Bullfighting Getting Even Bloodier

When traveling to latin countries, there’s always that question. Do you really want to see a bullfight? Are you a vegan, or just a sensitive soul, and the thought of seeing a big, uncastrated cow taunted and killed for entertainment not your thing. Well, yeah, if you’re at all squeamish, you definitely would not have wanted to been at the Festival of Saint Isidro, one of Spain’s most important bullfighting events, last Friday. Matador Julio Aparicio was nearly killed when a bull gored him through the throat, leaving the horn to come out through his mouth.

You can see a YouTube video of just what happened here, or pictures here, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. According to a medic on the scene the bull’s horn went through Aparicio’s tongue, penetrating the roof of his mouth and fracturing his jawbone. The injuries have left Aparicio in critical condition, but after two successful operations, he is expected to live. He is one of Spain’s best-known bullfighters.

Last month, at the opening day of the bullfighting season in Mexico, another famous Spanish matador, Jose Tomas, was seriously injured after a bull gored him in the groin, severing a major artery. Tomas underwent emergency surgery, and spent a week in the hospital, to recover from the goring.