Morning Links: Kanye Kicks Off G.O.O.D. Friday, Judy Dench Wraps ‘Bond’ Career

● DJ Funkmaster Flex got Good Friday started a little early, spinning "Mercy," the first single off the Kanye and company’s G.O.O.D. Music compilation, on his show last night. Swerve, swerve, swerve… [RapRadar]

● The makers of Theraflu would like to remind you that they "in no way" want to be a part of Kanye’s double-cupped up "Theraflu." [NME]

● Looks like Mary Kate and Ashley weren’t fans of Harvard MBA recipient Tyra Banks’ "fantasy novel" Modelland. [Gawker]

● Justin Timberlake dangerously designed Jessica Biel’s engagement ring without the help of Biel’s stylist and, while Biel won’t say she doesn’t like it, everyone seems to know it’s not her style. Boys! [Us]

● Looks like Skyfall will be Dame Judy Dench’s last 007 movie as Bond’s other girl, M. [TheSun]

● Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain — where can have food and beverage delivered straight to their movie seat — has a Manhattan outpost in the works. [ArtsBeat]

Links: Leonardo da Vinci, Action Hero; Serving Whale Will Land You in Jail

● Apparently “let me socialize that” is new Wall Street slang for “let me see what people think.” No wonder these guys lost all our money. [WSJ] ● Hollywood will try to turn Leonard da Vinci into an action hero. [The Playlist] ● The Beatrice is going to become a tapas restaurant. [Gawker] ● Watch Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins play Crisco twister. [Daily What] ● If Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain had a twitter account, it would be Ruth Bourdain. [Kottke]

● What it’s like playing the fat girl in movies? [Jezebel] ● A restaurant in Los Angeles gets busted for illegally serving whale. [Gakwer] ● Take a peak inside the graphic novel version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombie. [Pop Candy] ● Judy Dench will write a memoir. [NY Times]