disinguish. " I don’t even know Amanda Seyfried or whatever—they’re all the same! I try to remember—the only one I remember is Julia Roberts because she’s particular. Anne Hathaway… Pretty? Yes. Wonderful actress? Yes. But, I mean, I don’t even remember her. What is it about her?" Ouch.

Blahnik goes on to say that Hathaway was really good as Cat Woman in The Dark Night Rises but he just doesn’t remember her. So, who are the stars that Manolo does like? "I almost fainted on that girl, the tiny woman from France, no, from Mexico… Salma Hayek," he tells Tim Blanks. "But she’s a sweet girl, beautiful. I love that. This is what I really love: Where are those girls? I was looking the other day, Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks and that other girl Sherilyn Fenn—they’re old-school girls like Elizabeth Taylor, and I think that’s so fabulous." Peep the complete interview here

Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Normal Heart’ Headed To HBO

Looks like I spoke too soon when I wrote with glee (get it?) that there’d be competing AIDS dramas in 2014’s Oscar race. The news hit the theater world today that Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer’s autobiographical play about the early days of the HIV/AIDS crisis, is headed to the small screen rather than your local multiplex.

Broadway World reports:

Now, a cable network insider tells BWW’s Rialto Chatter exclusively that the film will instead be an HBO television production, with a budget in the neighborhood of $15 million dollars. There is no word yet on a timeline for the project, or if the previously announced starry cast is staying aboard the project.

If true, this is a brilliant idea, as it is likely to give the film an even wider audience, and isn’t HBO’s first time doing a project of this kind, with their 2003 film of the Mike Nichols-directed ANGELS IN AMERICA (starring Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Patrick Wilson, Mary-Louise Parker, Emma Thompson, Justin Kirk, Jeffrey Wright and Ben Shenkman) being considered a large success for the network as the most-watched made-for-cable film in 2003, garnering critical acclaim and multiple Golden Globe and Emmy awards, among other numerous accolades.

It’s certainly a brilliant idea! Too bad the movie will be directed by Ryan Murphy, creator of the grating Glee, the increasingly batshit crazy American Horror Story, and the offensively silly The New Normal. But there will be a long monologue from Julia Roberts in which she screams from a wheelchair, so. 

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Matthew McConaughey Really Wants An Oscar For ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club’

Celebrities! They’re just like us! Sometimes they are spotted at the airport looking emaciated and with terrible haircuts and mustaches! Yes, that’s Matthew McConaughey right there, who is looking gaunt and sickly for his role in the upcoming The Dallas Buyer’s Club, in which he’ll be playing an AIDS patient. Ladies and gentlemen, get your 2014 Oscar ballots ready because McConaughey is gunning for a trophy!

McConaughey was spotted last week at LAX while taking a break from filming the movie, which also stars Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto, who, according to E!, will be "playing a cross-dresser with AIDS." This sounds like a fun little flick, huh? How will this fare against Ryan Murphy’s big-screen adaptation of Larry Kramer’s masterpiece The Normal Heart? Well, Jennifer Garner is certainly a poor man’s Julia Roberts, who will be starring in The Normal Heart as a wheelchair-bound doctor (Ellen Barkin won a Tony for the role in the play’s Broadway production last year). The Dallas Buyer’s Club definitely lacks the star power of Kramer’s AIDS epic (Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Jim Parsons, and McConaughey’s Magic Mike co-star Matt Bomer have all joined the cast of The Normal Heart). 

This match-up is really the Armageddon / Deep Impact of 2013 AIDS movies, huh?

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Krysten Ritter Is TV’s Baddest Bitch (But In Real Life She’s Pretty Nice)

As the titular b—- in the hit ABC comedy Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23, Krysten Ritter holds her own against sleazeball James Van Der Beek in millions of homes across America. But who is the woman behind the B? I met the actress for lunch to find out.

She’s from the sticks.
I’m from a tiny place in northeastern Pennsylvania called Shickshinny. I grew up very poor on a cattle farm and lived in the same house where my stepdad was born and his father before him. As a child, I had to harvest corn, pick vegetables, feed cows, and pick up rocks.

She left the sticks at age fifteen.
I started coming to New York to model when I was 15 after being scouted at a mall in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. As soon as I visited, I started to meet all these cool weirdos, but I also realized that you have a short shelf life as a model. You’ve got two seasons; if you don’t make it, you go home. And I never wanted to go home.

She left the sticks at age fifteen and moved to Williamsburg (before it was cool).
Back in 2000, I lived on North Third and Kent, right next to a cement factory. Every morning at seven, they’d start loudly making cement. It was horrible. My friends who live there now never would have come to visit me back then.

Success came early.
When I was 23, I sold a pilot called Model Camp. I was acting and writing a lot, and I just pitched this idea to a room of people at Warner Bros. What was I thinking?! It didn’t get made, but it was pretty cool to sell something. It’s so hard to get anything made.

Success came early and often.
I had one line in the 2003 film Mona Lisa Smile, but I was on set for the whole shoot, surrounded by these famous girls like Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Julia Stiles. And Julia Roberts! She was so cool. She came up to me on set one day holding this drawing of a girl from the ’50s with short black hair and a pointy nose and said, “Krysten, this is you!”

Success came early and often and continues.
I just sold a show to MTV, which I’m also producing, called Cassandra French’s Finishing School for Boys, based on a book by Eric Garcia. It’s about this girl who keeps a bunch of boys chained up in her basement. She’s basically a female Dexter but without the killing.

She’s a flautist.
I was in the school band. I started out with the flute, but I didn’t think that was cool enough, you know. So I switched to clarinet. I liked the whole reed thing. I was very, very cool.

She’s an ex-flautist, current apprehensive rock star.
I’m in a band with my friend Will. We’re called Ex Vivian. It’s a very lo-fi project and not produced at all. I click record and go. Everyone who’s heard it says it sounds like Mazzy Star, and I’m like, “Yeah, probably because I love Mazzy Star.” But as it turns out, I don’t like to perform live.

She’s on TV. But does not own a TV.
Because of how I grew up, I’m the most frugal person in the world. I like saving the $150 a month. My friends all stare at me slack–jawed when I ask them the difference between TiVo and DVR. I thought about getting cable, and even called Time Warner, but they never showed up. Eventually I forgot about it.

She’s totally cool about the insane flip-flopping pertaining to the title of her show.

I never thought they would use “bitch” in the title anyway. I’ve been around the block. They told me it was the title role, and I thought, “There’s no way that’s happening.” And sure enough, they changed it to Apt. 23. I thought, “See, you can’t trust anyone in television!” And then they put it back! Sure, it’s the softer version. I said, “C’mon, let’s just go for it.” Now, I’m glad it’s just The B. Everyone yells that at me now. “Hey, it’s The B!” It’s much better than people screaming, “Hey, bitch!” at me!

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